the roach

I have always been a fan of pooping in my briefs, but since I’m in college, I have to keep it secret from my roommate. usually its not a problem, my roommate being gone a lot, but I remember one time I had a big problem in the dorm.
I had just gotten back from classes and I rushed to the bathroom. I wanted to unload in my briefs, but unfortunately my roommate just got “home” as well. I was disappointed with the fact I couldn’t poop in my underwear, so I opened the door to the restroom. the first thing I see is a big fat roach on the floor. why not kill it? the problem is, I have a massive fear of roaches, a phobia, you might say. thinking fast, I grabbed a can of disinfectant spray and headed towards the dormitory closet. stomach grumbling, I closed myself in the closet and squatted. the first log of poop stuck out of my briefs and tented in the seat of my underwear. a bulge formed and began to grow bigger. it was firm, so at lest it wouldn’t leak. I pushed again and a second, slightly smaller log formed. it was smaller, but it was long. after that a few snakes of poop came out and my bowels rested.
clumping all the poop into a messy ball and pulling up my briefs, I spayed a lot of disinfectant onto the bulge and came out. when I came out of the closet, my roomie asked me what I was doing. I said I was cleaning, which wasn’t entirely false. then he looked at me funny, as if he smelled something. I thought the jig was up, but then he asked why I smelled like peaches. I looked at the disinfectant, which marked PEACH SCENT. I said I must have got some disinfectant spray on me, which was also true.
forgetting about my loaded pants, I sat down and squished my load all over my butt. I got a sudden look of regret on my face. my roomie must have seen it, but he shrugged it off.
“imma go use the john, be right back.” he said. as he walked away, he spotted the roach, killed it, and put it in the trash bin. finally I could empty my loaded and squished briefs. when I took off my briefs I was astounded by the amount of poop even though it was squished. after cleaning I took a shower and everything pretty much went back to normal.
anyway that’s it for now and thank you for reading my story.

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