The ride

Hello there dudes and dudettes 😀

from the success of my fictional story “8 DESPERATE MEN” comes another tale of a guy pooping himself. Hope you guys enjoy and have a good laugh for this 😉
It was a hot Summer morning Fred is taking his breakfast when his older sister tells him to eat fast because they’re going to his cousin Dave’s house for a farewell party and actually also his farewell party. Fred is a 24 year old graduate of Performing arts and has been given an opportunity to work in his country’s largest city. Dave has an average height, thin (but not too skinny) and looks younger than his age that people would think he’s an 18 year old guy, He would both be pissed off and glad everytime someone mistaken his age. His cousin Dave is a 32 year old guy, has a chef wife Rachel, a nice car and a very high-paying job. Dave is known as a heartthrob in his teens and until his age he’s still good at charming girls. As soon as Fred and his family arrived at Dave’s, a buffet of food on the table has been prepared, other family members are also present. Dave and his colleagues  who are also joining with him in the trip are also there. Food, drinks, chat, non-stop food, chat and video games completed the event.
“Did you do this, Rachel?” pointing at a dish of Calamares.
“oh yes, have you tried it?
“of course! I’ve been eating a mouthful of it!” Fred replied while getting taking the dish with him.
“you don’t like my Calamares, do you?” Rachel asked with humorous sarcasm.
Dave introduced Fred with his co-worker Allan, a mechanic and  his college bestfriend Chaz. Dave told Fred that they are coming with them too but they will be separating on the next 2 days. Allan, a chubby guy older by 5 years from Dave shakes his hands with Fred as he munches his sandwich humorously while Chaz, a big muscular athletic guy smiles back but interrupted by his fiance. After the Lunch, Fred was full and almost everyone headed to the swimming pool to relax and have fun.
Fast forward  7 hours later..
Fred invited his girlfriends Trixie, Ritz, Patsy and Jane for their own farewell party. They met in a local pub and ordered drinks. Fred doesn’t really drink too much but at that night he did However still able to control the intoxication. Trixie ordered Tacos and Pizza which they all munched throughout the night. Moments later, fred said he had to go home, as his flight is scheduled the next day early at 6am. Fred went home by 9pm and was slightly scolded by his father. Fred went directly to sleep.
.at exactly 5am Fred’s mom woke him up, pressuring him to prepare very quickly as he should not be late for the flight and also as not to let Dave wait for a long time.
Fred was very much prepared as his things had been totally and completely packed up the day two days before. Fred’s dad drove him to the airport where Dave was waiting. it was just 5:15 am when they arrived. Fred was nervous, excited and feeling cold as the cool dawn wind adds up to his shakiness due to a slight anxiety. he could barely express his feelings as he was having a mixed emotion. It was Fred’s first time to leave the town he was born and the family he had been staying with for 24 years. Fred bid his Parents and sister goodbye as Dave put his arms around his shoulders to reassure him. Dave tells his aunt and uncle that he’ll be taking care of him and that they’ll be alright. Fred’s mom pats his back and said goodbye. Fred showed no sadness but an excited smile hiding his worries. Fred, Dave, Chaz and Allan carried their own lugagges.
“Let me help you with that” Dave grabs the other huge bag Fred was carrying.
“Uh no, It’s Ok I can handle all these” Fred answers in his slightly shaky voice.
“No, I got this I only got a backpack and you got huge bags hanging around you, so let me help” Dave insists while gently taking away the bag from Fred. Fred finally gave up the other bag to Dave as they walk to the line. Fred suddenly remembered he had not taken a shit for that day as he was going regularly every morning due to his very early departure from home. Fred haven’t felt any urges yet but a faint controllable pain has started to tease his stomach. After getting their tickets, Dave asked if anyone had their breakfast already, of course no one had so they headed to the airport’s coffee shop. Dave ordered each a plate of sandwich and a cup of coffee as they wait for their departure.
Almost an hour later…
 A voice over from the PA system interrupted their small chat as it announces that the passengers for flight 4544 must get ready in 5 minutes. Fred suddenly felt an urge to poop triggered by his nervousness so he asks Dave if it’s still possible for them to wait for a moment that he’ll just use the bathroom. Dave agreed considerably. Fred promised to return swiftly as he told Dave he’ll just take a leak. Fred quickly entered the stall and took his shit on the toilet. His poop was hard at the beginning but a soft mushy poop followed next. Just as the poop had been released Fred immediately cleaned his butt with the TP and left.
Dave, Fred, Chaz and Allan walked in the line with the passengers heading to the plane. Fred felt a stabbing, searing pain in his guts and began clenching his stomach. Fred didn’t want anybody to know what’s going on so he kept his ordeals for the next 45 minutes in the plane. Not a single fart was released, not a single painful face was shown and not a single shit touched his underwear. Fred has been seated next to the window, Allan being seated between him and Dave. Fred tried to sit straight but from time to time moving uncomfortably trying to enable a shit or fart to come out. At the last 8 minutes of the flight, Fred’s intestine was able to relax and stay calm only to return again later..

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