The ride- Part 2


It’s almost 7. Dave, Fred, Chaz and Allan waited for their ride to the apartment they’re staying. Dave tells Fred that the apartment is where he and Allan had been staying everytime they arrive back to the country and is also where his cousin Raffy (Fred’s cousin in his mother’s side) is currently staying.

Fred began to feel another one coming and this time, more violent. Fred thought it’s finally going to be a mound of Diarrhea.
“u-uhhh…I-is this gonna take long?” Fred asked Dave
“I guess, the Van’s not arriving yet, Why?” Dave asked
“uhh ’cause I’m using the bathroom again” Fred replied
“Sure, we’ll wait for you here”.
At this time, Fred must tell the truth he began to shake off his nervousness and whispered to Dave.
“wait, Do they have a toilet paper there?”
“Uhmmm.. I guess? but If in case, they got nothing there I’ll give you one.” Dave hands him him baby wipes and giggled.
“Sorry I don’t have a roll of Toilet paper for you, but here’s what I got” Dave laughed.
“No it’s ok, Thanks” Fred replied with a slight giggle.
Fred now was a little embarrassed for that instance as he walks to the bathroom. Fred took his shit with a limited release of mushy, saucy poo from his butt. Fred was in a hurry so he took a quick release of a semi-diarrhea shit and left immediately. 
“Was it a success?” Dave asked Fred with a chuckle
” Haha, yeah but I think I might get a stomach trouble” Fred tongue-slipped his diarrhea disturbance while looking nervous.
“Oh that’s bad, Why what else have you eaten?” Dave asked while his expression turned to a serious one.
“Uhmm I-I don’t know ” Fred replied feeling a little guilty.
Dave then grabbed his bag and looked for a loperamide tablet and handed it to Fred.
“Here take it” Dave hands him the tablet
“In case your stomach aches again” “And BTW, was this your first round?” Dave asked.
“Y-yyeah” Fred lied by not telling him that he had pooped back at the airport.
Their conversation was cut when Chaz began to ask loudly.
“Where the hell is George?”
“George said they’re coming” Dave replied.
George is Dave’s former co-workers Allan’s soon to be brother-in-law and they’re all only a few years older than Fred. Raffy later texted Dave that the van that will fetch them will be arriving in a few minutes. George, an averagely tall semi-athletic guy arrives with a camera hanging around his neck.

“Heyyy bros!” George yelled loudly while raising his two hands for a high-five.

“It’s been a long time, bro!” Allan gave him a high-five and a bro hug.

George gave everyone a bro-fist including Fred.

“By the way, my cousin Fred” Dave introducing Fred to George

“OH hey, bro-fist again” George gives Fred another bro greeting accompanied with a good laugh.

The boys had a nice chat except for Fred who had only seen them for the first time. Fred’s stomach began to hurt again. Even shier to tell everyone about his feeling, Fred decided to keep his mouth shut regarding his bratty guts. Moments later, the van arrives. Raffy pulls down the window and shouted.
“Hey, let’s go!”
“There it is boys” Dave announced.
Raffy went down from the Passenger van with 9 seats and helped putting their luggage at the back quickly as not to delay other passengers.
Fred now is in complete danger as his stomach began to sound, he began to sweat in nervousness and his hands began to get wet too. Stabbing pain from his lower intestine began to hurt so much. Raffy greeted Fred with a compliment.
“You’re starting to look better now, Are you excited?”
“Yeah but look I’m a little nervous” Fred replied.
“No, It’s OK you’ll get used to this” Dave reassured him.
Not knowing that Fred had another nervous feeling, Dave continued to talk with the other guys while preparing their snacks.</div>

“This is going to be a long-hour journey isn’t it?” Dave asks Raffy as he hands him a bag of Nacho chips.
“yeah great travelling probably 4 hours and 40 minutes to the apartment” Raffy replied with a consistent accuracy.
Upon hearing it, Fred began to get sweaty and more nervous. he grabs his handkerchief and wiped his forehead.
“Are you OK?” Dave asked him while passing him a burger.
“Y-yeah, I am” Fred answered.
“You might get hungry, take it” Dave offers him a large burger. “And there’s a Coke here”.
“No I’m still full” Fred refused rubbing his stomach and then pushing it as it hurts again.
A minute later as the pain subsides, Fred began to eat the burger.
“We got more chips here, guys just get one if you like” Dave announced.
several minutes later The journey passes through a rural town. Seeing the fields, Chaz blurted out.
“I think I gotta stop here, i’m dying to take a piss break”
“Yeah me too” George added.
At this point, Fred wants to borrow a Toilet paper from Dave but he was scared. Chaz and George has returned to the passenger Van but the pain in his guts wouldn’t just get away.
The next few minutes of the long ride became a serious torture for Fred. Fred was seated between Allan and Raffy at the back while Dave, George and Allan are seated at the next row. Seated on the first row was a man in his early 40s, his wife and 18 year old daughter sitting on his lap was their 7 year old son, and on the front seat was his 13 year old son
While chatting with Raffy Fred had been feeling a lot more nervous than before. His heart thumping while a wave of borborygmi rumble like an incoming thunderstorm. And yes like a thunderstorm, Fred felt like creating an atmosphere in his insides as an electrifying pain appears and re-appears like a lightning bolt. Fred stared at the rear view mirror seeing the reflection of a strict-looking bearded driver saying. The unapproachable, inconsiderate looking guy made Fred more hesitant to tell him to pull over as the bathroom break had been over a few minutes ago. Fred was now in distress. He couldn’t take it anymore so he whispered to Raffy. “I think I need a bathroom break”. Raffy then immediately asked the driver to pull over. However, the harsh driver didn’t take the time to stop the vehicle announcing that the next stop will be at the gas station which was 20km ahead and that the bathroom break was over. The driver informed them strictly.
“You can still hold it couldn’t you?” Raffy asked Fred but Fred couldn’t stay calm anymore.
“I’m sorry but I can’t it’s emergency I need to go”. Fred managed to reply with a calm but slightly shaky voice.
“Wait, Does your stomach still bothering you?” Dave asked Fred.
without any other alibis, Fred finally had to tell the truth. “Yes, and it’s clearly an emergency”.
“uhm..I think you should pull over just real quick, my cousin needs this so bad” Dave tells the driver
“Yeah, this is an emergency” Raffy added.
“Sorry but I can’t pull over we are rushing we need to get to the next stop at exactly 8:45” The driver was so keen with time and very strict with rules that he continued to refuse their pleas.
Fred however, struggled. “OK I’ll try to hold it then”
“What? are you sure” Raffy asked Fred doubtedly.
“I guess… Oooww..” Fred was inhaling and exhaling so fast while trying to hold his shit. “I-I c-can hold it”. The driver nodded and continued to drive.
Dave wasn’t conformed with Fred’s idea to hold it in so he repeated Raffy’s question. “Are you sure maybe you’re just scared”.
“I’ll be OK” Fred replied clenching his stomach then suddenly..
“OK I can’t hold this anymore” Fred began to change his mind again. His desperation finally showed everyone in the van.

“alright, does anyone have plastic bags”? Dave began to ask loudly.

“W-wait what the fuck?” The driver protested.

“Well you won’t pull over I think he needs to do what he’s got to do, man” Dave replied.

Raffy offered a plastic bag to Fred. “Ok bro, you can use this”

“B-but where am I gonna do this?” Fred asked nervously.

“I think we need to switch then” Allan offered his spot for Fred near the window. Before they could switch, Fred desperately let go of his bowels while still holding the plastic bag.

“OH shit” Fred uttered hopelessly in low voice.
Raffy clearly heard the crackling of soft muddy poo from his butt.
“w-What.. did you just…..” Raffy asked in a petrified tone.
Then a putrid smell began to spread inside the van. A rotten egg smell of fart combined with the smell of fresh out of the anus poop. The embarrassing smell made Fred put his palm on his face. The grim situation enable him to move.

“What’s that smell?” The man’s 7 year old son began to notice.

“OH no, I guess someone farted” the 13 year old son replied laughing.

Dave looked back at Fred who was putting his palm on his forehead.

“Are you OK?” Raffy asked.

“No, I think I did it” Fred in a low voice replied.

“For god’s sake, please pull over my cousin had an accident!” Dave was already mad.
“OK ok we’re getting nearer” The driver began to panic and drove rapidly.

“Oh my God, this is crazy!” the 18 year old daughter began to complain covering her nose “Why can’t you just stop?”..

The man and his wife began to complain too. “I think we need to open the windows”. The man suggested.
“Oh no, you can’t mess on my seats” The driver was already in panic as he looks at the rear mirror.
“Oh no I’m so sorry, I’m so s-sorry!” Fred couldn’t contain his guilt sitting on his own mess. The muddy, mushy poop began to spread leaking out of his Spiderman boxer briefs to his navy green travel shorts.
As they arrived at the gas station Fred immediately exited from the van.

“I think I need to throw up” The wife complained.
“I feel sick!” her daughter added. Everyone went out of the van and some gasped for their breath.The driver went to see the messed up seat and gagged with the toilet paper on his hands.

“Oh God, this ain’t right” he complained.

“Fine, let me help you with this, this is your fault anyway” Raffy offered to help him clean up.

“Oh no this is bad” the 18 year old daughter went to the destroyed seat and took a picture. “Hey don’t!” Her dad grabs her phone and warned her. “Ok we’ll just pay you and we’re waiting for a different van, this is Bullshit!” The man told the driver while handing him their payment. “You just made my family very sick”. Telling the driver they are staying away from his stinky van.

Meanwhile, Fred’s muddy poop began to slither down his legs.

“Here something to clean up your legs” Allan gave him a roll of TP as he noticed the poop is about to touch his socks.

Before he heads to the bathroom, Fred cleaned up his legs first and turned around to the driver “I’m really really sorry for this!”. the driver only nodded silently with remorse. “Take your time, It’s OK not your fault” Dave pats his shoulder encouraging him not to worry. In the Bathroom, Fred noticed that he wasn’t able to bring in his soap and towel so he called Dave by the phone. As Dave handed him the soap and towel, Fred asked where he’s gonna leave his messed underwear and shorts, Dave tells him to put in the trash bin. 

“I’ll buy you a replacement for the destroyed clothes, OK?” Dave assured Fred he’ll never worry anything.

“OK but I need more paper, please” Fred replied

“Ok I’ll be right back”.

On the other hand, the concerned security guy approached Raffy and asked  if they need help since they are not loading for gasoline so he explained that his cousin had an accident. The security guy nodded cooperatively. After cleaning up, Fred returned with faded self-esteem caused by the embarrassing mess he has done. 

“Don’t worry Shit happens” Dave jokingly tells Fred to cheer him up. 

“I feel like a kid again, this is ridiculous” Fred responded with a faint smile trying to shake off the shame. 

He began to drink the medicine Dave gave him and they drove to the apartment. The driver was able to convince the family to leave with them since the next van will arrive late and that they would have a hard time waiting. The messed up seat was uncovered and the van was sprayed with an fragrant air freshener. They drive for another 30 minutes to the Apartment.

(bonus scene)
Meanwhile, the security guard had to use the bathroom to take a piss only to discover bits of poop on the wall and some on the floor the smell was bad and the trash bin contained a soiled shorts and underwear. The guard took the shorts and smelled it, then fell on the floor was an extremely soiled red to brown Spiderman boxer briefs, he took the muddy underwear and sniffed it hard. His cock began to get hard until he pissed his pants he then wanked and came. His hands now stained with the shit as he rubbed his cock smearing the poop all over his dick. He groaned and moaned loudly. Then suddenly a woman entered the bathroom bursting for a piss, the next scene was both the woman and the guard’s nightmare: he saw the woman shocked and pale while she found the worst picture she could ever see the guard naked from hips down, cock and balls smeared with muddy shit and on the floor were his undergarments and Fred’s soiled shorts and underwear.


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