The Reversed Tale

Sabrina had always been known for having to pull out her super mega turds. She wished she had a break sometimes from the painfully agonizing stools. She talked to her new best friend, Amanda, who had helped her poop many times since they first met. “It sounds like to me, you’re wishing for a change in your life.” said Amanda, who was also a part time therapist. “Yeah I guess so. Do you think it’ll ever change?” “Only if you got a stomach bug it sounds like to me.” said Amanda. Both the girls left to go home. The next morning, Sabrina had a new feeling that she never had before. Her stomach felt queasy and her bowels even stranger. She felt her stomach lurch. She dashed to the bathroom and started puking into the toilet. After she was done, her bowels suddenly released a liquidity stool. “Oh god! What’s happening to me?!” Sabrina cried out in panic. She quickly called Amanda over to help her. Amanda rushed over and saw Sabrina in a sad state. Her face was very pale, her body shaking very badly. “Oh you poor thing! Here let me take your temperature.” she went to the medicine cabinet and got a thermometer. She placed it under Sabrina’s tongue. “You have a very slight fever.” Said Amanda. Sabrina made a sudden movement and Amanda quickly grabbed the trash can and told her to puke into it. Sabrina puked into it violently. She then ran to the bathroom and released a lot of watery poop. “Oh god my ass hurts so bad!” yelled Sabrina as another wave of diarrhea came out of her sore ass. Amanda, who had just cleaned up the trash can heard this and knocked on the door. “Can I come in?” she asked. “Sure” came the reply. Amanda heard gagging and put the trash can in front of Sabrina who barfed into it. After the vomiting, Sabrina weakly said that she never wanted to have the runs ever again. Amanda rubbed her back. You want to try the bed? Sabrina nodded and went off to bed. Amanda suddenly realized that she hadn’t had a bowel movement in a few days and thought that now would be a good time to try and poop, after all she didn’t have anything to do while Sabrina slept. Amanda went into the bathroom and closed the door and sat on the toilet naked. She pushed to see if she could try to get her poop started. “Huuuuuh!” It was working! She continued to push as hard as she could. It felt bigger than any other poop she had in her life. “Now I know what Sabrina must go through every time she poops.” Amanda thought to herself as it began to slowly crackle out. “nnnnnnnnnuuuuuuuhhhh!”…. pant “oooowwww!” That last yell was enough to wake Sabrina up. “What is going on in here?!” asked Sabrina who barged in the room in surprise. “My turd is really stuck!” squealed Amanda in pain. “Let me see.” Said Sabrina. Amanda leaned forward to show her friend the mega turd. “Wow! That’s got to be around 5 inches thick!” exclaimed Sabrina, who now understood why she shrieked. Don’t worry I’ll help coach you through this Ok?” ok gasped Amanda who was trying to hold back tears. Sabrina bent down and felt the 5 inch long turd. “Ok I know what to do. Give me lots of little pushes first so I can see how stuck it is.” Said Sabrina who was an expert in these matters due to her own experiences. “Huh…Huh…ow…ow!” Amanda started to tear up. “Ok this is really bad.” Said her concerned friend. “I’ll never get this out of me will I?” asked Amanda through her tears. “Oh you will, you have to. I won’t lie it’s going to be a long and very agonizingly painful process. I know you can do it though with my help. I’ll help you in any way I can, alright buddy?” Amanda nodded. “Ok, on the count of three I want you to push as hard and as long as you can. Ready? One… two… three!” “mmmmUNHHHHUGGGH… pant …umnhhh ug ohhhh uhhhh” the monster turd started to inch out again only to stop. “Keep trying! You can do this! You’re doing great!” encouraged/coached Sabrina. This went on for almost an hour. Amanda had managed to push the log almost out, but just when it looked like they were in the clear, the mega monster log got so wide and stuck that no amount of pushing was helping and Amanda was in so much agony and frustration that she cried harder then she had ever done in her life. Sabrina knew from experience that when things got this bad, the only thing left to do was to pull it out. “You’re almost there, just push with whatever energy you have left and I’ll pull the rest out. Ok?” Amanda nodded and immediately began to weakly push. Sabrina went behind her and pulled the turd. “OHHHHHHH… unghh uh oh my gohuhhhhuh mmmmrnnnnuhh” SPLASH! The mega monster turd came out! Both the girls were exhausted. “Thank you so so much for helping me. I couldn’t have done it without you.” Panted Amanda trying to get her breath back. “Don’t mention it.” Panted Sabrina back. A few days after the experience, The two girls met up and told each other that they each now understood how the other felt and that they were happy that they had had the experience to see the others point of view. Sabrina now knew what it was like to have a non-birthing stool, while Amanda knew what it was like to give birth to a turd. The two of them still help each other out in other areas other than just the bathroom of course. They are and always will be, best friends.
The End
p.s. please give me some feedback on how my stories are. I want to improve them and make them more likeable. I’ll take any advice from character ideas to plots etc…..
Thanks for reading.

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  1. thanks. what did you like about it? is there anything you think i could improve upon?

  2. Amazing story. I cannot decide if I would prefer to be Amanda wiping Sabrina’s dirty bottom, or Sabrina helping constipated Amanda

    Having both of them pooping together pooping in the same toilet bowl, holding hands, both in pain for opposite reasons, the hard turds and the mushy poop mixing, would be a dream.

  3. Having one drink Trimagnesium Citrate, while the other just drinks liquid magnesium and both are going in a shared diaper

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