The quality of this site. Honest, potentially offensive observations.

I’ve been wondering about writing here for a while, figured I might as well sit down and try. I hope I don’t offend anybody because that truly is not my intention. I’m just getting out what I have to say, as a long-time user. 

This website is gross. It didn’t used to be, but it is now, and has been for some time. I don’t want to sound like a snob, and God knows I’m not the best looking guy out there, but so much of what I see posted here these days isn’t remotely fun to watch. Flabby, out-of-shape, middle-aged guys, taking videos of themselves messing/wetting old dirty jeans and underwear. Crotch shots only, hardly any faces. Video after video, exactly like 100s of others before. Nothing to make it sexy/erotic/alluring/fun. Just more limp dicks in old jeans. 
Really? Do people want to see this? Is this really anybody’s cup of tea to sit and watch? I feel like the quality of the site has gone so far down that people who might be posting better quality content are turned away when they see how bad it has gotten. 
I understand that we’re all sexual creatures, and that we want to share our sexuality with others — that is, of course, what sex is all about. And I’m not saying that people shouldn’t be posting here at all if they’re not that good looking. But can people please, if they know they don’t have very much to offer, stop posting so much? LIke, once or twice a year? I can’t remember the last time I found a user I really liked; I can remember several times when I’ve banned a user so I don’t have to see their constant gross postings.
Frankly I think it’s an effort that all of us should make to bring up the quality of this site by posting less grade-z material, and working harder to only post the best videos we can make. Better one really good post than 10 videos of one more wretched pair of revolting old undies getting soaked.
(A parting addendum: maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m losing interest in this stuff more than I realize. Maybe I’m asking for too much from a free, community-based site. Feel free to tell me if you just think I’m just a big grump. Thank you. 🙂

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  1. It is a matter of opinion. I would agree that sometimes there seems to be a lack of effort or originality. And certain members who don’t seem to understand self restraint in editing. I do use the filters, and skip past some material. Not because I find it offensive – just boring.

  2. I agree with you. Every time I login in the evening I see about 15 new videos, and only 2-3 of them I rate with 5 stars (I don’t rate videos I don’t like, just because I don’t want to bring discredit to the work of someone). Generally, I don’t post videos if I haven’t had a great idea or if I’m not with my boyfriend (videos with two subjects are rare). But more than this, I don’t think we could make such spectacular shows, we are not directors or actors. I hope anyway, like you hope too, that everyone here will produce something better. By now, it seems that people want to show themselves when they do what we like, assuming that just because they are doing what we all like, we will like his video in the same way.

  3. Think it needs to be remembered this is a free site and all of the content is amateur.also what appeals to one person may not appeal to others.if i can find 2-3 vids i like out of say 10 daily posts i’m quite happy!where else would you get to see so much wetting and messing?wetpantsboy you are doing a great job!

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  5. I appreciate the frustration but as others have said a wide range of content quality is to be expected from a site such as this. Here are a few things that spring to mind reading your post.

    'Is this really anybody's cup of tea to sit and watch?' – Judging by the comments and ratings such videos can get yes, it must be someone's cup of tea. Not necessarily mine, but as others have said one person's turn off is another's turn on.

    'I feel like the quality of the site has gone so far down that people who might be posting better quality content are turned away' – You just have to look at some of the submissions over the past week to know that is rubbish. Here are just a few great videos, all with over 4 star average ratings:

    'I can remember several times when I've banned a user' – You make it sound like this is a last resort but it shouldn't be! If you know that no matter what a certain user does you will never enjoy their content, then simply filter it out by clicking the 'Block' button. You'll never see that content again! You could block out all the 'Flabby, out-of-shape, middle-aged guys' you like, they'll never know and will keep making content others enjoy whilst you can more enjoy the content you do like, it's win win.

    At the end of the day, we are seeing just under 100 videos added to the site a week, some are bound to be better than others, some are going to appeal to each of us more or less than the appeal to others. It's the product of a site where anyone and everyone is invited to share their content in the hope of providing entertainment and pleasure to others, and long may that continue.

    No one should feel embarrassed or unloved here. Hopefully the filters and the user blocking tool can ensure everyone enjoys the content they view and means people can upload their content safe in the knowledge it will reach someone who truly appreciates it.

  6. I would personally say you’re a tad lucky. I’m into females wetting myself and the number of videos we get each week are typically to be counted on one hand.

    I can understand you want some "eye candy" and "professionalism" from the average person posting on an amateur based site, but unfortunately that just may not happen. For a lot of people it’s watching a hot person mess or piss themselves, for others, it’s simply the fact that someone is doing something dirty and "wrong" (from a societal standpoint).

    Personally, professional grade pissing videos do nothing for me. Pissing porn is boring for me, because someone was paid to be there. But these personal glimpses into people’s lives and their decision to let me see them do this dirty, "wrong" thing is sexy as all hell, no matter the body type.

    Crotch shots are more popular because we have family and friends we simply don’t want to find out about us, when an errant google search turns up a video (and believe me, it’s happened to a few people I’ve known). In my past videos, I was as careful as possible to hide my tattoos, just in case.

    I can see how you feel about the whole thing, and it does suck that there isn’t as much of what you like on the site, but from what I can see, people are loving thew flood of videos coming in, and we shouldn’t ask them to stem the tide of what they’re submimtting

  7. Just to drive my point home, The videos I have all posted are the ones described. Crotch shots and pissing. I have two videos with my cock out. That’s it.

    I’ve seen a spectacular 80,000 views in the last two years, and about 20 of those are from this week, so people are still watching me despite my videos being old and buried. I’ve not posted in about a year and a half.

    Basically it works out that 8 people a day over the last two have have decided they like my stuff, and seeing as how we’re a community of 30,000 people, even if only a quarter of the site has watched it, it works out to 10 views a person. Stuff like this must be doing it for someone.

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  9. If you don’t like it then get out of it and find something that suits you. Sorry, but face reality. Simply evolution responding to demand. It is of interest to the majority which clearly doesn’t pander to your requirements so maybe start one yourself that does?

  10. Of course if the content is offensive, boring or otherwise the option "delete account" always remains. Just saying…..

  11. I would agree that you will never find 100% of the content that satisfies 100% of the people… again, it’s a DAMN GREAT free site! and although i haven’t had the nerve to post any videos or photos, i most definitely enjoy some of the content you say is "low quality" – nothing hotter to me than to see a guy’s jeans turn shiny as a flood of hot piss goes down his legs. Did happen to notice that in looking at your content, it seemed to be a bit lacking in quality content for someone demanding quality content from others.

  12. This is so judgemental and subjective! We all have different tastes and the whole point of a community site is that it should be inclusive? Perhaps a paid site would suit the poster with all the models being young, thin and rather plastic looking?? 🙂

  13. I totally agree with Wombat24 and ripmyjeans. It’s funny to see that some of the most complaining people are members that doesn’t upload videos very often.

  14. So only 1 in 10 videos is "what I’m looking for"… well, that’s still 10 a week and better yet, they’re free. It takes a lot of balls to show your face on this site, despite that fact that it makes the video hotter. So hats off to folks like Joe Holloway and IPMyPantz who do post those! But I see you only have 1 video from 3+ years ago, so why don’t you show us what great content looks like 🙂

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  16. What some people forget,is that there going to be old and big,and there is nothing whatsoever wrong with that,to each there own.There is some people who are big (250)and they look sexy.I plan on making video’s as soon as I get a camcorder.

  17. It is actually rather difficult and tome consuming for most to make any sort of "creative" video, edit and upload it. While it would be nice if everyone could do so, the number of videos posted would plummet I think. That might be a good thing as far as quality goes, but how many would come back to check if only a few new videos were uploaded a week? Very few, I’d guess.

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  19. having just based on someones recommendation, i agree with your assessment. frankly. the character and content to be tasteful and not like just another trashy porn site with fat obese people unless, of course, it’s existence is solely of and for that classification, falls on the shoulders of the site owner/operator/administrator. i suggest contacting that person and demanding a better site or you’re leaving with any potential donations. it’s ab surd to expect members to donate while the quality sinks low enough to be below mediocre. i also note the high number of teens that seem to not have their heart into being part of the community. many sites will deactivate your status if you have never contributed after 90 days and delete your account after 6 months. i don’t bother trying to interact with anyone who wants to see others contribute but not themselves. if eveyone participated in a campaign to restore the site to what it was when it began, things would change. maybe not at fetlife, but it’s worth trying here.

  20. this is a response to the comment by wombat24. i don’t feel you understand the point made that, "this used to be…" a better site meaning there was control of content where now there isn’t. there needs to be a standard which sets a site apart from all the other "free" ones. that’s not to say that just because it’s free, we should accept any trashy content. it also would force members to put some effort into the quality of "amateur" work and not just upload anything. if that one change were made, the overall quality would improve, more people would view and, more often and, there would be no reason for anyone to feel compelled to write what this blogger expressed. nobody wants to invest their time in something that’s not appealing or, gross.

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