The power of laxatives

Yesterday I drank laxatives before going to work very early in the morning, I decided to take some lax because I haven’t pooped for a day. Wanted to shit out in a soft, gentle way because I’ve been having huge hard ones which is bad because It starts to hurt my butthole. So this is what happened yesterday, I was planning on shitting in public restrooms since our bathroom in the office is not functioning well (no water, stinky etc.) I thought of using the bathroom of a nearby department/grocery store (some sort of a Walmart). While working I was drinking coffee (bad idea), the coffee and the laxative somehow didn’t go well and made my stomach hurt uncomfortably. The “diarrhea waves” haven’t kicked in yet but I feel like pooping already but I decided to do it later after lunch time. 

A few minutes After eating my lunch, I couldn’t hold it anymore, I rushed out of the office and went straight to the bathroom inside the grocery store. I was at first very hesitant because the cleaning staff guy was inside the bathroom doing his clean-ups too. I immediately grabbed a small bucket and filled it with water to clean my ass afterwards since they don’t have TP inside. There were two stalls, as soon as I have entered the 2nd stall, the cleaning guy left. I pulled my pants down, sat on the cold toilet and released a long soft shit not too watery not too hard, it was fairly huge but it was a butthole-friendly turd. While waiting for another poop to come out, there were several guys coming in and going out of the bathroom, I waited for the room to clear and I started clean up. There was only one small bucket for the two stalls and I heard a guy who had just entered the bathroom mention about the bucket. Presuming that the bucket was with me, He asks me if i’m done with the bucket, without replying, I left the stall and dashed out of the bathroom as he entered and took the bucket.

This time around maybe 3pm The real wave began to storm in but I waited for my time out that’s until 6pm. Yes, It was 3 hours of torment, pain and weird waves appearing and disappearing from time to time. I could sometimes feel like the shit has been touching cloth but I pretended to snub it away, didn’t try to check whether I had shit my underwear or not. 

The stomach torture goes on, I was desperate but pretending not to care. An urge to pee began to knock in. This time, I am in deep danger, I was scared to let lose of the pee, maybe liquid shit will also have its way out angrily. So I tried my best not to leak out something from my butt while I was leaking out from my dick. It was like taking a risk of your life in danger. In my mind I was saying “not now, not now please” I wasn’t in the mood for messing my underwear in public scared of smelling around. Minutes later, I decided to leave, I couldn’t hold it anymore the shit is starting to take a little leak from my butt cheeks so I left quickly. 

This time I decided to use the bathroom at a large department store near my boarding house since I was in a mood to shit in public restrooms. I left my big bag at the luggage counter and dashed to the men’s room. I sort of regretted this one, I entered the men’s room together with the security guard who’s heading for the mirror to check on his looks. I am a shy guy when it comes to using the public restroom so I pretended to pee on the urinal, I was actually dying to take a shit but while doing my act I did a quick gaze at the nearest stall with door open, I saw the toilet was unflushed, not sure if the brown water is of a shit or an old pee. The guard left and I went to the other stall, but it was fucking locked nobody’s inside but I notice some cleaning materials inside including a vacuum cleaner on the floor. No choice but I have to use the other one. I found out that I can’t flush the toilet, I was bursting so I locked the door and took a shit, I hovered my ass and released a spray of watery shit, I was disappointed because it came out like enema not the creamy shit I was expecting. It was followed by chunks of poop and more liquid out of my grieving ass. Finally a good relief. I didn’t bother cleaning my ass already as I was excited to leave, I tried to flush the toilet again but No hope. I left the poor toilet while feeling sorry for the cleaning staff. I went back to my boarding house and right after dinner another wave came urging me to release another batch. 

By the way, I was surprised to see big poopy stains on my underwear this morning, I think i did a cool job yesterday didn’t I? 😀

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  1. Great story. I can’t believe you were able to hold back a laxative shit for all of those hours at work. The time must have gone by very slowly.

  2. You should just put on a diaper. Its a lot more fun. Belive me, you will fill it!

  3. I want to know how you don’t get Caugt at home. You’ve had some pretty impressive loads deposited u undie. How Do You get away wiitH Out being smelled or aeen?

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