The Pooping Game (Part 1)

 The next morning, Sage woke up from a fabulous dream of a game. The game was to see who could have the most poop in their diaper before it broke off. Sage kept thinking about it for a while as he sat down in the cushiony chair in the living room playing Black Ops 2 with his messy diaper on. He pulled out a pacifier and gently started to suck on it as though he was a little boy again. He sat there playing for at least another half hour before Jacob woke up, than another five minutes until Andy woke up. 
 Andy came out of his room and smelled horribly like shit, just as Sage did but they didn’t care. Andy sat down next to Sage, upon the opposite chair that was connected together with one place left to sit. Andy rocked back and forth squishing his poop up his crack and into the front. After Andy had been sat in his load for a few seconds, Jacob came out of his bedroom. 
 Jacob sat next to Andy, and the other boys heard a squishing sound as he sat down. They were all messy and dirty, but happy campers. Sage says finally,”I’ve got an idea. It’s sort of a game.” Jacob replies,” What sort of game is this?” Sage adds,”You have to poop into your diaper until it breaks or falls down on you.” “What happens to you if your diaper breaks or falls down?”, asked Andy. Sage explains,” You have to go into public setting with a lot of people and shit in a new diaper, or wear your old one. However, you must embarrass yourself in public. Do you want to play this game, you two?”
 Jacob and Andy nod their head in agreement. Sage waddles over to the laptop, and quickly types the rules of the game, than prints it off. He quickly waddles and than tapes it on the doors of the bathroom and bedroom. Jacob and Andy waddled over to the sign and read the rules. The rules read 
The Pooping Game Rules
 To play this game, you must follow the rules listed below. 
 Players MUST NOT:
 Change their diapers from here on out until the game is ended!
 Use the bathroom at all!
 Leave the vicinity of the others.
 Give each other laxatives.
 Wear plastic pants when pooping in the diaper.
 Hold the dirty diaper up when pooping their diaper.
Players are ALLOWED TO:
 Fart upon each other wherever they are allowed to.
 Sit upon each other if allowed by other player from face to cock.
 Spank each other
 Only wear lounge pants over plastic pants if you wish to.
 wear plastic pants if they wish to.
 Hump each other’s messy diaper.
 Hold someone anyway they wish, to poop their pants or piss their pants.
The loser will have to mess and wet their pants in public, or do what the winners say.
If you agree write your first name below,
Jacob; Sage; Andy;
 As soon as Andy, & Jacob finished reading the rules of the game along with signing their name. They knew they’d be having the time of their lives. They both looked at Sage and smirked, Sage looked back and smirked as well. Suddenly out of nowhere, they hear a loud fart and notice that Jacob is laughing griplessly. Jacob had been holding his bowels since he woke up this morning and decided to finally let go of his bowels and bladder into his already messy nappy. Andy and Sage heard the familiar crackle of poop entering into Jacob’s diaper and it was slowly pushing it down lower even more.
 As Jacob was messing his pants, he had trouble pushing it all out so he grunts and starts pushing as hard as he can. His diaper begins to bulge out even more as his nappy starts to leak in the front. He finally stops grunting and pulls up his lounge pants and smiles at his brother and Andy. “Ahh, that’s much better”,says Jacob. He walks into the room he stays in and grabs a chair and walks back out. He sits down in his mess and sighs happily. Jacob slowly wheels himself back into his room for the time being and begins playing games on his computer. 

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