The Poopee Tree Part 5

Reika wanted to go somewhere casual by herself, so she got her Purple jeans, purple long sleeve sweater, and purple peep toe flats with a bow on them. So she got out of bed at 4:00, leaving Troy to sleep alone and left. “I wonder how its like to drive…oh! but I need to put on my purple nail polish…I’ll do both!” Reika decided, and she did, though she almost crashed doing it. “wee! this is fun…turn! turn!” Reika yelled as she tried to turn the car, but the car fell off into the water. luckily, Reika could swim. after she got to shore, she had to pee due to the fact that she drank so much water, “I am cold…and I’m already wet…” Reika said as she peed herself to warm up and she wondered where she was “Where am I? I need to dry clean these clothes” Reika said as she saw hot air shooting out the ground with a scalding hot water pond, “There” Reika said as she cleaned up, but she was still wondering where she was. Until Reika heard a voice, “come on! we need to get out of here” a woman said, “a voice…h-hello?” Reika said looking around “Ah! another women”. It was a long haired blonde hair woman (Reika has long black hair) in a white business suit with white cone heels and red finger and toe nails with red lipstick, where as Reika’s lips are the color of her clothes. suddenly a fart sound came from someone else “Melissa, hurry up” The blonde said “I’m coming” Melissa is 18 like the blonde woman and Reika, she had medium long brown hair wearing black corset heels, black business suit, and had red toe and finger nails, and red lipstick like the blonde named Alice. “are you stuck too?” Reika asked, “yup, we were driving and…Oh…I need to poo and pee…” Alice said trying to hold it in, “Me too” Melissa added. Reika also had to go bad, but she needed to help the two out ” I’ll help you out” Reika said “Great, so do something” Alice said. Reika, trying her best to hold in her pee and poo, decided to convert her gas to her butt and with some of her air as well. “hold my hand” Reika told them, after the two held on, Reika farted so herd that they got out of the ditch and was back on the road. “we’re free!” Melissa said happily, “now where can we..” but before Alice finished the sentence, Reika was flattened due to a lack of air, Melissa flipped her over and asked her where a washroom was, Reika, with her flatten body told them where she uses the potty. and the led them to Troy’s house, by now, Reika was restored and Troy hugged her, “where were you? and who are they?” Troy asked, “we need…the…oh…” but Reika pooped and peed her pants while the other women pooped and peed their skirts. “Whoa! the tree is around here” Troy guided them as the pooped on the smelly tree as well as peed. Reika took off her clothes and hung them on the tree with nothing on, Melissa and Alice wondered why she took her stuff off “after I pee and poo like that, I hang my clothes here” Reika said as she wiped her butt on the tree, and soon, the other women did what Reika did and the three were completely nude. “ok, lunch is…huh? why are you naked?” Troy asked “If Reika can do it, why not us” Alice asked “yeah why” Melissa wondered, “If you two are going to do that, you’re living here than” Troy said. and the two moved into troys house in 4 hours, after that, Troy, Alice, and Melissa went to bed, while Reika was in an Orange sling-back heels, skirt, and short sleeve sweater and slept in the tree scared that the two new women would steal Troy from her as she slept beside the tree and pooped and peed in her panties in her stressed and scared sleep.

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