The Poop-ventures of Dan and Alex Christmas Special, Part 2

It was the day after Christmas at Alex’s house. Alex woke up, still horny from seeing Dan’s Christmas “present” the night before. Still in bed, Alex thought about how he nearly got busted last night. Questions began to swirl through his head. What if his brother had actually found out about his fetish? He would probably tell mom, dad, and all his old high school friends. He imagined how much he would be ashamed and humiliated by everyone he knew about his shit fetish.

Alex actually began to think about turning his back on his dirty desires. It would be a shame, too – he had so much fun the last several months, taking all sorts of big dumps, watching Dan do the same, and getting off on all of it. It was a lot of fun, but also very risky.

Alex got out of bed and went to the bathroom. He has started brushing his teeth when he heard some moaning from Andrew’s room. Alex immediately rushed to the aid of his brother. Andrew was in bed, clutching his stomach.

“Christmas dinner didn’t agree with me, I feel really sick,” Andrew moaned. Suddenly, Andrew got up, still holding his stomach. “I have to go to the bathroom now!” Andrew quickly scurried to the bathroom where Alex had been brushing his teeth.

“Are you okay? Are you going to throw up?” Alex asked.

“No, I think its all about to come out the other end!” Andrew said as he sat down on the toilet. “Alex, could you get my cell phone from my room? I might be in here a while.”
Alex found his brother’s cell phone and gave it to him.

“Thanks, brother! Could you please close the door, this is going to get messy!” Andrew said. Alex closed the door. Afterward, he saw Andrew tap his phone a few times. Alex remained in the bathroom and resumed brushing his teeth. The brothers, having shared a bathroom since they were small, were used to being in each other’s presence while they relieved themselves. This was the first time, however, Alex had watched his brother shit since he discovered his fetish. Alex looked over to his brother on the toilet and saw something incredible.

Andrew had changed positions on the toilet. Using the trash can as a makeshift stool, he squatted over the toilet. He then held his cell phone in front of the toilet. Andrew was about to record himself shitting!

Soon afterward, Andrew’s troubled bowels released a torrent of diarrhea and loose shit. The sounds and images of his brother letting loose on the toilet was a huge turn-on for Alex, whose his cock soon got rock-hard. Andrew continued to squirt waves of hot, runny shit for nearly 15 minutes. As Andrew’s case of the post-Christmas runs continued, Alex edged closer to orgasm. Andrew’s final diarrhea blast proved too much for Alex, who had a massive, hands-free orgasm. He shivered and moaned as hot cum shot from his cock, soaking his underwear.

Andrew finally finished shitting. “I feel so much better now!” he exclaimed. Alex, however, had one big, pressing question.

“Why did you record yourself shitting?” Alex asked his brother. Andrew had a huge grin on his face.

“It’s not for me, it’s for my girlfriend,” he replied. “I started dating this really hot girl last year in college. We got to know each other well, and this year we got an apartment together. One day I came home from classes and told her I really needed to shit. She told me to wait a minute, that she had to clean up the bathroom. Soon afterward, she gave me the all clear. I walk in the bathroom and found her by the toilet. As it turns out, she wanted to see me shit!”

Alex was intrigued at his brother’s story. “What happened next?”

“I took my dump on the floor in front of her. She totally got off on it! In fact, it was the strongest orgasm I had ever seen her have – even stronger than when we have sex!” Andrew said. “That night, she explained her shit fetish to me, and asked me whether I would continue to allow her to watch me shit. I could decline without affecting my relationship. After much thought and consideration, I decided to continue to shit for her and it’s been like that every since! She would love my diarrhea session. And that brings me . . . to you, Alex.”

“What about me?” Alex asked.

“About two weeks later, my girlfriend called me to see a video she found on a pooping fetish site,” Andrew replied. “It was one of the first videos you and Dan did together. She already knew Dan, since both are active in the pooping fetish community, and recognized you from some pictures of our family I showed her. She told me about the video, so I know about your fetish, too. In fact, just minutes ago I could tell you really wanted to cum to my diarrhea!”

Alex wanted to reply that he did actually cum, but he was left speechless, stunned and surprised at his brother’s admission.

“You should know that my girlfriend is very impressed by your work. She especially loves your range, doing everything from pure liquid diarrhea to thick, firm megaturds. She would love to meet you and Dan in person one day!” Andrew said. “Just one more question,” Andrew said. “Last night, when you said you were looking at porn, you were really looking at a shit video, weren’t you?”

“Yeah,” Alex responded, “it was a video from Dan. He sent me a video of himself shitting as a Christmas present.”

Andrew smiled. “Good to see you’re being fully truthful. Remember one thing: I’m your brother. I care about you. This conversation we just had is going to stay in this bathroom. I’ll won’t reveal your fetish to anyone else, and you won’t reveal that I record my shit for my girlfriend. Deal?”

“Deal,” Alex said, feeling happy as if a huge emotional weight had been lifted. But as it turns out, a different sort of weight was bearing down in another part of his body.

“I have to take a shit,” Alex said. “Andrew, could you do a favor for me? I would like you to record me shitting.”

“Sure,” Andrew said as Alex pulled down his cum-soaked underwear.

Andrew took his cell phone and pointed the camera towards Alex’s ass, which was hovering over a toilet still filled with Andrew’s diarrhea. The camera recorded as Alex began to defecate. He moaned and pushed until eventually a three-inch thick shit emerged from his dilated butthole. Precum dripped from Alex’s cock as the huge shit massaged his prostate and milked him of his sexual fluids. The massive turd grew to over two feet in length before finally breaking off and falling in the toilet. A second, equally thick turd immediately began to form. It topped out at around two feet in length before gently falling in the toilet and was accompanied by a strong orgasm, with cum shooting from his erect cock. Alex then pushed out a third turd, which was slightly thinner and less than two feet in length. With the third turd, Alex had finished defecating.

“Wow, we did a lot of damage together,” Alex told Andrew shortly afterward. The toilet was completely filled by the combination of Alex’s megaturds and Andrew’s diarrhea. The brothers cleaned up their massive toilet mess. They first removed Alex’s turds to let Andrew’s diarrhea flush, then flushed Alex’s dump in small pieces.

“I’ll be honest with you, Alex: I actually enjoyed pooping with you,” Andrew said after they cleaned up. “I wouldn’t mind doing it again sometime. If you want, I’ll even record you pooping. Just remember, nobody will ever know about our sessions but you, me, and my girlfriend.”

“Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind.” Alex replied. “You’re a great big brother.”

As he walked out of the bathroom, Alex reflected on the events of the past 24 hours. Yes, he had spent a fun Christmas with his family. But Dan had also surprised him with a amazingly hot video. His brother Andrew had nearly exposed his fetish Christmas night, only to realize that Andrew not only knew all along, but was also willing to help.

All things considered, it was a Christmas Alex would not forget anytime soon.

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