The Poop-ventures of Dan and Alex Christmas Special, Part 1

Dan and Alex were in their room, packing up for the Christmas holiday. The two were happy to have survived their first college semester and to be returning home to their families. But they were also sad – sad that they would be spending three weeks apart from each other and their massive dumps.

“We can connect with each other online,” Dan said. “Can your computer do video chat? Mine can, we could maybe do live shitting shows for each other.”

“It’s a great idea, but I don’t think that’s possible,” Alex replied. “My family expects to have a lot of relatives here for Christmas, so I probably won’t have much privacy.”

“I understand,” Dan replied. “Don’t worry, I’ll get through to you somehow – we have each other’s email. If we want to send other shitting video or just talk, we can.” Just then Alex’s cell phone buzzed with a text message – his parents had arrived to take him home.

“My parents are here,” Alex said. “If we don’t see or talk to each other, let me wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.”

“Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you too,” Dan replied as Alex walked out of the room.

Dan looked at his calender – there was less than a week before Christmas – and had a very unique gift idea for his shit-loving roommate. His idea: to hold his shit in until Christmas, drop his load on Christmas morning, and send the video to Alex. Dan knew Alex would be impressed!

Over the next week, Dan ate like an elephant, hoping to make the biggest dump possible. By Christmas Eve, Dan’s guts were all but stuffed with shit and very visibly distended. He fought his way through massive, urgent desires to defecate. He farted dozens of times. The smell of his farts combined with the near-constant urge to shit made Dan extremely horny – he masturbated ten times that day, and had to change underwear four times as each pair became soaked with precum!

That night, Dan plotted his course of action. Dan took out a large cardboard box and wrapped it as if it were a Christmas present. He had a old Santa Claus outfit that still fit well and put it on. He looked out his window to the local park and saw the giant Christmas tree – confirming the setting for his perverted film. He waited for the dead of night, made sure all the lights were out and his family asleep, and walked out. Dan braved the cold, his rumbling bowels, and his highly aroused genitalia, and set up shop next to the park’s Christmas tree. The sky was pitch black, but the tree’s lights and a nearby white streetlamp provided plenty of illumination. Dan turned on his camera and began his act.

“Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas Alex!” Dan said. “Here’s a very special present for my favorite megaturd lover Alex!”

Dan then opened the gift-wrapped box, pulled down his pants, and began to shit into the box. He groaned as a four-inch thick turd made its way from his sensitive asshole. The turd was nearly three feet long before it snapped and fell into his box. Immediately afterward a second huge turd, which was as wide as the first one, started emerging. It stretched out to over two feet in length. Dan’s body moaned and trembled under the massive sexual pleasure the megaturds created as they passed out of his ass – eventually culminating in a massive anal orgasm! Dan’s hard cock was already dripping absurd amounts of sexual fluids, and he was just getting started!

Dan soon pushed out a third huge turd, then a fourth one, and then a fifth one. All of Dan’s turds were about four inches thick, and were between two and three feet in length. He continued to moan in immense pleasure as several more orgasms shook his body and his cock continued to shoot out hot cum. Finally, after six turds, his bowels were finally emptied of shit – and the box he defecated into was nearly full of his hot megaturds.

Dan looked to the camera again. “It’s a great gift, isn’t it, Alex?” He then took the box and moved it directly under the white streetlight. “Like the tree, my shit is decorated too.” Dan moved the camera into the box. As usual, Dan’s turds were sprinkled with bits and pieces of undigested veggies, nuts, and salad greens. “And finally, some icing on the shit cake!” Dan masturbated – his cock still very hard – until he sprayed a massive amount of white cum into the box.

“Isn’t it beautiful, Alex?” Dan said into the camera again. “I bet this present will have you cumming again and again! Farewell, Alex! I hope you stay nice!” Dan stopped the recording, disposed of the box of shit into a park trash can, and managed to make his way back home without anyone noticing. He uploaded the video to his computer, attached it to an email to Alex, and went to bed.

Several hundred miles away, Christmas morning brought bright sunshine to Alex’s house. Gathering for Christmas were Alex, his older brother Andrew, his parents, two grandparents and an assortment of aunts, uncles, and cousins. As he had predicted to Dan, Christmas was a hectic mess. Between opening presents, small talk with rarely-seen relatives and a very large Christmas dinner, Alex had virtually no free time until fairly late in the evening. Alex turned on his computer. He had noted in his mind that Dan had not contacted him at all since he went home, and figured that Dan was up to something. He was surprised to open up his email to find a message from Dan.

Alex opened Dan’s email and noticed a video file attachment. He opened the video of Dan, dressed as Santa Claus, shitting by a Christmas tree. It was one of the hottest videos he had ever seen. Laying comfortably in bed, he pulled his pants down and began masturbating. He was approaching orgasm when he heard footsteps heading towards his door.

“Alex, could you answer a question for me?” It was his brother Andrew, and he was heading towards his room!

Alex was thrown into a panic – he had to act now, or his secret fetish would be exposed! He closed out of Dan’s video, closed out his email, and pulled his pants back up over his erect penis. Just as he did this, Andrew entered the room. He ended up standing next to Alex’s bed. “Alex, I was wondering if . . .” Andrew started his question but stopped. Andrew looked at Alex and noticed a visible bulge in Alex’s pants. Noting that Alex was looking at his computer, Andrew made the obvious connection.

“Alex, were you just jacking off to some porn?” he asked.

Alex was caught in a tight situation. He could lie and answer no, or he could say yes – and potentially open himself up to more questioning, with the risk of revealing his secret sexual passion. Despite the risk, Alex decided to be honest.

“Yeah, I was looking at porn,” he said, his voice and face clearly displaying his embarrassment.

“That’s okay,” Andrew said, reading his brother’s expression. I watch porn sometimes too. It’s nothing to really be embarrassed about. I’m sorry for walking in your room unannounced during your . . . private time,” he continued. “My question wasn’t that important, anyway. I’ll come back later.” Andrew turned around and exited Alex’s room.

Alex breathed a huge sigh of relief. He eventually finished watching (and masturbating to) Dan’s video without incident. Afterward, he sent an email reply to Dan. It read: “Thanks for the ultimate Christmas present. Your friend, Alex.”

Alex’s secret fetish was safe for now. But how much longer would it stay a secret?

To be continued . . .

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