The Poop-Ventures of Dan and Alex, #9

After the long winter break, Dan and Alex returned to their college dorm room, ready to start a new semester of studies – and hot shit-watching. While classes weren’t quite fully in action yet, the monster shits were ready to go. When Alex arrived at his dorm room, he noticed Dan’s stomach was somewhat distended.

“I’ve got several days of shit inside me,” Dan told Alex, “and I’ve been waiting to return to college to show it all to you!”

Dan managed to hold his bowels in for a full day of classes. When he returned to his dorm room, he told a waiting Alex, “I’ve got to unload now!”

Dan pulled down his pants and underwear. He blew a series of massive, foul-smelling farts. His cock, clearly anticipating the pleasurable super-dump to come, was fully erect. Then, Dan moaned as a 4 inch thick turd exited his ass. Each inch of solid shit stretched his asshole to its limits and slammed his sensitive prostate, causing precum to drip from his erect cock. The turd grew longer and longer before eventually falling to the ground. It was over three feet long! Dan trembled and groaned in pleasure as a massive anal orgasm shook his body, then began pushing out a second, equally wide dump. It grew to about the same length as the first turd before falling out, accompanied by a second large orgasm. The two megaturds – each over 4 inches wide and over 3 feet long – lay on the floor, next to a large pool of Dan’s sexual fluids.

“That dump . . . it felt so good, it always feels amazing,” Dan said. “But I’m still so horny . . .” Dan looked at his two massive turds and a perverted idea entered his head.

Dan grabbed one of his megaturds. He held it up to his face, indulging in its extremely foul odor, before picking it up. He then turned towards Alex and said, “Alex, what I’m about to do is secretly my favorite thing to do with a megaturd like this. I know you’ve seen me do a lot with shit – but never this. It’s really dirty, but as always, you’re welcome to watch.”

Dan then took his massive shit, bent over, and rammed it back up his still-gaping asshole. Dan moaned as the megaturd penetrated his tender, sensitive ass. He pushed the turd deep inside of him, then shoved the turd back and forth in his ass. More precum streamed from his still-erect cock, reflecting the further milking of his sexual organs.

Alex was totally aroused by watching Dan fuck himself with his own turds. What Dan was unaware of was that Alex had been fantasizing about anally penetrating himself with their megaturds for quite some time. Prior to meeting Dan, Alex had never been interested in any sort of anal play, much less play with his own shit. But after experiencing the immense pleasure of pushing out megaturds, Alex began to wonder: If it feels this good to push shit out, pushing it back in must be equally pleasurable!

It was now the perfect time for Alex to play out his long-hidden fantasy, but he was still somewhat hesitant. It was as if a shred of sexual prudishness remained seated in Alex’s mind, and it was now making its last stand. Perhaps because of this, Alex attempted to downplay his curiosity in this dirty act by asking a question. “Dan, I can’t believe you’re playing with your dump! How does it feel?”

“It feels wonderful!” Dan said.

Alex looked at the remaining megaturd for a minute. He tried to restrain himself, but seeing Dan play out his own perverted fantasies in action caused Alex to give in. He pulled down his pants and underwear, took the turd, and began trying to imitate his roommate. Alex had yet to defecate that day, so his butthole was still very tight. He pushed the thick, firm turd against his butthole, attempting to achieve full penetration. It took several attempts . . . but Alex managed to get the turd to penetrate his ass. The first penetration was accompanied by a mighty moan from Alex. The sensations of such a huge turd entering Alex’s tight ass were a little painful, but overall still quite pleasurable. Alex pushed the turd deeper up his insides, and managed to pack nearly 2 feet of shit inside his bowels! Precum dripped from his cock as the megaturd slammed his asshole and prostate.

“Yes!” Alex moaned in pleasure. He then added, almost spontaneously, “I love this feeling! I want to stuff my ass with your megaturds!”

Alex couldn’t believe how good this felt, and he also couldn’t believe he was doing this! Less than six months ago, he was just a straight, sexually vanilla young man. Now, he was fucking himself with his roommate’s own huge turds – and he was loving it, as evidenced by his surprise admission!

“Holy shit!” Alex said between pleasurable moans. “You’re right Dan, this does feel amazing!” After a few minutes of fucking himself with Dan’s turd, Alex had a huge anal orgasm. His body shook involuntarily in reaction to immense sexual pleasure, while his cock twitched and released massive amounts of hot white cum. Seconds later, Dan climaxed as well.

“That was the most amazing orgasm I’ve ever had,” Alex said a while later. He pushed Dan’s megaturd out of his ass. The huge turd left Alex’s butthole gaping wide open. Less than a minute later, a new yet recognizable sensation hit him – Alex had to shit!

“Oh, no!” Alex said abruptly before taking a squatting position. Alex had barely assumed the position when a 3 inch thick turd began emerging from his still-gaping butt. Dan looked on, curious at the surprising chain of events.

“Wow Alex, it looks like you’ve literally fucked the shit out of yourself!” Dan said.

The large turd practically slid out of Alex’s (temporarily) wrecked ass – he hardly pushed, yet the turd was already over 2 feet long! After growing to about 3 feet in length, the turd finally snapped and dropped to the floor. With that turd, Alex was fully relieved of the contents in his bowels and in his genitals. Exhausted from the strenuous anal activity, Alex slumped back against his bed.

The roommates looked at the damage their session had caused. There was 10 feet of thick, firm turds laying on the floor, surrounded by pools of cum.

“That was so much fun,” Alex said to Dan.

“It was,” Dan replied. He paused for a few seconds, then continued, “You know you’ve really changed since we’ve first became roommates, Alex. I would have never expected you to do what you did today with my turds – and I’m sure you didn’t think you had it in you.”

“I was just so horny,” Alex answered, “and what you were doing was so hot. I just had to try it. I feel so dirty fucking myself with your huge dump . . .” Alex hesitated for a few seconds, seemingly embarrassed at his admission, before finishing, ” . . . but it was totally satisfying. I would love to do it again sometime.”

Dan smiled, clearly impressed at the progression of his big shit-loving roommate. With that, the duo started the long process of cleaning up their huge mess.

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