The Poop-ventures of Dan and Alex, #7

It was a typical Thursday night in for Dan and Alex. They ordered some pizza, watched each other shit,
then spend the rest of the night watching videos of other guys pooping. The two were quite horny, and
were always ready to push their bowels to the limit.

Dan had something in mind.

Dan told Alex, “I have a challenge for you. I would love for you to hold in your shit for the whole weekend. I don’t want you to poop again until Monday afternoon, after you get back in from classes.”

Alex, always willing to please his shit-loving roommate and rarely backing down from a challenge, complied. “I’ll do it!” he enthusiastically replied.

That Friday, Alex gorged himself on dorm food. Alex always had a large appetite, but this was a large
feeding frenzy by his standards.

“Remember your challenge,” Dan said. “I don’t want you to accidentally relieve yourself beforehand!”

“I’ll be fine,” Alex replied.

Alex had no problems Friday or Saturday. He had held it in for that long before. But Alex continued to eat more than usual.

It was Sunday afternoon when Alex began having urges. “I kinda want to poop now, but I want to finish your challenge,” Alex told Dan. Alex rubbed his gurgling stomach. He then pulled down his underwear and placed his butt next to Dan’s face. “I know you’ll love to smell the shit brewing inside of me,” Alex said. At that point, he began to blow a series of massive farts directly into Dan’s face. Alex farted off and on for over ten minutes.

“Wow, those are some really foul farts!” Dan exclaimed. “I can tell there’s something really nasty inside of you!” Alex’s farts aroused Dan – a erection was clearly visible through his pants.

“Whew,” Alex said after his farting spell passed. “I feel a lot better!” With the building pressure in his bowels temporarily relieved, Alex continued his no-shit challenge. It didn’t take long though, for the urge to defecate to return.

After dinner, Alex had another long farting spell. He could also feel the huge turd in his butt, begging to be released. “I want to shit so badly!” he moaned. “But this huge turd just feels so good in my ass!” Aroused by a combination of desperation and the huge shit pressing down on his sensitive anal g-spot, Alex masturbated. While he was on the floor masturbating, Alex slowly opened his elastic butthole enough such that about a half-inch of a thick, firm turd peered out. His butthole then sucked the turd back inside of him.

“I see you’re pushing the limit of not shitting,” Dan noted. “Pushing a tiny bit of the turd out then back in – that’s quite creative!”

Eventually Alex orgasmed strongly, releasing a considerable volume of cum from his cock. While his sexual tension had been relieved, his bowels continued to push for immediate defecation. After another farting session – one that stunk up the room so badly the windows had to be opened – Alex went to bed.

Monday morning arrived. Alex woke up and was immediately hit by a massive, urgent need to shit.
“I really have to shit now! I don’t think I can hold in in much longer!” he moaned.

“Don’t give up now – you’re just hours away from finishing!” Dan encouraged Alex.

“I’ll try,” Alex said, and he went off to classes. He couldn’t really focus on class though – only the massive shit that was begging to be unleashed. He blew massive farts every few minutes. His stomach ached and cramped as his bowels seemed completely stuffed with shit. The sensation of filled bowels aroused him so much, Alex could feel his erect cock leaking precum. Through sheer willpower, Alex successfully held in his massive load all day.

Alex arrived back to his room to find Dan eagerly waiting. “I did it!” he exclaimed.

“Congratulations!” Dan said. “What are you going to do now?”

“Make the biggest shit of my life!” Alex replied.

Wasting little time, Alex pulled down his precum-soaked underwear, and squatted. He let out a huge fart, his butthole expanded, and a thick, brown, soild turd – over three inches in diameter – began to snake its way out. Alex moaned as each push released foot after foot of shit. When one single turd ended, another immediately beagn. As always, pushing out huge turds pleasured Alex greatly, his cock dripping precum like a leaky faucet. Dan was always eager to watch, masturbating furiously to his roommate’s mastery of defecation.

After nearly 15 minutes, Alex finished reliving himself. One huge push released the last of the massive turds he produced, and fueled a massive orgasm that flooded the floor under his erect hanging penis in white cum. Alex’s orgasm triggered an equally impressive cumshot from Dan. On the floor over Alex’s butthole was over a dozen feet of 3 and a half-inch thick, brown, foul-smelling turds, packed as always with plenty of undigested nuts, salad greens and veggies.

“That felt so amazing!” Alex said. “I would love to do it again another time!”

“I’ll be ready whenever you do,” Dan said.

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