The Poop-ventures of Dan and Alex, #6

Dan and Alex had finished a long night of studying. It was exam time at college, and neither had the time or energy to participate in their favorite bodily function, one that conveniently doubled as a source of sexual pleasure.

That night, the duo went to sleep. As Dan slept, thoughts of huge dumps swirled though his mind. Fully asleep yet very turned on, a perverted image began to enter his mind . . .

It was a bright, warm afternoon, and Dan had came back to his dorm room, with Alex absent. He had a huge, urgent need to take a massive shit. The pressure in his bowels were unbearable, and he could feel the huge turd mere inches inside his butthole, begging to be released.

He squatted down, and began his work. Dan had taken many shits before, but this one was different – it seemed wider than any shit he had taken before. It was very difficult – painful, even, to push out. After several minutes of pushing, Dan gave a huge moan as the thickest part of the turd emerged. The mere sensation nearly caused him to orgasm. His cock was fully erect, with drops of clear precum hanging from the tip.

With a mirror set up on the other end of the room, he could see the turd – it appeared to be nearly 6 inches wide, far wider than his personal best of 4 inches. Dan knew that this was THE turd – the immense, colossal turd he had been fantasizing about making for years was finally coming out of him!
“Alex would be so impressed to see my huge turd!” Even Matt would be put to shame with this shit!” Dan thought.

The huge shit pleasured Dan immensely as it passed out of his butthole, with each push coinciding with a moan of defecation-induced arousal. He saw as foot after foot of solid, firm shit fell to the floor. The shit was colored medium brown, and packed with undigested veggies and nuts. It released a foul, but somehow soothing aroma that only served to turn Dan on even more.

Dan continued to empty his bowels. The shit just seemed to go on and on, with almost no signs of stopping! He could clog every toilet in the dorm building with all this shit, he thought. The combination of all the sensations of pushing out such a long, firm, and thick turd caused his body to edge closer to orgasm. The pleasure was so overwhelming as he pushed his dream turd out. Finally, Dan orgasmed, releasing a loud moan . . .

. . . and then Dan woke up abruptly to his dark room. His dream turd was just that, a dream. But what about that massive orgasm? Dan soon realized that his penis was erect and his underwear was wet. He inserted his right hand into his underwear, and collected a small handful of white goo. It was fresh cum, and Dan knew instantly what had happened – he had a wet dream!

Dan’s orgasm woke Alex up from his slumber.

“Was that you Dan?” Alex grumbled.

“I’m fine, go back to sleep,” Dan said, dazed yet aroused.

The next morning, Dan fully explained what happened.

“That’s impressive, a wet dream about taking a huge shit!” Alex said. “You really are the ultimate shitting fetishist!”

Alex rubbed his stomach and released two large farts that stunk up their dorm room. “Now that you’re awake, how about seeing a real shit?”

“I guess that’s a good consolation,” Dan replied.

Alex soon pulled down his pants, squatted, and began to shit. He pushed out a 3 inch wide turd, dark brown, and dotted with yellow corn kernels from last night’s dinner. Dan, standing beside his defecating roommate, started masturbating. Alex pushed out several feet of firm turds, moaning in pleasure, his erect cock now dripping precum.

Finally, Alex orgasmed, creating a large pool of white cum on the floor beside his massive shit. Alex’s cumshot triggered Dan’s own orgasm.

“That was really good,” Dan said. Alex nodded in agreement.

“It was good we did that,” Alex said. “I heard it’s bad luck to take an exam while horny.”

The duo laughed, then cleaned up their mess.

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