The Poop-ventures of Dan and Alex #5

Dan walked into the room he and Alex shared after classes one afternoon. It was a few days after the massive shitting contest they participated in with their new friend Matt. Alex was on the bed, pants down, masturbating while watching videos of various guys pooping.

“Alex?” Dan asked.

“Oh!” Alex exclaimed, looking down at his erect cock. “Sorry about that, I was just . . . enjoying myself . . .”

“That’s okay,” Dan replied. “I’ll let you finish pleasuring yourself.”

After Alex had relieved his sexual urges, a conversation started. “The other night, when we were with Matt, I saw him give you something,” Dan said.

“Yeah, he did,” Alex said. He went over to a drawer and took out a pack of white pills. “Matt gave me some of his laxative pills. He wants me to do more diarrhea videos,” he explained.

“It was really hot when you had diarrhea that time,” Dan said. “I would love for you to have another bout of the runs, too. This time though, we should have diarrhea together. As I’ve told you before, I have never had diarrhea. But since I occasionally fantasize about having a really bad case of the runs, I’m willing to fulfill this dream.”

“That sounds like it would be a lot of fun!” Alex said.

“How about we do it tomorrow? I have an exam to study for tonight,” Dan said.

“Sounds good,” Alex replied.

Later that evening, Alex and Matt talked to each other via webcam.

“I’m going to make another diarrhea video tomorrow – and this time, Dan’s going to be part of it,” Alex told Matt.

“Great!” Matt exclaimed. “I look forward to seeing it!”

The next day, Dan and Alex laid out their plans for their night of induced diarrhea. “We’ll go to dinner, eat as much food as we can, take the laxatives, and wait for the fun to start,” Dan stated.

That evening, the duo headed to the dorm cafeteria, and gorged themselves on plate after plate of chicken, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and mixed veggies. After finishing their large meal, they each took one laxative pill. They then went back to their room, floor covered in plastic, buckets out, and cameras rolling. Everything was set for their night of induced diarrhea.

One hour passed.
“Do you feel anything yet?” Alex asked?
“Nope,” Dan replied, and their wait continued.

Another hour passed.
“I wonder which one of us will shit first,” Dan wondered aloud.As it turned out, the answer came sooner than they thought. Less than two and a half hours in, Dan showed clear signs of digestive distress.
“Oh Alex, I think I’m gonna blow!” he said. Dan promptly began to squat over his bucket. He let loose a few massive farts, and then – nothing.
“I think that was a false alarm,” Dan said with a smile. But that statement couldn’t be further from the truth.

Just seconds later, a few small, soft, mushy turds emerged from his butt. There was a one minute pause. And then – diarrhea, and lots of it! Brown liquid began to flow from Dan’s ass like a running faucet. The stench from the diarrhea was horrific, prompting Alex – still unaffected by the laxative – to open the window.

“Wow, Matt’s laxative pills worked like a charm!” Dan exclaimed.

Alex gazed at his roommate’s pure liquid shits, and felt a very familiar sensation – that of an growing erection. He took off his pants and began stroking his rock-hard cock as Dan continued to blast out waves of warm, liquified turds.

But Alex wouldn’t get to orgasm, as the laxatives began to work their magic on his bowels as well. With his pants already down, he dashed over to his bucket. Within seconds, Alex also began having the runs, sending waves of runny, near-liquid turds into the bucket.

“Doesn’t having diarrhea feel amazing?” Alex asked.

“Oh, yes!” Dan moaned in pleasure. “Having all this liquid come out of my ass feels so good! I have a boner right now, I almost want to cum!”

“I’m super horny too! Let’s masturbate together while we blast out all this liquid shit!” Alex excitedly said.

Dan and Alex began to stroke their erect penises while continuing to expel their diarrhea. They gave out moans of immense pleasure, combining the continued relief of their laxative-induced gastric distress with that of shit-induced sexual arousal.

Several minutes later, Alex climaxed with a mighty moan. Hot cum blasted from his penis as liquid shit poured from his ass. A minute later, Dan also achieved orgasm, producing his own large volume of cum.

The buckets under Dan and Alex continued to fill with diarrhea, while pools of cum piled up on the floor by their hard cocks. The duo spend over half an hour expelling wave after wave of barely-solid turds and warm liquid shit. Finally, the diarrhea stopped – first in Alex, then in Dan.

“Oh Alex,” Dan moaned in relief, “that was the most amazing shit experience I’ve ever had. All that diarrhea felt so good, I got so horny, I think I cummed twice.”

“I know,” Alex replied. “I thought diarrhea wouldn’t turn me on like our standard solid super-shits, but I found myself masturbating and cumming too!”

Dan and Alex’s diarrhea session produced incredible results. The super-sized buckets they each squatted over were almost completely filled with liquid shit. Floating on the top of the liquid was a layer of soft, mushy, turds. There was also the veggies and macaroni they had eaten earlier – they passed through almost completely undigested. There were corn kernels, peas, carrot bits, green beans, and broccoli stalks.

“All that diarrhea . . . it’s so hot!” Dan moaned, still clearly aroused by the experience. Sure enough, Dan began masturbating again to the end products. Alex, still very horny from the experience, followed his roommate’s lead. A few minutes later, Dan orgasmed again, spilling a large load of cum on the floor by his diarrhea bucket. Alex cummed too, spilling his load on the floor by his own bucket.

This was not the end of the duo’s night. As the laxatives continued to work, both Dan and Alex periodically had secondary bouts of diarrhea. With their original buckets filled, they emptied their bowels into a third large bucket. Over the next few hours, Dan and Alex alternated squatting over the third bucket when their urges hit, moaning in relief and arousal with each blast of warm liquid shit.

Finally, the laxatives wore off, having completed their task of thoroughly emptying Dan and Alex’s bowels. They had combined to fill three whole buckets with their diarrhea.

“That was so much fun,” Alex said.

Dan nodded in agreement, then added, “And we would have never done all this if we didn’t meet Matt. We should really be thanking him.”

“I’m already on it,” Alex responded as he worked at his computer. “We should definitely try and have diarrhea again one night.”

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