The Poop-ventures of Dan and Alex #3

Dan and Alex were now more than just roommates, they were now partners, sharing a common love of taking and wanking to huge shits. When they didn’t need to shit (or do homework for their college classes) Dan and Alex spent whole evenings masturbating together to photos and videos of guys taking shits of all types. Alex even agreed to record his huge dumps for Dan, who eventually uploaded them online for all to see.

One day Dan and Alex began casually talking about shit.

“How exactly did you get this fetish?” Alex asked.

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve been interesting in looking at and taking huge dumps,” Dan said. “I took my first foot-long dump at age 8 and clogged my first toilet with shit at 10. By the time I was 15, I stopped pooping in toilets altogether – my dumps were just too large for them! Even back then, they averaged over 2 inches wide and 3 feet long! My shits have just gotten bigger and bigger, in both length and thickness, since then!” Dan said. Alex noticed a bulge growing in Dan’s pants – it turned out simply talking about huge shits aroused him!

“Then when I hit puberty and became sexually active,” Dan continued, “my defecation fascination evolved into the full-blown sexual fetish I have today.”

“That’s amazing!” Alex exclaimed. “You’ve been into this sort of stuff almost your whole life! A month ago, I never imagined I would be taking huge shits, or finding sexual pleasure in watching and taking huge shits. I just dismissed anything that goes into a toilet as disgusting,” he continued.

“A lot of people are grossed out by shit, and it’s understandable,” Dan said as his erection subsided. “I mean, it comes out of your butthole, and you’re supposed to flush it down the toilet immediately afterward. In regards to fetishes, I think they’re buried inside all of us, waiting for a trigger to activate – it can be a fantasy or an actual event or action. For you, Alex, the fetish trigger was that huge dump you took in the toilet. Then, for full enjoyment of a fetish, you have to accept and embrace it, and you’ve certainly done a great job of that, Alex! You’re awesome when it comes to taking and jerking off to huge shits!”

Alex smiled at Dan’s assessments – it was quite accurate. He then changed the subject.

“Hey Dan,” Alex said, “have you ever had diarrhea?”

“No,” Dan said. “my shits have always been thick and firm. What about you?”

“I occasionally have diarrhea,” Alex said. “It happens if I eat too much Mexican food, Chinese food, salad greens, or veggies. If I eat enough at dinner, I’ll have the runs later that night – it almost goes straight through me!”

“Interesting,” Dan said. “In addition to my love of huge, solid shits, I get off just as well when someone has lots of diarrhea at once.”

“Are you suggesting . . .” Alex started, before Dan interrupted.

“I would love to see you with the runs,” Dan said with a big grin on his face. “Even better, tonight is Mexican food night at the cafeteria.”

Alex, ever eager to please his partner in shit-wanking, needed no further encouragement. “If its diarrhea you want, diarrhea you’re gonna get, and lots of it!”

That evening, both Alex and Dan binged on tacos and burritos at Mexican food night. The duo then went about their evening as normal, with Alex appearing to be in increasing distress as the night wore on. Eventually, Alex was reduced to laying on his bed in the fetal position, moaning and clutching his stomach, while his insides gurgled in serious distress.

It was well after midnight when Alex’s bowels finally got the best of him. “It’s happening!” Alex said. Dan rushed to get the camera started. Alex began to assume a squatting position over a large bucket. He pulled down his pants, and mere seconds later, a thin, nearly-liquid light brown stream shot from his ass, filling the bucket.

“That’s some amazing diarrhea,” Dan said. He too pulled down his pants, in his case to masturbate to the products of Alex’s severe gastric distress.

“Ohhhh . . .” Alex groaned in relief, as diarrhea blasted from his butt almost continuously for nearly two minutes, the large clear bowl filling up rapidly.

“That was nice,” Dan said while still masturbating, “you made so much, and the smell is so foul! It’s really turning me on!”

“Yeah,” Alex said, still hovering over the bowl and still in some level of discomfort. “Oh no! Here comes another wave of diarrhea!” True to his word, more blasts of liquid shit squirted from his behind. The horrid smell of partially-digested Mexican food diarrhea aroused Alex, and he soon sported an erection. This second wave of diarrhea, which lasted for nearly three minutes, was enough for Dan to climax. Moaning in orgasm, Dan’s hardened dick spilled a large load of cum on the floor.

“You’ve cummed already?” Alex asked in disappointment. “I still have so much more diarrhea in me!” Alex soon began a third diarrhea episode. Later, he had a fourth bout. Eventually, Alex had five huge waves of diarrhea, spending nearly 20 minutes hovering over Dan’s huge bucket. Dan wanked to his roommate’s liquid shit the entire time, cumming a second time during Alex’s fifth and final diarrhea wave.

“I’m surprised you didn’t cum,” Dan said to Alex afterward.

“The sensation isn’t the same,” Alex replied. “A thick, firm turd massages all the sensitive spots around my butthole, allowing me a hands-free orgasm. I can’t really cum, however, from having diarrhea.”

“I understand,” Dan responded. “Now, let’s see that bucket!”

The huge bucket was filled to the rim with light brown diarrhea, with the consistency of a thick milkshake. It was filled with fairly sizable chunks of undigested food – the result of Alex’s massive feeding frenzy passing through his entire digestive tract in less than eight hours. Alex recognized whole black beans, red and white chunks of tomatoes and onions from the salsa, and shreds of lettuce.

“You’re simply the best when it comes to taking shits!” Dan exclaimed. “It’s always so much, even when it’s the runs, and the smell is always amazingly foul!”

“I know,” Alex said. “Having all that diarrhea was really fun!”

The duo took lots of closeup photos, then cleaned up. Emptying the bucket of Alex’s diarrhea resulted in nearly a dozen flushes of the dorm bathroom toilet. Dan and Alex then went to bed, but they were both still extremely horny from their experience.

The next morning, Dan woke up. He instantly felt intense pressure inside his bowels. He knew exactly what this meant. “I gotta take another huge shit! This turd is begging to come out!” The urge of having to shit with such a huge turd resting just inside his butthole gave Dan an erection. Meanwhile, Alex set the camera up to record the bowel movement.

Just a few minutes later, Dan squatted down and began to defecate. He released a howl of sheer pleasure as the turd – over 3 inches in diameter – pushed open his butthole. Each push forced more and more of the massive shit out of Dan’s insides. Alex, still very horny from last night’s bout of diarrhea, began to masturbate to the sight and smell of Dan’s growing turd.

After squatting and shitting for nearly ten minutes, Dan reached orgasm, letting out a loud moan as hot cum shot from his erect cock. The sight of Dan climaxing in turn caused Alex to reach orgasm too, his hard dick emitting its own huge cumshot. Soon afterward, the last of Dan’s turd exited his body.

“Let’s see the damage,” Dan said, as Alex came over to inspect his huge shit. At its widest, Dan’s shit was three and a half inches in diameter, and it stretched over four feet long. It was a light brown color, speckled with the same bits of undigested beans, tomatoes, onions, and lettuce as Alex’s diarrhea.

“Just another average-sized dump for you,” Alex said with a grin, “not to mention it feels so good to cum first thing in the morning!”

“Yeah,” Dan said, “but it’s way better to both shit AND cum first thing in the morning!”

Dan and Alex shared a laugh over their shared fetish for defecation. They then cleaned up the massive shit and piles of cum on the floor, got dressed, and headed off to class.

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