The Poop-Ventures of Dan and Alex, #2

A few days had passed since Dan and Alex unexpectedly bonded over Alex’s love of taking huge shits and Dan’s love of watching them. One afternoon Dan returned to their dorm room. He was clutching his stomach.

“Oh, Alex,” he moaned, “I have to take such a HUGE shit right now! Could you do a favor for me, Alex?”

“Sure, what is it?” Alex inquired.

“I want you to take out the plastic cover that’s in my closet and cover the floor with it. I’ll set up everything else,” Dan replied.

Alex laid out the plastic sheeting as Dan requested. Meanwhile Dan set up a camera next to the plastic-covered floor area. “I’m going to record myself pooping on the floor,” Dan said.

“Why not in the toilet like everyone else?” Alex asked.

“This dump will likely be as big as the one you took the other day – if not larger!” Dan excitedly responded. “And we both know how well the toilet handled your massive shit! The plastic covering makes the shit – and cum – much easier to clean up,” Dan said.

“Do I have to watch you shit?” Alex asked.

“You don’t have to – but you can if you want to,” Dan responded. “Just sit behind the camera – I don’t want you blocking the view.”

Cool,” Alex said as he moved behind the camera. “I’m not really squeamish, it’s just I’m still a little uncomfortable watching someone relieve themselves.”

“That’s okay,” Dan said, “that’s something I had to get over too when I discovered this fetish.” He pulled down his pants, revealing his already-erect penis. “This dump I’m about to take is so huge, I’m horny just from the anticipation!” he said, as he pressed the record button on the camera.

Alex watched as Dan assumed a squatting position. Dan gave out a few farts, then started to moan.

“Ohhhhh . . .” Dan moaned, “it’s coming out!”

Dan’s butthole expanded greatly, followed by the first few inches of a huge, solid shit. Dan gave out loud moans of erotic ectasy as the massive turd massaged his sensitive butthole and prostate on its way out.

Alex made several mental notes as Dan continued to defecate. Dan’s turd appeared to be even wider than the dump he made a few days ago – possibly 4 inches wide! Not only that, it was over 2 feet long – and still growing in length! Adding to the surreal scene were Dan’s loud moans of spontaneous sexual pleasure – moans that would put even the best porn stars to shame. Alex was amazed at his roommate’s ability to make huge dumps. He also noticed a growing bulge in his pants – watching Dan shit was turning him on! Fascinated and aroused, Alex continued to watch Dan push out his massive turd.

Nearly 15 minutes after the first push, Dan was still forcing out inch after inch of thick, solid shit.

“I’m almost emptied out,” Dan said. Just seconds later, he moaned, “I’m going to cum!” Seconds later, Dan climaxed with a loud moan. Massive amounts of thick, white cum shot from his fully hardened dick. Dan’s cumshot coincided with a final push that forced the last few inches of shit from his butthole, which remained gaped open for nearly a minute before closing. Meanwhile, Alex had to excerise a large amount of willpower to keep from cumming himself!

Dan then turned to the camera. “Let’s see the final product – and how huge it is!” Reaching behind Alex, he grabbed a ruler from his desk.

Dan’s shit was indeed a masterpiece. Measuring its dimensions with the ruler, Dan found his turd was almost 4 inches in diameter (as Alex had suspected). Length-wise, his poop was over 5 feet long – nearly twice as long as Alex’s shit from the other day. The turd was a rich, medium-light shade of brown. It was dotted with bits of undigested food – peanuts, corn kernals, shreds of salad greens and little pieces of other veggies. Dan hovered over his shit and cumshot for over two minutes, giving his online fans every possible angle of his work of bodily function art.

“Now that felt AMAZING!” Dan exclaimed to. He waved “goodbye” to the camera before turning it off. “So, Alex, how did you enjoy my shit?” he asked.

“I . . . I literally can’t describe it,” Alex replied in amazement while adjusting his pants to hide the erection-induced bulge in his pants. “I had no idea someone could hold that much shit in their body.”

“You can see it for yourself up close now,” Dan said, “the camera’s off.”

Alex took the opportunity to get up close to Dan’s massive shit. He almost put his face into the huge turd, taking in the sights and inhaling the foul odor Dan’s shit emitted. As Alex engrossed himself in his roommate’s enormous turd, memories of the huge dump from the other day entered his mind. The combination of observing Dan’s shit and the thoughts surrounding his own huge turd proved to be a big turn-on for Alex. He pulled down his pants, finally revealing his erection. “The combination of seeing your huge shit with the memories of my own huge shit from the other day is making me so horny!” Alex exclaimed as he began to masturbate. “I never imagine I would be masturbating to someone else’s shit!”

“That’s great!” Dan replied. “I guess we officially share the same fetish now!” He looked down at his still-erect cock. “I’m going to masturbate with you. I’m still super horny from that massive shit I just took.”

The two roommates had known each other for barely a week. Now they were masturbating together to a huge pile of shit.

“Oh yes,” Alex moaned. “I think I’m going to cum soon!”

“Hold on,” Dan replied, “let’s cum together!”

About two minutes later, Alex reached orgasm, releasing a massive amount of cum onto the plastic-covered floor. Seconds later, Dan also ejaculated, creating an equally massive cumshot. The duo then went to their individual beds, still admiring Dan’s huge turd and content in fulfilling their rather kinky sexual appetites.

After a few minutes, Dan and Alex began to clean up their room. Later that evening, they reflected on their experience.

“That was fun,” Alex said. “I never knew shit would make me so horny. We should do this more often.”

“It was great to finally have someone to share my love of shit with,” Dan said. “We’re going to have a lot of fun together, I know it.”

Alex didn’t respond, but did smile at Dan. He was already dreaming about his next huge turd.

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