The Poop-Ventures of Dan and Alex, #11 (FINAL PART!)

The end of the school year was fast approaching. For Dan, Alex, and the thousands of other students on their university campus, it was a hectic time. Some students crammed in all-night study sessions in the libraries, while others all but locked themselves in their dorm rooms and apartments, attempting to refresh their minds on the many subjects they had studied.

Dan and Alex, however, weren’t quite like the other students. Sure, they did take their academics seriously and performed okay in the classes. But the two roommates were preparing to “study” for a different kind of “final.” They were planning a year-end “Megaturd Party,” to be held on the final day of classes. They were planning to hold in their dumps for the entire week of final exams. Then on the last night, they would see who could create the biggest turds. It was the biggest challenge yet for the two.

Amazingly, the Megaturd Party was all Alex’s idea, the dirty product of what had, before the start of the year, was one of the cleanest minds around. Dan, of course, consented to the idea, and they had even invited their mutual shitting buddy, the chronically constipated Matt, to participate in one last shitting meetup before everyone went their separate ways for the summer.

All during the week of final exams, Dan, Alex, and Matt stuffed themselves with massive amounts of food. Extra-large breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and late-night meals filled their stomachs, turning into the massive turds they hoped to create. The friends had to not only focus on their important tests, but on attempting to creating the biggest megaturds they had ever made.

As the week dragged on, a third major concern came into play – holding the massive amounts of shit inside their bodies until the Megaturd Party. Naturally, this task got progressively harder as time passed. For Dan and Alex, holding in their shit was half the fun. The two enjoyed the sensation of huge turds sitting just inches inside their asses. They loved the massive, foul-smelling farts they passed. Most of all, though, the three friends loved how the growing megaturds squeezed their sensitive prostates, causing their occasionally-erect cocks to drip precum. Making megaturds had become more than just a fun activity for the three – it was literally a means of sexual release.

Finally, the night of the Megaturd Party had arrive. Dan and Alex, having completed the last of their exams, waited in their dorm room for Matt to arrive. “There is so much shit packed in my bowels, I can’t hold it in much longer!” Dan exclaimed. He looked down at his pants, where a huge bulge indicated his megaturd holding-induced erection, as well as a considerable wet spot where precum had soaked through.

“I’ve never been full of so much shit before,” Alex replied. “It feels absolutely incredible!”

Matt soon arrived at Dan and Alex’s room. “Hey guys, I’ve haven’t seen you two in a while! The megaturds are still coming out, though, as you guys have often told me,” he said. “I had over a week’s head start on you guys though! I have two weeks worth of massive, super-hard constipated turds inside me! I can’t wait to see what comes out of us!”

The guys were now assembled, their stuffed bowels ready to release massive shits. After some consideration, Dan decided to take the plunge and defecate first. He squatted down in front of Alex and Matt. He first pushed out a series of huge farts, each lasting longer than five seconds. Then, the turd began to poke out. Each of Dan’s pushes caused his asshole to open wider, revealing more of the turd. Eventually, a 4.5 inch-wide shit began to slowly fall from Dan’s ass. As was often the case, Dan’s megaturd immensely pleasured him, causing him to moan wildly as clear precum streamed from his erect cock. The turd hit the floor while continuing to snake from Dan’s butt. Dan’s dump looked to be nearly 5 feet long before finally snapping. The end of the turd coincided with a massive anal orgasm from Dan.

As massive as that turd was, it was only the first one. Almost immediately after Dan finished his first shit, a second turd, as wide as the first one, made its way out of Dan’s ass. Dan continued to groan in a divine combination of pleasure and pain – he had never pushed out a shit so wide, but it felt amazing! Meanwhile, Alex and Matt looked on at the defecating Dan, each with visible erections.

After three enormous dumps, Dan’s asshole was left gaping. This made the fourth turd, which was slightly thinner at a mere 4 inched in diameter, very easy for Dan to push out. In fact, it wasn’t pushed out as much as it just slid out of Dan’s stretched ass by the force of its own weight. It stretched to over 4 feet in length. Remarkably, a fifth massive turd followed after the fourth one. It was the smallest one Dan made, yet was still nearly 4 inches wide and over 3 feet long. A final, intense orgasm – marked by a flood of white cum squirting from his cock- signaled the end of Dan’s enormous bowel movement. In total, Dan had produced nearly 20 feet of thick, firm, dark brown turds.

It was now Alex’s turn to show what his bowels had stockpiled over the week. He assumed a squatting position, and began preparing his asshole for the coming megaturd. Like Dan, Alex began his session with numerous loud, pungent farts. Then, his asshole dilated to allow a 4 inch wide turd to peek out. Alex moaned in intense sexual pleasure as he pushed out inch after inch of thick, brown shit, his penis also releasing a steady stream of precum. The turd grew to over 4 feet long before snapping off and falling to the floor. After a few more farts, Alex began pushing out a second turd. It was just as long and thick as the first turd. It was in the process of passing the second turd that Alex had an orgasm. Finally, Alex released a third turd that was slightly thinner and shorter as the second. It was still over 3 and a half inches wide and over 3 feet long. After the third turd, Alex remained in the squatting position as he experienced a second anal orgasm, moaning while ejaculating his own stream of fresh cum. After a minute, he returned to standing upright.

“Whew, that was a lot of shit!” Alex exclaimed. “But I have so much more inside me!” As he said that, Alex returned to the squatting position, blew a few farts, and began his second round of shitting. This time, there was a distinct contrast in the consistency of Alex’s shit. While his first round of turds were long, thick and firm, this cycle consisted of loose turds and diarrhea. Alex’s loose, runny shit began to collect in a pile on the floor. As he pushed out more diarrhea, the pile grew taller and wider. Dan and Matt looked in amazement as Alex continuously defecated loose shit for nearly 10 minutes. Finally, Alex finished shitting. On the floor were two distinct shit piles. The first was the set of megaturds Alex had created – nearly a dozen feet of thick, firm, light brown turds. The second was Alex’s diarrhea, collected in a huge pile nearly 6 inches high, 2 feet in diameter, and in the same shade of light brown. As always, Alex’s turds and diarrhea pile were stuffed with undigested foods, acting as multicolored decorations in the otherwise plain brown shit. Clearly visible in Alex’s dumps were corn kernals, peas, carrot chunks, beans, peanut pieces, tomato, onion and cucumber chunks, sesame seeds, and shreds of lettuce and spinach.

Finally, it was Matt’s turn to shit. Dan and Alex generally agreed that Matt’s dump would be the largest – after all, he ate the most and was very badly constipated. “Your turds are going to look puny compared to what I’m about to push out!” Matt boasted as he laid down, his back to the floor. Matt began to push his bowels to release their huge load, but for nearly 10 minutes nothing came out, except for some farts. Finally, his ass expanded enough to let a 4 inch-wide, rock-hard ball of shit to escape. Over the next 15 minutes, Matt squeezed out over a dozen large shit pebbles. Matt moaned with each passing rock-hard shit. Eventually, the pebbles stopped coming, replaced by a nearly 4 inch wide shit. Only a few inches of this potential megaturd were visible, and it was obvious that Matt would not be able to push the rest out on his own – an all-too-familiar predicament caused by his severe chronic constipation.

“Dan, Alex, could one of you guys help me? I need one of you to grab my constipated mega-shit and pull it out of my ass,” Matt said. Alex then volunteered to come over and assist Matt in defecating. Alex firmly grasped the leading edge of Matt’s turd in his right hand.

“Good – you grabbed it,” Matt said. “Now pull on the turd gently as I push out.” With Alex as a shit midwife, Matt once again began to push. Not long afterward, Matt gave out an intense moan and his arms and legs began trembling. The widest part of his megaturd had peaked out of his ass, and it caused him to have an intense anal orgasm! Alex looked in amazement at the turd he was pulling from Matt’s butt – it was over 6 inches in diameter, easily the widest turd any of the three had ever produced! Dan, who was sitting on the bed, looked at Matt’s massive dump-in-progress, and was so turned on by the sight that he had a spontaneous orgasm!

Alex continued to pull inch after inch of Matt’s constipated megaturd out – it soon grew to over 5 feet in length, and was well over 6 inches in diameter. It was a very dark brown, almost black in color, was rock-hard, and very knobby. The lumpy texture added to the intense sensations Matt felt as the turd exited. “Holy fuck this feels incredible,” he moaned between megaturd-induced orgasms. After nearly 30 minutes, Alex pulled the last of Matt’s super-dump out, marked by yet another huge orgasm, this time with a fountain of cum squirting from Matt’s cock. The final turd was over 8 feet long and nearly 7 inches in diameter!

“Oh, thank you, Alex,” Matt said, his body still recovering from the huge turd he had just given birth to. “The rest should be pretty easy,” he said, getting up and changing into a squatting position – but not before showing Dan and Alex his wrecked asshole, which now had a over 6 inch wide gape. As Matt himself predicted, the massive gape in his ass allowed him to push out a second turd – this one over 5 feet long and nearly 6 inches wide, and hard and knobby – with little effort. The third and fourth turds, each just over 5 inches wide, simply slid out of his ass, and with that, Matt completed emptying his bowels. On the ground there was over 20 feet of thick, hard, knobby turds.

Together, Dan, Alex, and Matt looked around at their collective work. The three had filled the relatively small room with simply massive amounts of shit. “We made so much shit together,” Dan said.

“Yeah it was fun,” Alex replied. “I figured it would be great to have one last get-together before we leave school for the summer and go our separate ways.” The last sentence evoked sighs from Dan and Matt. They were well aware this was likely the last time they would shit for each other in person.

Alex, looking at Dan and Matt, then said, “It’s been a great year though. I never imagined that I would be into something so dirty, but doing it with you two has really helped me embrace this fetish. It’s been a very fun and exciting experience, and I’m very thankful for it.”

Dan was also feeling reflective. “I’ve been into taking huge dumps since I was a teenager. I knew that there were others like me, but I never thought I would actually meet a fellow shit fetishist. Then you two came along, Alex and Matt. You two have really caught on to this. It’s been very nice to have friends who share in my love of massive dumps.”

Matt also added his thoughts on their friendship. “I’ve been struggling with severe constipation since early childhood. I hated being so badly constipated, not pooping for up to two weeks at a time. I hated having to use laxatives and enemas to help me shit, when everyone else can poop with no help. Most of all, I used to dread having to shit, because I knew it would be extremely difficult and very painful, even with assistance. Now, I’ve mostly overcome my fear of shitting. Don’t get me wrong – my dumps have not gotten any easier to pass, I often still need help to shit, and pooping usually still hurts, but I’ve learned to find the pleasure from shitting. I actually love being constipated all the time now, and look forward to making my thick, hard, knobby megaturds. Thank you Dan and Alex.”

The three then cleaned up the massive mess they made. Afterward, an idea popped into Alex’s head.

“You know, we should really keep in close contact with each other,” Alex said.

“That’s a great idea,” Dan said, with Matt nodding in agreement. “We already have each other’s e-mail addresses. Let’s promise to continue to share our adventures in shitting. Shake on it?”

Dan, Alex, and Matt engaged in a three-way handshake. No matter what happened, or how far apart the three may be physically separated, they were destined to be shitting friends forever. This set of “Poop-ventures” might be ending, but a whole new set of stories were sure to be written.


Thanks for reading the series! 🙂

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