The Poop-Ventures of Dan and Alex, #10

It was a typical Friday afternoon, and Dan and Alex were in their dorm room, having finished their classes for the week. The first signs of spring were visible all across their college campus. The snow that had accumulated over the winter was melting, and the trees and flowers were beginning to sprout. Meanwhile, Dan and Alex were busy hatching their next dirty adventure.

“I have two days of massive shits inside me, and I want to hold in for another day – after another huge feeding frenzy, of course!” Dan told Alex. “In fact, I have something special planned for tomorrow – a field trip of sorts, where we can have all the dirty fun we want!”

“That sounds like that would be hot! I can’t wait!” Alex replied.

Soon afterward, the duo binged at the dorm cafeteria, filling their stomachs and in turn, charging their bowels for their Saturday adventure. After the two returned to their room, Dan held his stomach and laid on his bed.

“What’s wrong, Dan? Can’t hold it in until tomorrow?” Alex said in a teasing manner.

“I’m okay, I just have to fart badly!” Dan replied. “Come closer, Alex! Smell these monster farts!” Alex stood by, leaning his head close to Dan’s butt. Seconds later, Dan began to blow huge farts from his ass, almost directly into Alex’s face. Dan’s farts, as they often did, smelled extremely foul, but Alex inhaled them anyway. For over ten minutes, Dan farted uncontrollably. By the end, Alex was almost overcome in the pungent odors arising from his roommate’s behind.

“Oh, that felt so good!” Dan said after passing the final fart.

“That was incredible,” Alex said, lost in a haze of arousal induced by his roommate’s flatulence. He had gotten extremely horny smelling Dan’s farts, imagining the pounds of thick, long megaturds stored inside Dan’s hot ass, begging for release. Alex was spouting a erection visible through his pants, and was fighting the urge to masturbate on the spot. It proved to be a moot point – seconds later, Alex moaned in spontaneous orgasm! There was a visible and growing wet spot on his pants as cum leaked from his rock-hard cock.

“I love how you’ve gotten so dirty,” Dan replied as he saw Alex caught in orgasmic bliss. “I remember how at the beginning of the year, you had to open the windows during my farting spells. Now you’re inhaling my pure, untainted flatulence and getting off on it! You’re amazing, Alex.”

The next morning, the duo got up and ate breakfast as usual. They then walked to the parking lot, where Dan’s car was parked. “Time for our special trip, Alex. Let’s ride!” Dan got in the driver’s seat, while Alex got in on the passenger side. Dan then drove off campus, outside town, and well into the rural area. As the drive progressed, the two both felt an increasing urge to defecate. Dan’s bowels, filled with three days worth of turds, caused his stomach to distend. The massive volume of shit waiting for release pressed on his sensitive prostate, giving him a boner that occasionally dripped precum, as evidenced by a growing wet spot on his pants. Meanwhile a heavy load of shit sat in Alex’s bowels, and he wasn’t sure whether the end result would be megaturds or diarrhea. In addition, Dan and Alex each released a series of massive farts throughout their journey, filling the car with their foul flatulence and requiring that the car windows be rolled down.

Eventually, after over a hour of driving, the duo’s car pulled into a parking lot next to a forested area. “We’re here Alex. Today we’ll be taking our dumps surrounded by nature,” Dan said. The duo then got out of the car and walked into the forest. Every step was a struggle, not because of the sunny, warm weather or the terrain – it was the pressure of the massive shit loads building in their bowels, pushing for release, making them excessively horny. After another half-hour of walking, Dan and Alex reached a small, secluded clearing in the woods. Since it was far from the marked trails, their risk of being discovered by passing strangers was slim.

“Now it’s time to get dirty, Alex, and I have to shit so bad!” Dan said as he took off his pants and underwear. Dan was still extremely horny from the massive turds waiting to exit his ass, his cock fully erect and leaking precum. Alex also removed his pants and underwear.

“I really have to shit too, and I have to shit now!” Alex replied. He ran over to a tree and hugged it for support as he squatted. A few seconds later, Alex released a massive fart, then began to defecate loose, creamy shit with the consistency of pudding. The shit began to pile up on the soft forest soil, spreading wider as the shit increased in volume. Meanwhile, the spring breeze brought the foul odors of Alex’s farts and diarrhea directly to Dan.

Alex defecated continuously for nearly five minutes, with Dan watching closely and recording the moment for future enjoyment. Dan’s pre-existing horniness, combined with the sights and smells of his roommate pushing out sloppy shit, caused Dan to cum hands-free.

When Alex eventually finished shitting, he and Dan examined the massive pile of sloppy shit that was produced. It stood over six inches high, and was spread out in a circle over two feet in diameter. The pile was generally a light-brown color, but contained a array of different-colored specks. The specks were markings of all the unchewed and undigested salad greens and veggies Alex enjoyed – corn kernels, peas, carrot bits, tomatoes, lettuce and spinach shreds, beans, and much more! “Your shitpile is so hot!” Dan said. “It’s even hotter with all the undigested food bits – you might end up growing a farm in the middle of this forest with all these veggie bits!”

“Now it’s my turn,” Dan said. He went over to a tree several yards away from where Alex made his shitpile and assumed a squatting position. Dan struggled for a minute, before a massive, four inch-wide megaturd began to emerge from his ass. Dan moaned as each push brought out a few more inches of his huge shit. Even though Dan had an orgasm a few minutes earlier while watching Alex shit, Dan’s defecation still gave him immense sexual pleasure, and precum still dripped from his cock like a faucet. The firm, dark brown turd slowly, gently fell to the ground, and looked to be over three feet long. Finally, the tail end of the turd slipped from Dan’s ass. It was over four feet long, and was accompanied by a loud, orgasmic moan from Dan.

“That was Wednesday’s megaturd,” Dan said afterward, referring to the first day he held in his shit. “Here comes Thursday.” His asshole stretched again to let another four inch wide turd out of his ass. It too eventually stretched stretched all the way to the ground. When the second turd ended, a third turd pushed out of Dan’s now-gaping ass. “And’s here’s Friday,” he moaned as the third and final turd made its way from his bowels. Alex, enjoying the show, masturbated to his friend’s megaturd production, eventually climaxing midway through Dan’s third turd.

Eventually, Dan finished defecating. Just then, a tremendous orgasm took over Dan. He fell with his back to the ground, moaning in pleasure. His entire body trembled uncontrollably. His fully erect penis twitched while sending out several squirts of hot white cum. For nearly a minute, Dan was wrapped in an ultimate pleasure unlike any he had experienced in his life to that point. After Dan’s super-orgasm subsided, Alex checked in on Dan’s condition.

“Dan, are you okay? It almost looked like you were having a seizure,” Alex told Dan.

“I’m fine Alex,” Dan replied. “I just had the biggest orgasm in my life. It was absolutely incredible!”

Dan laid on the ground for another minute, then stood up. The two then examined Dan’s work. The results of Dan’s huge shit, as always, were mind-blowing: three massive, firm turds, each over four feet in length, and decorated with bits of undigested veggies, lay on the ground. Next to the megaturds sat a massive pool of Dan’s precum.

“Impressive as usual, and very hot!” Alex said.

“I know, right?” Dan replied. “And you know the best part of taking a mega-dump in the forest? You don’t have to clean up afterward – nature will take care of it!”

The duo smiled, impressed at their work. They then put their underwear and pants back on, and made their way out of the forest. You can say that both Dan and Alex really enjoyed their field trip!

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