The Poop-ventures of Dan and Alex, #1

Roommates Dan and Alex were enjoying their first days living together at the college dorms. They especially enjoyed the all-you-can eat cafeteria buffets. One day Alex ate an especially large amount of food. He knew exactly what was going to happen next. “Dan, I have to go to the toilet. I have to take a huge dump,” he said.

Alex went to the toilet and entered the last stall at the end. He sat down on the toilet and began to push. It was VERY tough going . . . he knew this was an extremely wide poop. After nearly five minutes of straining, the huge turd finally peaked out of his butthole, resulting in a slutty moan from Alex.

Each subsequent push resulted in a few inches of this huge, firm shit leaving Alex’s body. As he pushed, something weird happened. Alex began having an erection. The sensation of the huge turd massaging his virgin-tight asshole and slamming on his sensitive prostate made Alex horny to no end. Alex continued to push this huge shit out for several minutes – it seemed as if it would never end. Meanwhile, he emitted moans of immense pleasure with each push as his body pushed ever closer to orgasm.

Finally, Alex climaxed. He gave a massive moan that everyone in the bathroom could hear – thankfully, no one else was in there. He felt at least half a dozen waves of hot cum shoot from his fully erect, 9 inch long cock. Meanwhile, the last of the turd exited his butt. Alex wiped, got up, and then turned around to look at his work. The turd was wider than a soda can – it appeared to be about 3 inches in diameter. It was hard to measure its true length – it reached from past the drain hole, up the bowl, broke the surface of the water, then tapered off at the rim – Alex figured it was at least 2 feet of solid turd, likely closer to 3 feet. Regardless of the true length, it was the largest dump he had ever created. The shit itself was speckled with yellow corn kernels, green peas, and orange bits of carrots – all from last night’s massive dinner binge. Alex smiled at the bits of unchewed veggies in his massive shit – partially the result of his (admittedly) poor chewing.

As Alex looked at, smelled, and thought about his massive dump, he got super horny again. With his pants still down, he started masturbating, furiously stroking his long, thick penis. Not long afterward, Alex had a second orgasm, this time unloading his massive cumshot in the toilet next to his huge shit. Finally, Alex flushed the toilet. The water swirled around the bowl and drain. His second cumshot was flushed away, but his poop was too massive to be affected. Excited about his work, Alex ran back to his dorm room.

“How was your dump?” Dan asked as Alex entered.

“It was amazing – it was so huge, it wouldn’t flush!” Alex exclaimed.

“Really? I’ve got to see this!” Dan said. Alex and Dan then both left their room and went to the toilets. Alex showed Dan the huge turd he made.
“Wow!” Dan said. “I can’t believe all that came out of you! It’s such a massive shit – thick, long, and stuffed with veggie bits as well!”
As Dan admired Alex’s shit, Alex looked at Dan and noticed something odd – Dan had pulled down his pants, revealing an impressive, 9 inch long boner. Alex was shocked! Not only was Dan as well-hung as he was, Dan had become aroused from simply looking at his huge dump. Dan, you have a boner! Did you just get horny from looking at my shit? That’s pretty perverted!” Alex said.

Dan laughed. “Ok, you’ve got me. I’ll be honest with you – shit turns me on. I enjoy looking at huge dumps. I fantasize about taking huge dumps. And when I do take a huge dump, I get so horny I usually cum – and I don’t even have to touch myself. But what arouses me most of all is actually watching a guy shit. I simply love watching shit come out of dudes’ buttholes. I usually record myself pooping, and then masturbate to the video later. I even upload some of my videos to fetish websites.”

“That kinda sounds gay,” Alex replied. “And who wants to watch a dude shit?”

“First,” Dan responded, “I don’t consider myself gay. I have no interest in sexual relationships with other men, nor do I find men sexually attractive. I guess since shit is a natural bodily function, it rises above sexual orientation. Second, there are many people like me – male, female, gay and straight – who get off to watching the fine art of human defecation.”

“That’s interesting – it’s definitely not anything you learn in high school sex ed class,” Alex said. Dan nodded in agreement. “One more thing,” Alex continued, “I kinda have a confession to make. When I took that huge dump, I got so horny I came. It was a totally hands-free orgasm. I made this.” Alex pointed to a large pile of white goo on the floor near the toilet, the cumshot from his orgasmic shit. “Later,” Alex continued, “when I looked at my dump, I got horny again and masturbated to a second orgasm. That cumshot got flushed down the toilet, though.”

Dan failed to respond – as it turns out, he had started to masturbate to the sight of Alex’s huge shit. A few minutes later, Dan reached orgasm, relasing a large amount of cum onto the floor next to Alex’s original cum pile. “It’s amazing that we both get off on taking huge shits,” Dan said afterward, as he used some toilet tissue to wipe both his and Alex’s cumshots off the bathroom floor. “I had no idea we would have that in common.” Dan and Alex both looked again at the huge turd laying in the toilet.

“Well, I guess we’ll leave this shit for the cleaning crew,” Dan said.

“I’m sure they’re used to us college students leaving toilet-cloggers like these,” Alex replied.

Dan and Alex laughed and smiled as they left the bathroom together, heading back to their dorm room.

“You know what, Dan?” Alex said, “I don’t have a problem with your fetish. In fact, I’m willing to shit for you, since that’s what you love – and since it turns out I can get off on taking shits too.”

“Really? That’s awesome!” Dan exclaimed. “I thick we are really going to enjoy our time together,” he said as the duo reentered their dorm room.

It really was going to be an interesting school year.

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