The Pleasures of Summer Camp

One evening as a teen, I knew that I was going to be home alone. My sister had a date, and my parents were out. Board and with nothing to do, I thought about the things I did for fun when I was younger.

I remembered back when I was a kid attending a day summer camp in the Malibu Mountains. It was a hot California summer day. I remember having to pee really bad. I was walking to a restroom in the blistering hot sun. Walking hurriedly past the camp’s creek, I watched some older boys pulling some girls fully clothed into the water. It looked like it was so much fun. They all stood in the waist deep creek water and splashed each other. It was so hot, the camp counselors seemed to be OK with all of the creek frolicking.

I watched just burning to pee. I thought about my options. The restroom was so far away. I began to wonder how refreshing it would be to just wade into the waist deep creek water like the other kids and then pee in my clothes. I thought; “No one would ever know, and it would be way more fun than peeing in a restroom.” Just thinking about it made my heart pound. I stood there watching the kids splashing in the creek until I could hold my pee no more. Suddenly I uncontrollably leaked a little spurt of pee into my underwear. It felt nice, warm, and wet. I nervously looked around to see if anyone was watching me. I looked down to make sure no wetness was showing. I did not want anyone to know that I had just peed a spurt in my jeans (and liked it).

Standing there still burning to pee I nervously let go another little pressure relieving spurt. This time my warm pee saturated my underwear. I looked down to see a dark shinny wet spot at the tip of my shaft. Warm wet pee had pushed to the surface of my jeans and began to seep down into my crotch. Now there was no hiding my wet spot. I knew that I was in trouble now. I ran behind the boathouse to hide my wetness. Buy the time I reached my hiding spot, warm pee had begun to seep down my inner thighs. It felt so good, and yet was so, so, naughty. Looking around, I was alone. I was burning to finish peeing, and figuring that my crotch was pee soaked anyway, I just let go, flooding my underwear with warm wet pee.

I watched as shinny warm pee flowed down my thighs and dripped onto the ground. The weird thing was that peeing in my clothes made me erect (which was new to me). When I finally finished, my blue jeans were completely soaked with pee. Not wanting to be found out, I stepped into the soft mud and waded into the creek. The water felt so good against my hot and sweaty fully clothed body. The creek had been warmed from the blistering sun. The water felt so good and refreshing that I submerged myself up to my neck. It was like taking a warm bath with your clothes on. As I waded across the creek, I felt my jeans and long sleeved shirt flapping against my body in the creek’s current. I told everyone watching me on the shoreline that I was hot and wanted to cool off. I even pulled in a few girls that dared me to. I had so much fun, and none of the kids or counselors knew what I was doing. As the summer moved on, every time I needed to pee at summer camp, I would find a secluded spot, flood my underwear with wet warm pee, then wade into the creek, completely soaking my clothes to keep my new obsession a secret.

So there I was, board with nothing to do. My parent’s were out and my sister was making ready for her date. I decided that tonight I would re-live some “Bad Boy” badness. I thought about how fun it would be to tank up with water and flood my fully clothed body with wet, warm, pee. I became erect just thinking about it. I drank as much cola as I could and watched some TV so pass the time. By the end of the TV show I had to pee so bad I was burning at the tip. I thought I could wait until my sister left. Minutes felt like hours while I waited. The need to pee became overwhelming. I decided that I could wait no longer. Running into the bathroom, I stood in front of a mirror. Fully erect, I struggled to let go a flooding pee spurt. Finally, I let go a spurt. Warm wet pee soaked to the surface of my jeans. I watched as the shinny wetness soaked down my shaft, It felt just as good as I had remembered. Unfortunately my fun, it did not last long. Suddenly there was knocking at the front door.

My sister upstairs started yelling for me to answer the front door. I ran out of the bathroom and threw on my old knee length Army jacket. I needed to hide my wet crotch. Opening the Front Door, it was my sister’s date. Burning to finish peeing I yelled for my sister to hurry. Impatiently waiting at the door, I began to feel warm pee from my first pee spurt slowly seeping down my inner thighs. Burning to just let go, I struggled trying to hold back, from flooding my underwear with pee. I strained to made small talk until my sister and her date left. Closing the Front Door, I could hold back no longer. I began uncontrollably streaming spurts of wet pee into my underwear. I ran past the bathroom and out into the backyard. Outside on the grass I finally let go, flooding my underwear with warm wet pee. It so reminded me of the fun I had at summer camp. Finished, I happily walked back toward the house with my shinny pee soaked jeans flapping against my legs.

Walking past our Jacuzzi, I dipped my hand the water. The warm water felt so good that I stepped down onto the seat. Warm Jacuzzi water flooded my jeans to my knees. Stepping deeper, the warm water crept up my thighs and touched my crotch. Deciding that I had to go for a full soaking, I turned on the jets. I then submerged my fully clothed body, jacket and all in the warm bubbly water. I was so erect that I disrobed in the Jacuzzi and let the jets blast me. I instantly shot my wad. That whole experience changed me forever.

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  1. Soaking your shoes and socks are all part of the “unplanned wetting experience.” I regularly take long walks in the wetlands nearby my home. When walking through those wetlands, I always wear zip-up water boots. They are comfortable to walk in, both wet or dry. The last thing you want to experience after the pleasures of warm pee and swimming fully clothed, is walking back home with open blisters on your feet.

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