The perfect way to start my day

The suction cup keeps my dildo firmly secured to the tile wall.
I like to wake up to a hot cup of coffee, a hot shower, and a hot, hard pounding. The coffee waits for me outside the curtain as I relax under the steamy downpour, wetting my hair as I rub my “big clito”. I feel the urge for a shit.

My eyes fix on the 8″ dildo and I’m instantly horny; the perfect size for my hungry ass on this early morning. I back up against the wall and spread my ass cheeks, reaching back to ease the lube covered dildo into me. Slowly, I push backwards, feeling every inch slide into me. Leaning over, I grasp onto the temperature controls of my shower and begin thrusting myself on the cock, feeling it rub against my “G-spot”. A sweet aroma of shit fills the shower. I pull out and look at my toy. Entirely covered of fecal matter, I instinctively kneel down to suck it. The heavy coat pleases my lips, tongue and taste buds for minutes.

I turn around to resume the fucking in a faster, harder rhythm. Hot water beats down on my shoulders and back as I feel myself getting closer and closer to climax. Finally, I push myself all the way down on the anal toy until I feel those balls hitting my own. My anal sphincter clenching the dildo; I hold on tight the controls as my body spasms, shooting long shots of cum.

A few seconds to compose myself, I slowly give a few more thrusts. Then pulling away; I contemplate my dildo covered of shit again. I give it a few licks, cleaning the head of the cock.
Aaah… The perfect way to start my day!

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  1. definitely a great way to start the day, even better would be me behind you and you shitting on my cock. I guess that’s a whole story in itself. great story brother and keep writing them !!

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