The Peepoo Tree Part 4

The two woke up and got up for work, Troy wearing a black business suit, Reika also wore a black business suit too (She wore black business pants, shirt and black peep toe cone heels). Troy then asked Reika something “I noticed something…you always put on nail polish of the color of your clothes” “Is it weird?” Reika wondered “No I was just curious, that’s all” Said Troy ” but your finger and toe nails are…very pretty…” Troy commented “Oh!…Th-Thank you…That’s nice of you…” Reika responded “Now lets go to work, Otherwise Mr. Pine will scold us” Troy suggested “Ok” Reika responded. And the two headed of to work, but on arrival, Reika had to go, but since it wasn’t to big, she ignored it and followed Troy to the office. “Troy! How was your vacation?” Mr. Pine asked “Not to bad” He responded, “And…Reika…do you plan to act like a senseless two year old today again…!?” Mr. Pine asked very grumpily, “Eep!” Reika reacted as she dripped some pee from her pants “Reika?! You’re already starting again?!” “No sir! You scared her, of course she may wet herself from that” Troy said, “hmm…fine…I’ll let that one slide since it wasn’t big, but do that in the bathroom ok?” Mr. Pine asked, “Y-Yes sir” Reika said stumbling on her words. Troy and Reika decided to work together in the same room so Troy could monitor Reika so she doesn’t make and big accidents in her pants. “Reika, can you get the papers from there please?” Troy asked “Ok” Reika responded, but as she got up, her pants fell down exposing her black panties “Eek!” Reika squealed as everyone looked at her panties. Reika turned red and couldn’t move about to pee and poo, but before she did, Troy saved her, “Sorry, nothing to see here, stop looking at her, I don’t think you would like it if this were you” Shouted Troy, and everyone looked back at their computer monitors. “What is going on here?” Mr. Pine asked until…”Reika?! Why are you pants on the ground with your panties exposed?!” He yelled, Reika jumped and again was about to pee and poo but Troy saved her again “Sir, she was just getting me my papers and then her pants just fell off, its my fault, not hers” Troy said, “Hmm…alright then, but buy that girl a belt please” Mr Pine asked “Yes sir…” Troy said, but as he walked away, Troy also said “…But I won’t”. Troy then looked at Reika “I’m…sorry” Reika said reaching for her pants, “Its ok, Remember I love you, and you were about to have an accident if I didn’t” Troy said, “You knew?” Reika asked as she held her pants, “Pretty obvious actually, now lets get back to work Ms. Pants fall off of me Heh heh” Troy said, Reika giggled a bit “Hehehe, ok” Reika replied. And just like that, the two got back to work. Troy did everything in his power to keep Reika from making a mess, luckily it was break time for them and Troy and Reika rushed to find a bathroom they could use, but they were all full “Darn! They’re all full” Troy said “Troy! I gotta go badly!” Reika said desperately. “Hmm…! I got one, but its outside c’mon” Troy said while holding Reika’s hand as they ran, they came upon a outdoor wooden bathroom. “Should I go first?” Troy asked, Reika then said “You can go first…I’ll wait”. and so Troy peed in the bathroom, while he was finishing up, Reika was struggling to keep her poop in was hoping a bit until, “Ok your turn” Troy said, but as Reika lowered her pants, her heels made it uncomfortable for her to stand still on the wooden planks and she decided to do it outside of the bathroom but tripped and pooped and peed in her not pulled down panties, and it was a world record for her since its the most she ever messed up her undies. “Ouch!” Reika said as she just kept pooping and peeing, “Wow, you really had to go” Troy said pretty shocked “But we need to get you some new clothes before our break is over, I’ll be back” Troy said as he rushed somewhere, Reika just kept messing herself up, since her panties are very absorbent and poop would not slip out at all so Reika was stuck pooping and peeing until they get home. There were 5 minutes left of their break, and troy returned at the nick of time “Take of everything you have and put them in this bag” Troy said, Reika went completely nude and shock the bag with her dirty clothes until Troy got her new clothes “here you go” said Troy. Troy got her a white v-neck formal outfit, white panties and peep toed kitten heels, Reika immediately put it on as Troy gave her white nail polish as she put it on in less than five seconds. after Reika got dressed she ran with Troy to the office while having a little mess in her panties. since it wasn’t a lot or very smelly, Reika didn’t worry about it too much. The two made it back in time and jumped back to work. it was approching night time and Reika and Troy headed home ASAP. After they arrived home, Reika immediately went to the Peepoo Tree and emptied the pee and poo from the black panties and hung the cloth on different branches, and did the same with her white outfit, which was full of gunk, she did the same thing with the black ones and was completely naked when she went inside, she then ate and went to bed with Troy. Though Reika wonders if people will accept her for being a nude showing woman

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