The Peepoo Tree Part 3

The next morning, Reika woke up with her poo and pee filled panties and noticed that Troy wasn’t home. “Where is he?” Reika wondered as she walked around the house, but just as she was going back to bed, “I’m back Reika, sorry to leave like that” Troy said to her, “Its alright…what are those in your hand?” Reika asked, “I remember how you wore blue and yellow clothes and undies, so I got you a red knee level summer dress, red sandal wedges, red panties, and a red bra. So you can take those off now” Troy said. And Reika dumped her clothes on the tree, as well as her poo and pee, she took a shower and changed into her clothes. “They it perfectly” Reika said to herself, “You ready Reika?” Troy asked “Oh…yes…lets go” Reika agreed. And the two went out for the day. They went to a restaurant to eat lunch, but Reika had to “go”. “Um…Troy…I gotta…go…” Reika said struggling in her seat , “Well…the bathrooms are closed…can you hold it until we are done?” Troy asked her, “I’ll…I’ll try” Reika said struggling to hold it in. And surprisingly, she was able to hold it in until lunch was over, after that Troy took Reika to bench to poo and pee, but nothing was coming out no matter how hard she tried. “Nothing is coming out” Reika said trying as hard as she could to poop and pee, “Hmm…let me see…” Troy said looking inside her holes, “Please don’t stare like that” Reika said, “Ah! I see now!, Reika, your pee and poo is clogged and stuffed up” Troy explained, “Its blocked up?” Reika questioned, “Seems that way, we need to unclog you” Troy said “But how?” Reika wondered. So they wondered as Reika was building up junk in her pee and poo until…”I got it! lets head home, I’ll explain the rest from there” Troy said, “Um…ok” Reika said unsure about what he was going to do. As they arrived to troy’s house, Troy then went and got a plunger, “Um…what is that for” Reika asked, “If this can unclog a toilet, it should be able to unclog you” Troy said. and then he put the plunger on Reika’s butt. “Oh!” Reika said as the plunger touched and stuck to her butt. Troy did his best to unclog her and it worked! Her butt was pooping again, however, her skirt was still on, and the poop just piled in her panties and leaked through her skirt and eventually, her skirt fell off. “My poop…it feels so warm…! Ah! I feel the pee coming” Reika said as she ran to the tree and peed her panties near it. “Ngh!” Reika said as she took off her clothes, dumped out the poo and pee out of her panties, and hung up her cloth on random branches of the tree. “Reika? You know I’m right here right?” Troy asked “I…don’t mind you seeing my naked with no bra or panties, I…love you…and the tree so…” Reika said trying to hide her private parts “I…love you too Reika, in fact you should just live here” Troy suggested, “are you sure?” Reika asked “Positive, besides we have work tomorrow and we can’t be late, so lets move you out now” Troy said, “But I’m naked” Reika responded, ” don’t care, show them how strong you are, trust me, they will see you with me and people won’t tease you, I promise” Troy said trying to comfort her, “Th-Thank you Troy” Reika said. And with that they were able to move Reika and her stuff into Troy’s house…and surprisingly no one tease Reika when she was naked. (since no one saw them) It was night time and the two were in bed together sleeping as the Peepoo tree grew more from Reika’s pee and poo droppings. Even the tree was happy that Reika was its new mommy.

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