The Peepoo Tree Part 2

After Reika’s “office incident”, Reika decided to take a walk around her town in her yellow casual clothes (normal skirt, sandal heels and a long sleeve shirt). She decided to walk around with 3 pairs of panties just to make sure this time. As she left her house, Reika had to use the bathroom but didn’t want to go back inside of her house, so she decided to hold it in and began to walk, she went to a food court and ate some food that her stomach didn’t agree with her, so it started to grumble a lot. “Oh…! My tummy…” She moaned as she rubbed her stomach. Reika farted and pooped a little bit in her panties. The area started to smell a bit as Reika made sure no one knew she pooped herself, so she left the mall and headed out to the her friends house, Myusei. “Reika! How are you?” Myusei said, “Can…can I use your bathroom…?” Reika asked, C’mon! I need to treat you a little nice after coming all this way here. I made snacks” Myusei said trying to persuade Reika to stay, “Oh…Ok…but only a little” Reika said, “Yay!” said Myusei happily. And so, Myusei gave Reika her snacks, Reika loved them, however… “M-My butt…its burning…!” Said Reika, “That’s…the laxative cupcake” Myusei explained. “L-L-Laxative cupcake?!…Oww! My butt hurts badly…” Reika said holding her butt. “Sorry Reika, maybe you should…”. But before Myusei could finish her sentence, “S-Sorry…I…I gotta go! B-But thanks” Reika said as she ran out the door and farted as she got out of the house. Reika ran as poop was leaking out of her butt, “Ow ow ow!…A Tree! I can do it there” she said with joy and ran to the tree. Reika pulled down her skirt and panties, but “Ah…time to–uh-oh…! Its Troy!”. Troy was there when Reika took a dump at work, she was scared of him seeing her like this, so she backed away slowly so he wouldn’t heard her, however, her skirt got stuck on a branch and she slipped right out of the hill and fell unconscious. Troy then heard Reika fall over the hill and followed the noise and saw a skirt hanging on a tree branch and Reika laying down on the grass. “I’ll let her nap for now” Troy said as he waited for her to wake up. Even though she didn’t know this, Reika pooped her panties in her sleep and woke up noticing that her skirt was missing and that Troy’s face was infront of hers. “Troy…? This is embarrassing…having you see a 18 year old woman poop her panties like this…” Reika said with disappointment, “…hahaha! It that it?” Troy said, Reika, I don’t care if you make a mess in your panties, in fact, it makes you, you” Troy said trying to comfort Reika. Reika felt better about her incident “So…I can let the rest out? You don’t mind me pooping everywhere?” She asked, “Not at all, c’mon I know you have morein you so let it go” Troy said. And with that Reika began to poop and pee in her panties, but she didn’t feel scared doing it now, in fact, she feels comfortable doing near Troy. “do you feel better?” Troy asked, “Yes…and luckily I have…oh no! my bag! I left it at home! they have my spare panties in it” Reika said in panic. “Don’t worry Reika, You can come to my house so you can clean up” Troy offered “well…my house is far…alright, I’ll come. I’ll just get my skirt and–” but before Reika could finish that, “Actually…can I keep it?” Troy asked, “Um…why?” Reika wondered, “I wanna put it somewhere special” Troy said, “Ok…I guess you can have it” Reika said a bit confused. “I’ll help you up” Troy said as he grabbed Reika’s hand, “Th-Thank you…” Reika said while holding her butt trying to keep the poop from coming out. and they walked to Troy’s house, as they got their Troy asked Reika a question, “Reika? do you still have you office suit?”, “Yes…I didn’t clean them though…” She replied. “Is it alright if I get them from your house?” He asked Reika, She nodded and gave Troy the keys, after a half hour, Troy was back with Reika’s office clothes. “Thank–” Reika tried to thank him, but, “I have something to show you, follow me” Troy asked, and that is what she did, she followed him to his backyard to see a very small baby tree. Troy then empties out the poop from her panties and puts it near the tree and put the different parts of the suit on different branches, he even put Reika’s casual skirt on the tree too. “Is…this the surprise for me? Reika wondered. “Yup, your poop and pee will help it grow, and your clothes will be the decorations. I hope you’re not mad…” Troy worried. Reika looked at the tree and said, “I…I love it…it’s a lovely tree, should I take of my panties and–” “No, I’m not ready to see you naked yet! Keep them on for now, but feel free to poop and pee here whenever you like” Troy said, “I will, thank you” Reika said as she hugged Troy “So…I can sleep and poop in your bed tonight right?” asked Reika, “Sure, I don’t mind, I’ll get you some clothes for you tomorrow” Troy said “but you can put your shirt and heels on the tree if you want, I’m sure you’re wearing a bra under your shirt” Troy said, “Ok” Reika said as she took of her shirt and heels and put them on the tree. They then went back inside and ate dinner, after that, they went to bed where Reika pooped and peed in Troy’s spare bed. And on that same night, the tree grew a bit due to Reika’s stuff, this is only the beginning o Reika and Troy’s baby tree

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