The Peepoo Tree Part 1

It was Reika’s first day at work, she was in a blue office/business suit (with a skirt and peep toed heels) She just got into her new office and only one thing was in her mind, where are the bathrooms? Since Reika ate some gassy food and drank lots of water before going to work, she was about to explode. “Oh…I need to go badly…I need to ask my boss if I could go”. But Reika was pretty shy for being 18 years old so she doesn’t talk to much people. But she got together and walked to her boss, “Um…sir?…May I use the…bathroom please?” Reika said in a soft voice. “Hmm…I don’t know…you look fine to me” Said Mr. Pine, her boss. But suddenly, Reika farted and made the room smell a little, “Eww…w-was that you?” he asked, “Y-Yes…” said Reika, very scared. Mr. Pines though for a moment, and then said, “Alright, you can go, just come back ASAP”. Reika smiled a bit and said, “Thank you”. and so Reika went to see if she could find the bathroom, but the closest one was locked and out of order. “Hmm…maybe the one…downstairs will work…” She said holding in everything she had. She roamed the entire building for a bathroom she could use, but they were all either in use or out of order, or even just locked and can be opened, but since Reika doesn’t talk to a lot of people, she just couldn’t ask for help. “Where do I go now?” Reika wondered. “Ack!” Reika felt some pee come out of her and damped her blue panties, and her poop made a little stain too. Reika panicked and was wondering where to do her business, until she decided to do it outside. “I have…no choice…” Reika said, walking very funny outside. As she got outside she was stopped by a man her age named Troy. “Hello ma’am, what’s wrong?” He asked. “N-Nothing, please go…away please?” Reika asked as nicely as she could, she didn’t want to be seen “Ok…” Troy responded. But Troy did not leave completely, instead, he hid behind a tree watching Reika. Reika looked left and right to make sure no one was watching “No one is here now…finally…” Reika said with pleasure as she pulled down her skirt and panties. But before Reika could relief herself, Troy came out of hiding and saw her. “EEEEEPPPP!” Reika jump holding her skirt, “Ma’am? Are…are you?” Troy asked surprised. But before Reika could talk, she farted loudly again and she started to poop, and after she started to pee as well. Reika turned red as she squatted down. “Wow…ma’am you know we have bathrooms right?” Troy asked, “Y…Yes b…but…” Reika started to cry and tell him what happened. “I see now…” He said understanding her story. “P-Please don’t tell anyone” Reika ask. “Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me” Troy said reassuringly, Reika smiled a bit wiping her tears away “Th-Thank you…” Reika said. “I’m Troy. What’s your name?” Troy asked “Reika…” she responded softly. “Nice name” Troy responded, but before he could talk more, his break was over “Whoops! my break is over, I’ll see you later” he said as he walked away. Reika pulled up her skirt and panties back up (though her panties are still a little messy and was full of pee and poo since she didn’t pull them down yet) and decided to head back to her office and hope no one else saw her “accident”. Reika took an elevator to get back, but the elevator suddenly broke down and stopped. “What’s going on?…Oh! my bum is burning again…” Reika felt the need to poop again, but she couldn’t do that in the elevator or people would know it was her. Reika did her best to hold it in for as long as she could, eventually she bent crouched down and began to poop and pee again. There was so much this time that there was a damp spot where her butt is on her skirt. “Oh-no…what do I do now?” Reika worried again. Eventually, the elevator started to work again and as the door opened, Reika ran trying to hide the wet, damp spot on her butt and trying to hold in her poop. As she ran, She dashed past Troy holding papers. “Hmm? Isn’t that…?” Troy wondered. Reika found a bathroom that was empty this time and before she could clean, she had nothing to clean with, and the toilet paper was gone. “No…” Reika said about to cry, but she held in her tears and just decided to just dump out her poop and put her panties and skirt on again. She was stared at while everyone plugged their noses, Reika tuned red and her boss wasn’t happy with her. “Reika, where were you! And why do you smell so bad?!” He said in anger at her, “W-Well…I-I…um…” Reika stuttered with nothing to say, and just as she said that, her skirt fell down off her and showed her dirty panties to the boss. “Reika!? What happened?!” Mr. Pines asked, “I’m sorry sir! I didn’t mean to!” Reika said softly to him. “Reika, this is a professional company, if you tend to do this, I will have to fire you, Understand?” He asked, “Y-Yes…sir…” Reika responded without even putting her skirt back up. “Go home and take a break, You are in no shape to work today” Mr. Pines demanded. And Reika just walked out and went to her car and drove home. after she got home kept on her panties because in the end…she loved to pee and poop herself. “Tomorrow, I’ll be more prepared for this” Reika said to herself as she pooped again in her panties one last time for the day.

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