The Peep Hole

I was attending a function at one of the town halls west of Sydney and needed to go to the toilet. There were about eight cubicals to choose from and I chose the cubical on the left, next to the wall.

while I was sitting there, doing my business, I could see, through the crack in the door, that the urinals were along the same wall and that I had a good view of anyone fronting up to the urinals for a pee. The entertainment was quite exciting as men pulled out their dicks for a pee. I saw all shapes and sizes, large and small. Some only dribbled and some peed with great pressure, obviously in great relief from their discomfort.
I shall never forget the display put on for me that day.

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  1. It’s hot to see other boys going to toilet 🙂 to see a lovely long strong stream coming out 🙂

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