The parking -J series- (contains gay, piss, pants pooping theme)

First of all, a background story.
J is a young, slim and shy boy of eighteen years old. Waxed thin beautiful body with no hair, porcelain pale skin, short brown hair with green eyes. He’s a small boy, not tall but not too short either.
A is a fourty-five years old man, trucker, hairy and a bit plump. He is rude in every sense of the word. Divorced with a nineteen y.o. daughter.
They met up for first time in the public municipal pool. They greeted every morning they met in the locker room and had a formal relationship. Often A used to peek J’s ass in his little thin speedos and once J noticed. From that time things changed. But that’s another story.

After the pool, at 12:00pm, J dresses up and leaves the locker room on the way out. Kind of thinking about his friend. It’s being like two weeks without him and he really missed him alredy.
When he’s just leaving someone calls him from the distance. It’s A. J tries to not smile and pretends to be surprised as he walks forward to him.
-How are you? it’s being a long time- Says A smiling
-I’m just fine. Finished my training
-That’s cool. Hey, I’m out doing some business. But I have some free time. Wanna come with me?
-Yeah… sure!
His heart starts to kick hard as they walk to A’s car in the parking.
Just when they enter and sit, A grabs J from his hips and kisses him. J feels a big boner growing in his pants. A’s unshaven beard itches a bit. One of his hands holds J’s butt and pulls to him. J caresses A’s chest and arms. They can feel each other warm breath as they play with their lips and tongues moaning.
-I’m gonna fuck you so hard. I need to fuck the shit out of you. You have no idea how I missed it.
J’s dick is starting to push really strong against his trousers. A slides his hand inside J’s pants and underwear, grabbing his smooth buttcheeks and sliding a finger on his asshole. J can’t do anything but moan on pleasure. Can feel A’s dick on his pants. A hard, warm bulge growing inside his jeans. J unbottons A’s jeans and slides a hand inside. His dick, all hard and throbbing. He can even smell it. He starts to wank him off. A inserts a finger in J’s asshole. It hurts because its dry. But he likes it and moans. He ducks a bit and starts to lick his big, red large dick. All full of veins. A moans and curses as J sucks him off.
-Wait. Fuck. I need to piss. – Says A breaking away from J and leaving the car.
He walks out to a line of bushes. J follows him.
-What if you piss and I…
For a moment J gets shy and regrets it.
-No way, shot boy. Do you want me to piss on you? Like we did in the shower?
-Well, not in that way. I don’t want to get so wet. It’s cold in here.
-Ok, I will just go ahead and you do what you want ok? Can’t hold it anymore.
So A unbottons his jeans again, slide out his fat dick and start to piss. J gets down on his knees near the steamy stream and puts the tongue. Tastes very salty and its really warm. He likes it and stays like that a few seconds. Then he opens the mouth and swallows it. He moves trying to not wet his clothes.
-You damn perverted bitch- Says A smiling -Now you will need to lick my dick clean.
-Yes sir.
As he finishes, J starts to give him a blowjob wanking him off. A moans and caresses J’s hair.
For a moment J feels a rumble in his stomach. Poo time.
-What if.. i just crap my pants right here right now?- Thinks J
During the blowjob feels another rumble. A BIG one.
-Oh god I really need to let it go.
Start to feel his dick grow and grow when relaxes his asshole and the liquid, mud-like poo starts to flow free inside his underwear. He even can hear a light crackling. It is so warm… he feels it filling his briefs, pushing itself and squishing itself against his balls and buttcheeks. Must be a big load.
He notices the smell raising and stop sucking.
-What happens?
-I just crapped myself.
-W-What? You did what?
J looks up all shy and nodes.
-Oh jesus you are serious, aren’t you?
J gets up. The shit begins to squish out his briefs and runs down his legs. It’s a BIG one.
-I-I’m sorry, I just…
-Oh god you stink. Turn around. Now.
And he turns around. There is a small stain of brown poo leaking on his pants.
-You are really kinky. You know that, right? You fucking stink.
When J is going to run away A says
-Put down your pants. NOW.- A looks around if anyone is around.
J puts down his pants letting on sight his messed briefs. There are two steams of liquid mud-like shit running down his legs. One in each leg. J squeezes his legs together. His white briefs are all leaked in shit and forming a big bulge between his buttcheeks.
-Wow.. you really shit your self boy.
J nods shily and tries to hide his very obvious erection
-This turns you on. Doesn’t it?
-Yes.- Says J turning around. -Do you like it?
-It’s weird.. but I do. Come here by me
J gets closer to him and A slides his big hand inside his briefs and grabs J’s erected, precum dripping dick. J moans silently.
-This really turns you on, doesn’t it? You pig?
-Aha- J nods while A jacks him of and talks dirty very close to him.
Some people begins to appear in the distance and J pulls up his shit stained trousers. The poo is starting to get cold.
When the people has left, A grabs J from the butt and pushes hard against him.
-I really want to fuck you J. I’m gonna fuck the shit out of your ass someday. You know it? My piggy friend?
He starts to rub himself against his erected dick and, with one hand, grabs the poop bulge and squishes it all around his butt. J’s heart start to kick really really hard and fast. A rubs harder and kisses him while squishing his shitty ass. J is cumming. Moans looking to the sky while A kisses his neck. His dick sprouts inside his messy briefs a tremendous load of cum. So much that starts to leak out of the trousers.
-Oh god…- J whispers while A holds him.
-Good, you really like this, pig. NOW, pull down your pants and turn around. Show me the mess.
J pushes down hsi pants and gives A his back. His legs are trembling. Can hear A moaning. He’s masturbating watching J’s poopy ass. Finally, hears him breathing faster and faster followed of a large grunting. He turns around and sees A cumming, squirting cum on the ground with his pants down.

After that, A gives J some paper and J cleans himself and throws his dirty briefs inside the sport bag and walks back home. What a bussy morning.

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  1. Nice story and thanks for giving us a heads up about the gay theme even though most of us here are and the ones that aren’t are in denial:)

    The only thing that needs work on is the ending. It sounded like j shit himself pretty good andcthen to have a mushing it all around I woukd youd need mire than a couple paper towels ti clean up.

  2. Thanks for telling us what the theme was in the title, since there are no categories for stories anymore.

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