the new date

I was looking for new girlfriend and was chatting to this lady my age there about ,we got on well and decided to meet up , we had a meal a few drinks and was driving her home when she said I sorry but can you pull over I need toilet , o said o god sorry I didn’t ask you if you needed loo before we set out dropping you off ,she said its ok but need pee . I said its pouring down I said you get soak she said my pants will be soak if don’t wee soon so I pulled over god she said its raining so heavy I said I could help solve the problem but it be something you might not want try but save you getting your clothes so soaked , she said I try anything long as I can pee I said well in the bag on the back seat there are some pull up panties you could put them on and wee in them then I get rid later . she looked at in shock sort of way and said so kinky a strange to do I said well it just something you use that’s all I can say , she said go on then I said slip them on climb over seat take pants off and put then on. she said I never do anything like this before I laugh well better than peeing your clothes . she said ha ha true and once in them said do I just let go in then I said yes but try to in squirts rather a straight gush . she said here goes ooooo she moaned as she let preasure off her bladder . she peed squirt for quiet a while and said I am nearly down know she looked at me and said it does feel good and so warm I said I know what you mean as ive worn them sometimes when ive been out on long walking hikes . she really wow your kinky sod lol I said yeah guess iam . you know I emptied my bladder now but feel like I need a poo after that meal I said well just do it I take you back my place clean you up after . she said you sure it be ok for me to do that I said sure , so she started with a few farts then I heard a crackle as she pushed out her logs straining just a little say o god its so naughty making me feel randy . I said mmm lol come on I take you home clean you up . on arriving my place I took her to bathroom and helped out the diaper it as pretty full with shit pressed into her ass and between her legs , I wash it of wit shower head and she said iam going pee more I said let go its fine so she squirted some going over my hand and splashing my face , I licked t with my long tasted sweet and bit salty , hey said that’s kinky I said I know you got me randy lol ,she said me too lets get cleaned up and go bed mmmm I said . so you can imagine thehot sex we had licking each and then having a good fuck . we become good friends and meet lots to have dirty sexy fun maybe fill you in on a future story lol .

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  1. having you poo on me might even make it hornier lol I know that can never happen so settle for my own mess hax peestool

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