The Music Festival

I’m a 43yo straight male from FL and I want to share with you an unbelievable experience that I had at a concert a few months ago. There was a new music festival that was being held in Orlando, The Florida Man Music Festival, and I got tickets to go. The day of the concert I went to the gym to work out, when I got home I decided to take a nap and rest up for the evening’s festivities. Still in my work clothes I played down on the couch and drifted off to sleep. When I woke up I realized I had overslept and need to get going right away. No time to shower, I just through on a pair of jeans over my compression shorts, changed my t-shirt and grabbed a sweatshirt then ran out the door. On my way there I felt a slight gurgle in my stomach, but thought nothing of it, I was too excited to see the show.
Arriving at the venue, I finally get my car parked and make my way in with the crowd. First things first, find the beer tent and grab a drink. Now drink in hand, I make my way to one of the stages to enjoy the music.
As I’m watching the performance, my stomach churns again. Finishing my beer I decide to head to the porta-johns before they begin to get trashed, only to discover there is a huge line. Nothing I can do but stand with the others and wait.
I begin talking to this cute girl right in front of me in line. She from out of state and attends college down here and decided to come to the concert like I did. She was definitely a looker, dirty blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, and a really nice body. She was wearing these great looking tight jeans, Vans, and a pink sweatshirt.
The line was moving really slow, so we had a nice long time to chat. After awhile, my stomach rolled and I could definitely feel something wanting to come out, and soon. Feeling a bit distracted the conversation kind of died off. About 10 minutes later, she must have noticed a pained expression on my face and asked if I was OK. I told her I was fine and just hoped this line would move faster. She told me a lot of the guys were going off to a dark corner and just peeing buy some trees. I told her thanks, but that I’d stick it out, especially with such good company.
A few minutes later, the line had not moved, and I suddenly felt a cramp push a little bit out into my pants. Panicked, I started walking away from the line. The girl grabbed my arm and asked where I was going. I just told her the line was too long and I was going to visit the bushes. Clenching my butt tight I walked away, not knowing what I was going to do. I thought maybe I could minimize the damage, get to the bushes, squat down and just let loose. But when I got there, there were people everywhere. Peeing is no problem, but I wasn’t about to drop a load on the ground in full view of them.
Another cramp hit and more poop began to push out, I could feel it just begun to touch my compression shorts because it began to spread out just slightly from the tightness.
I suddenly got this crazy thought, my compression shorts were tight enough to hold everything in place, and the damage has already begun. I walked slowly over to a darker area with fewer people and just lean up against a tree looking at my phone. I still could not believe what I was about to do. I waited for the next cramp to hit, and I just let it happen. I even pushed a bit to get it over with sooner. The poop came out, pushed against my shorts, then began spreading out. It spread slightly to either side, but most of it began to spread up the center of my butt and down between my legs. It spread so much I felt it push against my balls a little.
My entire load was now in my shorts, luckily there was no bulge because of the tight compression. I just stood there, staring blankly at my phone, trying to think of what to do next. The obvious decision should have been to pack it up and head home, but for some reason I decided to stay. I made my way over to a drink tent and got more beer, then headed over to the loudest stage.
After awhile, I really didn’t notice my loaded shorts that much, I had gotten used to them. I had been wearing them for about two hours now, and there was maybe an hour left in the festival, I’ll stick it out until the end. But now the beer was beginning to fill up my bladder. I definitely did not want to lower my shorts and have to pull them back up, so I decided to hold it.
The last hour was almost up and I really needed to pee, bad. So I decided to start making my way out a little early and possibly beat the crowd and traffic. But it was really getting hard to hold it. As I’m walking, I noticed a girl whose pants looked like she had peed herself. She didn’t seem to care and carried on having fun. Seeing her like that, I thought maybe I should just go in my pants. I’ve already messed them so I figured why not. I didn’t want to just go right there though, so I started making my way over to a less crowded area. As I’m walking there, I run into that girl from the bathroom line. She is a bit tipsy, and that has made her very flirty. She immediately starts chatting me up, telling me she was looking for me all evening after I disappeared from the bathroom line. I told her I really needed to go again, giving her a hint. She looked at me and moved in closer, then said this is just in case you disappear on me again. She immediately started kissing me, not just lightly, I mean that aggressive drunken making out type kissing. Obviously I reciprocated, and completely forgot about needing to pee as well as the current state of my pants. My hands involuntarily went down to grab her ass, and hers began to grab mine. I could feel her smooshing the load in my pants around. At first I thought she didn’t notice, until she stopped kissing me and whispered in my ear, feels like someone didn’t make it to the toilet. I just stopped, my hand still on her ass and began to feel flushed. Then she completely surprised me and whispered, I’m not going to make it either. My hand felt her ass tense up then I began to feel a soft warm mass begin to push out and spread in the seat of her jeans. I now began smooshing her mess around in her pants and she began kissing me again. I stopped briefly to tell that I really needed to pee, to which she said, me too. I suddenly began to feel her ass get warm and wet as she began to pee in her jeans. I just began kissing her again, grabbed hold of her wet and messy ass then proceeded to let go in my pants too.
Both of our bladders now empty and relieved, we just stood there for a moment looking at each other. I finally said, maybe we should get out of here. She agreed, then told me that she had taken Uber to the concert and asked if I could driver her home. I said I probably should, seeing as how she probably wouldn’t be welcome calling and Uber with her pants in the state that they are. She giggled a bit, kissed me and we made our way out to where my car was parked.
Arriving at my car I unlocked the doors. We looked at each other and slowly began to sit down on the seats. I could feel my mess now really spreading around in my pants. It went further up the back and I could now feel it squish around my balls. I could only imagine how hers felt as it spread more when she sat down. I started the car and we took our place in the line of cars to get out onto the road.
It was very slow going, I think it was stop and go for at least an hour before the cars began to clear. Sitting that long in our wet and messy jeans was beginning to get a little uncomfortable. We were closer to my place so I suggested we just go there so we can clean up sooner.
She agreed. We got to my place, I let her in and led her to the bathroom and turned on the shower. I told her I would wait so she could clean up first. Instead, she grabbed my hand and pulled both of us directly into the shower, clothes and all. We stood on the stream of warm water for a while, just kissing and letting our hands explore each other’s wet bodies.
I then pulled her wet sweatshirt up and over her head, revealing a tight white t-shirt that had gone transparent and I could see her sexy black lace bra she had underneath. She then removed my t-shirt, and I pulled hers off. We stopped there to continue making out as our naked wet torsos pressed together. Just like at the concert, our hands began to squeeze hard each others asses, really smooshing our messes all over our pants. I started undoing her belt and opened her jeans, slowly pealing them down her thighs. I could see some of her mess had oozed out of her panties and down her thighs a bit. Her panties were these cute little string bikinis, light pink in color, but now completely brown. I pushed her jeans down all the way and she stepped out of them. With them out of the way I slowly began pulling down her panties. The inside of them were completely caked with poop, even up the front and all the way to the waistband in the back. As her panties came down the water began washing the mess off of her skin. I grabbed a washcloth and some soap and started cleaning her off. Once she was good and clean, I dropped the washcloth and put my hands around her from behind, running my hands up and over her breasts. Her nipples were hard with pleasure. I moved one of my hands down her body and between her legs, slipping a finger gently insider her. She moaned with pleasure. I pushed my finger deep inside her and I felt her body tense up as she had a small orgasm.
She turned to face me, kissed me then began undoing my pants, pulling down my jeans then my compression shorts, and began washing me with the washcloth and soap. Once I was clean she took my cock in her hand and began to slowly rub it. I had been so turned on by the whole evening that I orgasmed almost right away. I turned off the water, we left all of our wet clothes in the tub, and with out drying off we immediately went into my bed. Both of us till turned on, I immediately slipped inside of her. She finished with an intense orgasm that left her shaking for a bit. We finally settled in, and drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.
When we woke up the next day, I tossed all of our wet clothes in the wash and gave her some sweats and a t-shirt to put on. While our clothes were washing we went on my computer and eagerly began looking to see what concert we could go to next.

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