The Marshmallow Challenge

Leah was a normal leopard. She liked sweets, she liked hanging out with friends, she liked social media, and so on. However, she liked social media so much, she tried the marshmallow challenge. It was a new challenge going around. Basically, she had to eat as many marshmallows as possible before giving in and going to the bathroom, or, for better or worse, the person in question craps themselves. The way she was going to do it with her best friend, a parrot named Skylar, would be that they had an hour. If they didn’t have shit in their pants by the end of that hour, they could go to the bathroom, and take a dump in the toilet. If even the smallest bit came out, they had to completely soil themselves. Now, marshmallows are lie prunes. They’re a natural laxative.

Now, for the day of the event…

“Skylar, what’s in the bag?” Leah asked, gripping the soft fur on her left arm with her right, green eyes glittering. “Why, it’s the marshmallows of course! And the diapers, too.” She asked as her red feathers glittered in the artificial light of the bedroom. “DIAPERS?!” “Yes, diapers. We might crap ourselves, after all! I don’t want shit stains in my pants.” Leah tried to calm down. Diapers? Why diapers of all things?! Even plastic pants would be better! She tried not to dwell on the subject. “I’m not wearing one.” She announced. “Suit yourself, but I’m wearing three layers. Remember the dare on holleween three years ago? I completely soaked through that diaper!” Leah did remember. Skylar had been dared to wear a diaper, and to go in that diaper for the whole night. It had shown on her costume. It was super embarrassing for her when her poop splattered on the ground after her multiple massive loads, and her overactive bladder had led to many accidents that night, soaking through the soft fabric, and turning it yellow and brown. Skylar’s bladder was so active, that she had to wear pullups at school, and full blown diapers to bed. She pulled the diaper on her legs. “Ready?” The red feathered bird sqeeled. “Ready.” The leopard sitting accross from purred. She began stuffing her face full of the delightful sugary goods.


Both animals were getting desperate. Leah was VERY desperate. She was struggling to hold back her bowls and bladder at this point. Skylar was having the same issues.


“Challenge over.” Skylar announced. They both sighed in relief, but they couldn’t relax yet. They had to reach the bathroom. “Leah, you take up. I’ve got down.” Leah winced as she nodded. She dashed to the bathroom a floor above her. She stopped just in front of it. Her turd was being forced out. “Why didn’t I take the diaper?” She moaned as how anus opened, and a very audible splat was heard. she gasped as her shit gracefully fell from her butthole to her panties. Some slipped into her jeans, and the sudden shock of her one turn made her let go. Soft, mussy crap made it’s way from her anus to her underwear. She covered her mouth and gasped as her piss flooded into her soft sweatpants as well. It was so warm, and so wet as it forced itself down. She tried to stop, but her need was too strong. She gasped again, this time in pleasure. She would have lied to do this in a diaper, but what she ahd now fel amazing as well. But when she was done, her anus seemed to stay open, and she couldn’t clench it closed.


Skylar had opened the door, she was about to pull her pants down, as the mess forced her clenched anus open. It was going into the diaper, and she did try to stop it. She failed. Her poop was the hard, but easily mushed kind. It emptied itself without warning to the crinkly fabric. Her jolt sprung her bladder to life. Her golden liquid was shooting down like a jet engine. She was right tonwear three layers. Any less, and she would have easily sprung a leak. she almost did with her diapers now. However, after she finished, yer bladder muscles seemed to give up, and she couldn’t stop herself now from soaking her pants, day and night. Both girls were incontinent, now. Who knows what will happen next?


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