The Main Event

There was Kevin standing naked save for his short leather jacket with this attractive young woman next to him, his flaccid little penis trying to hide betwixt his legs. Come on Kev said Sue, off with that jacket as she pulled on one of the sleeves. She took the jacket and picked up her jeans off of the bed and tossed them into a corner of the room.
Excitedly Sue pushed her prey onto the bed, went round to the other side and lay beside him. She ran her fingers through his light brown hair and then gave him a sweet little kiss on the cheek.
All of a sudden Sue sat up, what if Pete decided to come home earlier than he said? Sue reached out for her jeans and took a phone from the pocket, dialled the number and got answer phone. Sue felt panicky,went to the window
and peered through the blind casting her eye on the road.At that very moment her phone rang, it was Pete, everything was OK, from the background noise she could tell he was
still at the do.
“That had me going for a moment Kev” Sue said, “everything’s OK though. She the sat on the side of the bed and slipped off her bra and panties. For the next thirty or so minutes the pair enjoyed each others company, Kevin seemed to know what to do, using lips and fingers, Sue on the other hand was hoping Kevin would get an erection but there wasn’t even a glimmer of hope in that direction.
Throughout it all Sue had forgotten about the suppository but now she realised her bottom was starting to moisten, it wouldn’t be long before she needed to go to the toilet. This was the golden opportunity for her to indulge in her fantasy, in the room was a Victorian box commode, it
had been in the house from the previous generations, she
was going to use this innocuous antique, which hadn’t seen a bum in a hundred years.
Sue pushed the commode to the side of the bed and took off the lid, the hinges having long ceased to be fixed. “Sit on that chair for a minute Kev” as she pointed to a chair in the other corner. She then arranged pillows so that they would support her back comfortably. Then she fetched a toilet roll and a mug of water from the bathroom,
she tipped the water into the potty inside the commode.
Sue the went to the bedside unit and took a vibrator and lube from the drawer and placed it on the bed.
Sue sat on the commode and reclined,”I was hoping that you’d fuck the shit out of me Kev, but it ain’t going to happen, is it?” “You can use the vibrator when I’m pushing,
carefully though, I don’t think there’s any need for lube”.
Kevin saw that Sue’s tummy muscles were tightening and he switched on the device, he started to use it as he saw fit
but Sue reached down and took control.
For the next few minutes Kev could see that Sue was in absolute heaven, she pushed and moaned and smiled and groaned as she emptied her load. The room was filled with the scent of Sue’s efforts and as she lay back and relaxed Kev heard a little trickle of wee.

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  1. was enjoying the build up but then it lost direction and stopped short of a exciting story what a shame but thanks

  2. Scoop, sorry if the story didn’t do it for you, it was a sort of mix
    of fact and fiction.
    If you’ve got an idea for a story I’d love to develop it with you
    or you could write it yourself!
    P.M. me or send a Kik Goodinjeans. Thanks.

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