When I enjoyed pants pooping was after I was interested in boys my age. I was 11 when I had my first pants pooping incident. I was 12 when I first did it in school. I was interested in boys then and just staring at a boy that was hot looking and grunting out a huge load in my pants always made me hard and want to cream my pants. Until I fully understood what masturbation was I thought I was retarded a little because a young teen boy should not be enjoying having a bowel movement in his pants. I couldn’t wait to have one in my pants. I discovered holding back my shit for several days created some of the largest messes ever. WOW! and if I did it in front of a cute boy from school it would feel awesome. Another year goes by and I become an 8th grader and that started me REALLY having school “accidents” …Eeeew an eighth grader has an accident? My teachers were stumped at why I was pooping my pants in class. I really thought it was retardation and that I was doomed to do this forever. It actually was sexual and that made it alright. At home for a while I made it like a medical problem so I could go in my pants anytime I wanted and in front of anyone at any time. My brother was getting tired of it because it was embarrassing for him to have an older brother in the house when his friends were there and I would have shit in my pants. I remember one time his friend asked where I was at and he replied…”He’s upstairs shitting in his pants!” Then one day he crapped in his pants on a dare from me and loved it. Now two boys in the house and both pooping in their pants every day. My mom would soak the underpants to remove the stains. Now two of us…that bucket would get full of poopy stained underpants. My mess was firm and soft every time. It hit my undies and instantly stained it. Sitting down and mashing it and grinding it in made cleaning them impossible. I wanted attention even if it was negative. Then I discovered if I urinated after I shit stained my pants it seemed to set the stains in making cleaning them impossible. I really wasn’t grown up for my age. That what got me thinking that if i could pretend I was retarded then it would be normal for me to have a number two in my pants. Never thinking about consequences and that I would be in so much trouble . I would instead I would be thinking about how great it was going to feel coming out and falling down into my pants. Then if I did more than one long one…OMG! the size and the bulging and the great big brown stains in my pants to show everybody what I did.

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