I have always loved doing a big load in my pants. Seventh grade is when it all started. I did a long one in my pants at home after school and was hooked. I found out that if I ate enough stuff like junk food and good meals that I would have a big one for my underpants. The fact that I was old enough to do it in the toilet but chose to use my pants made it even more exciting. My mom wasn’t understanding. Because it was a total not allowed thing, that made it more fun because it was a deliberate act and a bad boy thing to do. I would go shopping with my mom and mess my pants in the stores. The face I would make gave me away that I was grunting and doing a number two in my pants. Eeew a teenager taking a dump in his pants. That’s worth a big stare. That was the idea too, get noticed and in public. I wanted attention and the only way I knew how to get it was with a pants pooping incident at a store. I would get lucky some times and there might of been a person boy or girl that was cute and maybe even from school that would see me load my pants. I was so into to filling my pants and with big ones. That size would really get me attention because it would show in the back as a large grapefruit size bump. It would feel so good to have that big blob back in my underpants and knowing I was going to be in trouble real soon with my mom. I had been teased in school so much that it didn’t matter anymore and if someone from my class saw me shit myself, so what! I was doing a load in my pants in a store. I was doing a load in my pants at school. I was doing a load in my pants at home, in my bed at night , on the toilet late at night after the house was quiet. Never in the toilet! Always in my pants! Feeling an urge to go and NOT making it to the toilet on purpose so that my shit will come out and go into my pants! Or I will just stand there and grunt the shit out into my pants on purpose! That what used to get my mom mad is when I would deliberately go in my pants and not try to make it to the bathroom. Stop dead in my tracks right in front of her….sort of zone out and begin to do a grunt/push. She would be trying to get me to go into the toilet right away and I would be so zoned out not listening to her because my concentration was doing that ultimate big load. And success would prevail and out into my pants a long snake like turd would come out into a big plop and that big bulge. Then the smell and she knew I shit my pants. She be all mad and I would be all glad. I messed in my pants on purpose AGAIN! I would take off right away and go show my pooper friend what I did. I usually left it in my pants several hours unless I did it overnight in my bed. Then it would be way over eight hours.

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  1. Sounds like you had lots of fun. I want to go camping on a remote island near-by and spend Friday Saturday and Sunday there shitting multiple shits in my rather tight swim trunks and leaving it pile up on top of each other for the three days. I will walk, sit, sleep, fish, cook, eat, and swim with my 3 days of shit in my trunks – not to mention all the pisses and the multiple cums from masturbating over the 3 day period. I think this will be a most exciting wild time for me and I get my dick hard just thinking about it. I’m going to do it soon – all alone shitting, peeing, and wanking off for 3 days – I couldn’t think of any better enjoyment – except maybe for a pussy to cum along with me!

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