The Long Walk Home

The Long Walk Home


                It was an early spring afternoon, school had just let out. I was 17 at the time and I lived in the neighborhood directly adjacent to my secondary school. I broke free of the school doors and began my ¾ mile walk back home. The April weather had just broken. The temperature was close to 70 degrees and the sunshine was perfect. Not a cloud in the sky.

                It’s usually a lonely walk home, so generally I walked slowly away from the school just in case I catch a friend walking as well. This time as I was walking past the baseball diamonds, I spotted Drew. Drew was 16 at the time, and he lived about a half block before me. I turned around and he was jogging to catch up to me. All I could think of at the time was, “Yes, someone to talk to.”

                Drew caught up to my side and asked how my day went. The mindless banter continued as we left off of the school property. Being bi-sexual, I couldn’t help but notice Drew’s relaxed-fit blue jeans hugging his toned legs and his tight t-shirt…A true sign of the warm weather. Both knees of his jeans had rips in them, and his black DC skate shoes were the icing on the cake. I never really had thoughts about Drew that way, but with what he was wearing I couldn’t resist.

                As we continued walking, Drew turned to me and uttered, “I gotta piss…”. I didn’t think much of it at the time, as everyone usually needs the toilet after a long day of school. We continued walking and talking about the days events.

                Now a couple blocks away from the school, I could tell that Drew had increased his pace. At this point I was thinking to myself, “How hot would it be if Drew just burst and peed his jeans right here as we were walking?” That thought wouldn’t escape my head. I was desperately hoping that would happen but I just knew it was too good to be true.

                I continued making small talk with Drew, seeing if he had any plans for the upcoming weekend. As I was talking, he turned to me and said desperately, “I can’t think about that right now, I gotta piss!”

                I knew at this point he was serious. I could see in his face that his eye balls were floating. As Drew hastily walked down the sidewalk next to me with both hands in his jeans pockets, likely grabbing the head of his dick as to not burst right there in the middle of the neighborhood.

                I myself was getting excited by this point. I could tell Drew was totally desperate for a piss and I knew our walk was not yet over.

                Trying to hide my nervousness and excitement that he might actually pee his pants, I continued talking about how track was going, as he was a distance runner. Rather than answering my question, he turned and looked at me and whispered, “Dude I need to piss so bad right now.”

                Knowing this was a once in a lifetime event going on right now, I just had to ask it. “Dude, I dare you to piss yourself right now…”

                “No way, that’s gross!” Uttered Drew. I was thinking to myself that if only he was more open to the idea… This was the perfect moment. I love seeing people piss themselves, and of all people, Drew? This was too good to be true. I was hoping he would just lose it and pee his jeans as we were walking.

                By this point we were nearing Drew’s house. I knew my chance was coming to an end to see this 16 year old boy totally flood his jeans. Trying to bring up the pee topic again, I jokingly asked Drew, “You doing all right? You look a little nervous.”

                Drew shouted to me, “No I gotta piss!!”. Knowing my time with Drew was running short, I asked him one last time, “Dude just pee in your pants…You’ll feel so much better and no one will know. Seriously it’s just me and you.”

                I could tell in Drew’s face that he was becoming fonder of the idea. At this point he had been holding for about 15 minutes and was starting to look very desperate.

                After no response from Drew, I said it again. “Dude, piss right now, just let it go.”

                Drew responded, “Dude just wait…”. I couldn’t believe what he said. Did he say just wait? Was he actually going to do this? I was shaking at this point excited that he might just pee himself.

                We were quickly approaching his house. From where we were, I could see that there were no cars in his driveway. I inquired, “Are your parents home?”. Drew replied, “No they don’t come home till 5pm.”

                Bam…I had an idea.

                “Hey Drew, since no one is home, I dare you to piss your pants. It would be between me and you and no one would know. You could wash your pants before your parents get home and no one would even know.”

                At that point Drew looked at me and said, “Fine.” I was shocked. Did Drew just agree to piss his pants for me??? I was seriously speechless.

                Me and Drew walked up his driveway to the back of the house, where no one would see. I look at Drew and was like, “Alright, nows your time…” I could still see he was so desperate for a piss. He was fidgeting around and squirming like a little kid, occasionally grabbing his crotch as to not have an accident.

                Drew looked at me and said, “I can’t believe I’m gonna do this…” He positioned himself in the driveway up against the house as so no neighbors could see what he was doing. Drew pulled his shirt up slightly, revealing only the lower part of his flat stomach and belly button, as well as his flannel pattern boxers. And there it was.

                As we were standing there, I could see a wet spot forming to the left of his jeans zipper. The spot got dark really quick and began traveling quickly down Drew’s left inner thigh. As the stream began doing so, Drew quickly moved his left leg further from his body, surprised that the pee was almost at his knee. By this point the pee reached his left knee, dripping out of the rip in the jeans. We both stared on as if we had never seen someone pee their pants before. I could totally tell Drew wasn’t used to this. I could see he thought the pee would just form a circle around his crotch like in the movies.

                By this time the pee was leaking out of the bottom of his left pant leg. Drew was standing wide as to not get pee on his black DC skate shoes. The puddle under him began growing and started to flow down the driveway.

                Shocked by how much he had just peed, Drew began laughing and said, “Holy shit dude! I can’t believe I just did that!”

                Drew shook his left leg as to get all of the last drops out of the pants before he dared to walk inside. Drew said to me, “Alright dude, I gotta go inside, see ya later.”

                As Drew turned and walked toward his back door, I could see a pee footprint getting made every time he made a step with his left foot on the pavement. I could also see that his inner left thigh was totally soaked. The contrast between the wet and dry spot on the jeans was amazing. He literally flooded those jeans! I couldn’t be more excited. I continued to stare as Drew and his wet self made his way up the stairs to his back door.

                I couldn’t believe I actually persuaded Drew to piss in his pants, but it definitely will be something I remember for the rest of my life… Cute 16 year old track star pissed his jeans in front of me. It was awesome!

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