The Long Road Home

James had come to work in the same office as me in North London. I was the office manager though not that much older than James who had arrived from university with a good degree in economics. He was twenty four I knew and a really good looking twenty four, fresh faced, lean and smart. He had a wide and sincere smile and I have to admit I quite fancied him. He lived a couple of miles short of me and this Friday night I was giving him a lift home.

Sitting alongside him I had a couple of problems. The first was not really a problem in that I had an erection bought about by close proximity to James but I also needed a wee, a problem I should have addressed before leaving the office. I was pretty certain I would not make it home before soaking myself. and in order to ease matters I let go a fair squirt in my Jockeys and felt my bum getting wet. Wetting my pants was not new to me but doing it with someone else was not a thing I’d done since sitting in class at school and made a puddle the floor.

Eventually we moved from Hendon Central but not even to the next set of lights before we stopped. No movement ahead and I noticed a smell. James had clearly farted and I looked at him and grinned. He was bright red and apologetic.

“Oh fuck Tom, I’m going to shit my pants. I’m never going to make it home.”

James had no idea how happy that made me. The idea of another guy shitting his pants alongside me in the car almost had me creaming in my pants and I had to concentrate like crazy on self control. Although I am not a guy who willingly poops his pants I have always wanted to see someone else do it from sheer desperation and I was going to witness it.

“Tom, lean into the back of the car and grab that old newspaper on the back seat. You have half and put it under your bum and I’ll take the other just in case I wet myself. I’m busting as well.”

He had to kneel on the seat to reach back and his bum was close to me. I got a real sniff of his desperation, a clear view of his brief lines and his white waistband just below his trouser belt.

“James,” I said, “why not do it now while you are on your knees. You know you won’t make it back so you may as well let go, save the pain and suffering holding it back. I don’t expect it’s your first time and I’m not going to shout around the office that you messed your undies.”

“James. Have you ever pooped in your pants?”

“Of course I have,” I said. “Once at school and twice since and I’m still alright”.

“Did anyone else know”.

“At school everyone knew Tom but the other times no one found out and no one else will find out about you will they. ”

Still kneeling on the seat he farted and I watched spellbound as he soiled his pants. The bulge grew and he sighed with relief as he released it into his briefs. He smiled at me, a smile of relief and he surprised me by saying he really deserved a good spanking.

“If that would help you Tom I could help, but not tonight. Tomorrow maybe, in the morning while the memory is fresh and I’m going to wet my pants now so maybe we can sort one another out.”

He turned himself around and spread the paper out to sit on. I pushed the other half under my bum and wet myself. It felt so good, a fierce force of super heated pee at first bubbling out of my trousers and then subsiding into a widening stain.

We wound down our windows and enjoyed what we had done together. At Apex Corner I took his hand and placed it on my zip. In top gear I slid my left hand inside the back of his trousers and felt his firm load through his briefs. Funny, but poop does not really ring any bells with me but I knew that this poo was going to take Tom and I a lot further.

Outside his flat he lowered my zip and almost instantly I shot my semen into his fingers and watched his bulging pants as he crossed the car park to the entrance of the flats. He definitely had a sexy wiggle.

At home I rang him and asked how he was doing and he told me had ditched his briefs and showered and was sitting in a pair of nice white soft cotton boxers and polo shirt. He asked if I would really come around to his flat the next day and we agreed eleven. I dropped my trousers, kicked off my shoes and spent the evening in my Jockeys and office shirt with several cans of beer.

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  1. Did you get to spank him and did he shit his pants for you again ? You gotta finish the story ! Lol, can’t leave us in suspense here. Everwetandmessy it’s a great story and do let us know how james and you made out hugs !!

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