the load of my life

Probably the biggest load I have ever had in a pair of underpants was on a cruise. Almost idmeadietly after we got to our cabins we went to lunch. I had only been holding it in for one day ( I am the worst poop holder ever. Period.) And I decided to poop in some briefs that were pretty old. At lunch I had Mashed potatoes, rice, and beans. Thats literally it. At dinner we had fancy food like escargot and stuff like that, and I excused myself early. I couldn’t hold it in much longer. When I got to my cabin, I changed into my undewear, got my tablet, and went into the bathroom. I started the camera on the tablet. This is how much I needed to poop. I barely pushed when poop started out. It was about 8 inches long. It wasn’t fast and runny, or slow, but sorta oozing out a medium speed. It was a very soft but not slippery poop. But I barely had started. I pushed again and out came around 3-4 seconds of diarrhea. I let out about four medium sized wet farts. I was about halfway done now. I dropped 6-7 snakes before pooping out 2 6-inch logs. I let out an amazing 7 seconds of diarrhea and a very large fart. (By the way, I had taken a small dosage of Epson salt before this.) My “grande finale” was pushing and grunting ( the underwear was pretty full) out a ten inch long log. a few more spurts of diarrhea, a few more farts, and I was done. I was feeling much better. I turned off the video camera and looked at my butt in the mirror. The sight was amazing. It was about 10 inches from the bottom to the top and sticked out 3-4 inches. The pair of underparts was sagging a whopping 2 and 1/2 inches. I was suprised on how much these briefs could hold! They were old, but they sure were strong! I touched around on the diaper and knew where the diarrhea was and where the soft poop was. The soft poop and the diarrhea were in layers. It felt amazing, but I wasn’t done yet. I turned on the tablet recorder again and slowly sat down in the massive poop. Of course now the poop seeped out onto the toilet. I sighed in relief. Out of all the experiences on that ship, this was the best.I lounged around for about 15-20 minutes in my stuffed underwear. It didn’t smell that terrible because I had taken medicine for my gas which made it stop smelling. I finally changed into a pair of boxers and a t-shirt. The cleanup was a little slow, but overall not that hard. I still remember that amazing poop until this day.

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  2. All I really had to do was wipe the poop off the toilet and get rid of the pair of underpants. And yes, it felt amazing.

  3. Toss em overboard!! The only bad part of the story is that you put on boxers afterwards. Briefs are the best, the smaller and tighter the better!.

  4. Yeah, I wish I could put on a pair of briefs, but I had just ran out and it was my last pair.

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