The largest accident of my life

I was sixteen, driving home from school. Hadn’t gone in days. I get a red light every stop, the bridge goes up, a train goes by, every possible delay happens. So I’m sweating, moaning, squirming, fidgeting and farting. There’s this huge pressure that keeps getting stronger. And eventually it forced itself out. My body just suddenly jolted up in the car and five pounds of incredibly solid crap made it’s way into my briefs, bulging out my khaki shorts. Each turd zipped out of my ass like a freight train, filling every space it could find. It was warm, and constant. It traveled through the gusset of my briefs, weighing it down a good amount. It made it sag so incredibly low that my pants would of fallen off if I wasn’t wearing a belt. This continued for five minutes. I managed to pull over to the side of the rode while this was going. Every time I thought I was done, a new pressure would return and I would grunt out another log, unable to stop myself. Unable to care. The ecstasy of release and desperation made it impossible to stop. The smell was acrid, suffocating, intoxicating. As it slowly, finally came to a stop, I continued to push, hoping more would come out. Eventually all that I could force out was heavy, dry farts, muffled by the incredible load in my now quite destroyed white briefs
I remember nervously touching the bulge in my pants, feeling the weight, the solidness, trying to cup my hand completely around but it was just too large.
When I sat back down in the seat, I was two inches higher then I was before, I swear. My dick was incredibly hard and also weirdly sore. I think I came the instant the load touched cotton. I didn’t even have to touch it. I absentmindedly fondled my cock as I drove home, shifting in my seat to move the load around, eventually bringing myself to a second climax. When I finally got outta the car I decided to piss myself in the driveway, because, why not? The crotch of my shorts quickly darkened as the warmth ran down my legs, mixing with the incredible mess I had contained inside my pants already. And So I had a huge golden lake at my feet, my shorts are drenched, and the seat of my pants, basically looks like someone put a basketball in it. I looked at the pants later on to see that there was a noticeable brown mark too. God I was lucky my parents weren’t home, spent the next hours cleaning the mess up and airing out my car.

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