It started at an early age around middle school and even in school. But this story is when I would do it at home alone. My parents on weekends sometimes would leave for an overnight party with friends on a boat in the harbor. So it meant I would be left alone all night and part of the morning hours and plenty of time to have fun with my fetish. I would hold back my shit all day and sometimes that would be hard to do. But knowing at some point in the early evening they would be gone and the house was mine all night inspired me to manipulate my bowel movements so I would not go all day. When they would be getting ready to go I was at that point rather desperate and was having difficulty holding it back. The joy was and still is the feeling of that long one sliding out and …well the story will tell it. They are now readying to the door telling me to be a good boy while their gone. They leave the house and get in the car and start it. I go upstairs and look out the window that faces the long street to watch them drive out of sight. Once they are gone, I already have my undies that I shit in on and ready to load. So instantly I start the grunt/pushing and I feel the log flowing. I have a large grin on my face because I am filling my pants…FINALLY! it’s happened and I am not disappointed either. The shit is a long one and soft and the flowing is making me hard. It hits my undies and stops making me have to grunt to get it flowing out again. It does and eventually breaks off to a drop in a PLOP! I feel more to do. The first one has landed and its huge. That feeling of the turd coming out made me super hard and I was not a good boy… Then after walking the rooms upstairs I feel another one and I stop in my tracks to go again. This one as big as the first one falling down in a crashing into buckling up against my rear end until it goes PLOP! Two plops in my pants and now I have a LOAD. I can’t wait to sit down in it. Thru my underpants I like to squish it and feel the texture and make stains in my undies …I have my hand against my underpants I am on the carpeted floor in the prone position sort of humping and mashing my shit with my hand making a mess of my underpants as I rub my penis against the carpet until I squirt huge amounts of white goo all over the inside of my undies . I just masturbated and squirted cum all over me. Normally it would be all over until the next time. But because I had the house for many hours I chose to keep it in my pants longer. I put my PJ’s on and made a decision to do a wetting. It was night and no one would see me outside. I went to the back porch step outside and started the wetting. Feeling so awesome soaking my pants and the urine dribbling all over my PJ’s and down my legs and all over the shit. That made me want to masturbate again and I did. It was then over. I didn’t want to sleep in all of this as if I over slept and they came home to find me I would be in big trouble. Clean up was terrific like it still is. I just showered all of it away but the undies clean up was a more difficult endeavor. I had to hide them too. Such deceit.

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