The job applicants

“Well, that’s indeed the type of approach we would expect from you,” the
team leader Graeme was replying as Stewart rounded off his lastest answer and
looked up again at the two interviewers. “Though you didn’t mention the most
obvious measure you could have taken to prevent the same problem occuring
again. I’ll put the same question to you now, Barry. How would you deal with
this situation, and what would you add to Stewart’s answer?”

“Um, sorry, what situation?” replied Barry with a slightly flustered look
on his face as he belatedly realised that the attention of the other four
smartly dressed guys in the room was now on him. He uncrossed his legs,
shifted position slightly and sat forward, giving Graeme and Harry his full

Paul frowned to himself in frustration, but there was nothing he could do
now except passively observe his two young candidates Stewart and Barry as they
did their best to impress their interviewers. Paul had prepared them in every
way he could and the two of them were on their own now, putting their best
ideas forward and competing, partly against each other and partly against
who knows what other candidates this company might have lined up for the
vacancies of Technical Administrator and Analyst Programmer which were on
offer. Both Stewart and Barry were, in Paul’s opinion, well qualified for
either position, but the one job was of distinctly higher status than the
other; even if both lads were successful today, the question of which of them
would fill which vacancy would be important. Hence the rivalry between the
two of them.

Harry, the office manager, patiently summarised the hypothetical problem
which he had already posed for Stewart to tackle, and Graeme filled in with
the basics of what Stewart had contributed in his answer, while Barry,
now evidently back from his day dream or whatever it was, shifted his
position in his chair once more and concentrated on the task at hand. Barry
quickly added the obvious point about documentation which Stewart had failed
to mention and continued to give his own answer.

Paul watched him, wondering why both of them still seemed so nervous more
than an hour into this interview. Back at his own office, the employment
agency, Stewart and Barry had both arrived in good time, both appropriately
dressed in neat suits (Barry’s was a mid grey colour, Stewart’s light
blue), and both had been responsive and confident as he had given them a
run-down of the types of questions he thought they should expect while they
drank up the coffee before setting out in Paul’s car. Then, after the journey
of some 45 minutes during which he had continued to prepare them for what
would hopefully be their next place of employment, all three had been shown
directly upstairs to the interview room as soon as they had arrived.

The introductions with Harry and Graeme had been smooth and professional,
and Paul had been pleased to see that Barry and Stewart had given
confident and professional-sounding answers right from the start. Paul’s
own input had been minimal: after his own brief spiel introducing his two
young candidates, he had limited his role to occasionally refilling the
five coffee cups from the large can in the centre of the table and
listening passively. And up until recently he had liked what he’d heard
from both Stewart and Barry, feeling quietly confident that they would get
these placements.

But in the last quarter of an hour, while the questions from Harry and Graeme
had remained as sharp and challenging as before, the answers from both lads
were becoming increasingly less on the ball. And just now Stewart had
slipped up by forgetting to mention the importance of documenting an
incident – quite unaccountably since Paul had been through that with them back
at his own office – and, even worse, Barry had apparently been caught napping.
Well, Paul thought, if the two of them were feeling sleepy or something, it
wouldn’t be through lack of caffiene: if you combined the coffee the three of
them had drunk back at the agency with the can on the table now which Paul
had been dispensing to the interview participants, it amounted to enough
to keep an elephant alert.

Barry finished his answer making a better job of it than Stewart had done,
then gave an adequate reply to a follow-up question from Harry. It would
be a smooth professional performance, Paul thought with some concern, if only
he wasn’t fidgetting around like that in his seat while he was speaking.

Finally there was a pause and Harry and Graeme looked at each other. Harry
asked “Is there anything else we still need to cover?” to which Graeme shook
his head. Both Barry and Stewart made as if to spring up out of their
chairs. “You can show them the systems, then,” continued Harry to Graeme.
“I’ve got another appointment.”

Harry turned to Paul, Barry and Stewart. “Nice to meet all of you. We’ll be
in touch to let you know if you have been successful. Graeme’s going to
take you up to show you the machines and you can ask him any questions about
them while you’re up there. I must take my leave now.”

Everyone stood up and Harry shook hands with the three visitors and took
Graeme aside. “Graeme, can you sort out their visitors’ passes…?” The
manager and team leader moved off together out of the room and down the
corridor in discussion, leaving the other three behind in the interview room.

“Well done guys, I think you did well,” said Paul, using the opportunity to
give his protegés a heads up.

Stewart immediately grimaced and bent slightly forward where he stood. “Paul,
I need a pee, do you know where the toilet is?” he muttered urgently.

Barry immediately added “I’m absolutely bursting. I’ve got to go to the
men’s room right now. Where is it?”

“I’m almost going in my trousers, I can’t wait any longer,” whispered Stewart.

Paul stared back at the two of them. They both looked really vulnerable
standing there looking to him to sort this difficulty out. In his mind he
started to put two and two together: the progressively stilted answers and
poor concentration must have had something to do with all that coffee. But
Paul had no immediate solution. “Just hold on for a bit, don’t ruin the good
impression you’ve both just given, guys,” he muttered back. “I’ll see what I
can do,” he added hastily as he saw both Barry and Stewart looking appalled
at this. But Graeme could be heard returning from outside the room bringing an
end to this exchange.

“Okay, gentlemen, if you’d like to step this way,” Graeme indicated along
the corridor as he reappeared in the doorway. The other three followed him
out and Graeme led the way to a small lift where he pressed the button to
summon it. There was no sign of any toilets in the area where they were

Meanwhile Graeme was holding forth about the machines in the computer room
which he was taking the visitors to see. Paul felt Barry prod him on the arm.
Barry was shifting his weight slightly from one foot to the other and Paul,
sensing the urgency, needed no further explanation. But he merely nodded,
acknowledging that he understood, and lifted one finger as if to say “okay,
just a moment”. Stewart caught Paul’s eye at this point too, and Paul nodded
to him too, indicating his understanding of the extreme urgency of the
situation that both lads were in.

The lift arrived while Graeme was still talking and the four guys all
squeezed into the small conveyance. Graeme paused in mid speech as he
selected the top floor and Paul used the opportunity to speak up as the
lift doors closed. “Graeme, do we pass a men’s room on our way?”

Stewart and Barry both looked at Graeme for his answer as they struggled. It
was all they could do to stand still in this confined space as the lift took
off upwards.

“Oh…” said Graeme. “Well, the toilets were on the floor we’ve just left.
Unfortunately I can’t let you use the ones at the top because you can only
get to those with a pass. They wouldn’t give me passes for you three when
I went to admin just now: they said we should just use my pass to get through
all the doors upstairs and stick together as a group. We’ve got one pass
for the four of us, I’m afraid.”

The lift had stopped on the top floor and Graeme was already swiping his
pass through a card reader. The lift doors, which had remained closed on
arrival at the floor, opened as the card reader acknowledged the pass with
a beep. “This way,” added Graeme, leading the way through a door to the
right which he also opened using his pass.

With no alternative, Paul ushered a faltering Barry and Stewart forward
behind Graeme into a large airconditioned room full of humming computers.
The door shut with a click behind them. Graeme immediately started holding
forth about the various machines.

Paul glanced anxiously at his two hopeful job applicants. One thing neither
of them was doing, he could see with sinking heart, was paying the slightest
attention to Graeme. There was a whispered exchange between the two lads.
Stewart was actually holding himself on the front of his blue suit
trousers, and Barry was moving about unable to stand still, as they
muttered to each other. Paul quickly turned back to Graeme and covered
for the boys’ behaviour by nodding and asking a question about another
machine in the far corner, then turned hastily back towards Barry and
Stewart as Graeme turned away to look at the computer which Paul had asked

Immediately Stewart hissed at Paul: “We’ve both gotta go and pee now or it’s
gonna be too late. Do something!”

Paul turned back to Graeme and interrupted him. “Graeme, sorry, where is the
nearest toilet?”

Graeme stopped talking about his machines and gazed sympathetically at Paul.
“You really have to go now, do you Paul? Okay,…” he detached his pass
from his lapel and handed it to Paul, “follow the corridor back past the lift
through three doors which you will need to open with my pass, then turn
left and it’s on your right. Come on guys,” this time to the potential new
recruits in their immaculate suits, who were standing shakily further
back, “you’re the ones who need to see these systems, it doesn’t matter if
Paul misses them. Paul, we’ll see you back here when you’re alright again.”

Paul took the pass and hesitated. Graeme looked at Stewart and Barry and
motioned them to join him over by a large grey box with a console screen on
top of it. “Come on, lads, you gave Harry and me good theoretical answers at
our chat earlier, and I don’t mind telling you now that he and I are impressed
with you both and have no intention of interviewing anyone else for these
positions. All we need to decide is which of you gets the Tech Administrator
position and that’s why I brought you up here. I want you each to try your
hand at a test I have prepared here and see which one of you solves it first.”

Paul grinned broadly. “Congratulations, guys!” he said to the speechless
Stewart and Barry. Then he turned back to Graeme. “Your test might be a
bit superfluous at the moment, though, Graeme. Unless you want to judge them
on the basis of how long they can each last without wetting themselves, that
is. I poured them too much coffee during the interview.”

Graeme stared at Paul for a moment, then turned his attention to Stewart and
Barry. Neither had joined him at the server where he had his technical
test prepared, so he wandered back over to them. “You both want to join my
team?” he said gently to the two guys who were standing tensely. Stewart was
massaging his groin, Barry shaking visibly where he stood. Both guys looked
Graeme in the eye and nodded.

“Great, I’ll be really glad to have you,” said Graeme. “Harry’s getting the
contracts prepared now as we speak. But we still need to decide who gets which
position. Can you come over to take the test I’ve prepared?”

Stewart spoke first, stammering : “I just need to go to the toilet first,
otherwise I’ll wet myself. Where do I go?”

Graeme looked at Stewart levelly for a moment, then replied matter-of-factly:
“Through three doors, then turn left. You’ll need the pass from Paul. I’ll
test Barry first. Come on, Barry,” he added to the lad in the grey suit.

Barry shook his head. “I’ve got to go to the toilet first as well,” he
said quietly.

Graeme smiled and resigned himself to the delay. “Well, maybe the best option
is for all of us to go back down to the second floor and use the facilities
down there. The single toilet up here only takes one at time, so it’s no
good both of you going there together. To be honest I could use a leak myself.
All that coffee does that to us, right? Come on, everyone, let’s take the
lift to the men’s room and we’ll let it flow together!”

He took his security pass back from Paul and led the way out of the computer
room, holding the door open for the other three. The display above the lift
indicated that it was down at ground level, and when Stewart, who had
sprinted ahead, pressed the button, it took some ten seconds before the
lighted numbers started to indicate that the lift was on its way up.

In the meantime Barry groaned. “I can’t hold it!” he moaned, bobbing up and
down on the spot as they waited. Stewart said nothing but openly held his
cock through the suit trousers as he watched the numbers above the lift

“Is it far when we get out of the lift?” asked Barry breathlessly, still
dancing on the spot. “I’m seriously about to wet my pants!”

“We’ll run for it,” said Graeme, “we’ll be there in a moment. Right, here it
comes!” The lift doors were opening. Barry jumped in and Paul and Graeme
packed themselves after him. But Stewart remained outside for a few seconds,
apparently rooted to the spot. He was staring downwards as a wet patch spread
over the blue fabric of his crotch under his hand which was still pinching
his cock. Paul reached out and pulled him in with them. Graeme punched the
button and the lift doors closed.

As the lift started its descent with the four of them almost huddled together
in the confined space, all eyes were on Stewart as he stood motionless,
the warm piss collecting all over his groin and darkening the suit trousers
as it ran down his legs and dripped with increasing intensity onto the
lift floor. The lift stopped at the fourth floor and the doors opened, at
which Graeme said “Sorry, full” to the startled woman who was waiting
there, punching the button again until they were on their way further. But
otherwise no-one spoke as Stewart involuntarily emptied his bladder in
front of them. His puddle was collecting round their shoes, but no-one tried
to avoid it.

The doors finally opened at the second floor, and Graeme set off along the
corridor at a trot. But only Barry kept up with him. Paul held back and
stayed with Stewart who had only moved to step out of the lift and now
remained standing by the lift doors as he continued to drench his trousers,
unable to put one foot in front of the other.

Barry felt his bladder give up as he staggered along behind Graeme. Now
Graeme was holding the door of the men’s room open for him, and with a
final supreme effort Barry managed to run inside, get himself standing in
front of a urinal and get his pissing cock out through the fly so that the
stream was now directed into the porcelain instead of down his trouser leg.
Watched by Graeme but fortunately not by any other employee of the workplace,
Barry let the rest go into the trough in an orgasmic release which lasted
nearly a full minute.

Finally Barry’s stream dwindled and stopped, and Barry pushed his cock back
into his soaking underwear, zipped up his fly with trembling fingers, and
then looked down at the damage. There was no hiding this accident: he had
wet his suit badly. As he surveyed the soaking wet crotch of his grey suit
trousers Barry felt like bursting into tears.

“Can I help?” said Graeme gently from behind him. Barry turned round slowly
and observed Graeme looking at him sympathetically. He couldn’t answer for
a moment.

“Look, go into one of the cubicles before someone comes in and sees you,”
said Graeme. “You don’t want to meet your future colleagues in this state,
do you?”

Barry shook his head and headed for one of the stalls.

Graeme continued: “There are some cloths in the cleaning cupboard. I’ll dampen
some and pass them through to you.”

A few minutes later and after Barry had expended some effort wiping his groin
and legs helped by Graeme who periodically rinsed the cloth for him at the
wash basins, the door to the men’s room opened and Paul entered. As Barry
listened from behind the cubicle door, Paul explained to Graeme that he had
sent a devastated Stewart out of the building to sit in Paul’s car and wait.
He had also found a mop which he had used to remove the puddle from the lift

“Thanks, that was good of you,” said Graeme. “Meanwhile your other lad has had
a similar mishap,” he continued. “You coming out, Barry?”

Barry emerged sheepishly and Paul and Graeme surveyed his soaking trousers.

“Right, Barry,” said Paul, “you go down and join Stewart in my car and I’ll
come and take you both home in a minute. Go on, Stewart’s rather upset about
his accident, and it’ll make him feel better when he sees it happened to you

Barry made to leave, but Graeme touched him on the arm. “Nice to meet you,
Barry, and I’m looking forward to working with both you and Stewart.
Come back here, both of you, tomorrow afternoon, and we’ll sort out the
final test for which of you gets the tech admin position. We’ll sign the
contracts then. I won’t tell Harry or anyone else about you pissing
yourselves, it really doesn’t matter. And don’t worry about your suits:
as far as I’m concerned you can both come in T-shirts and jeans tomorrow.
See you both then!”

Barry smiled. “Thanks very much. I’ll tell Stewart. See you tomorrow.” And
he opened the men’s room door, checked that the coast was clear, then trotted

Paul beamed at Graeme. “Thanks a lot, Graeme, I’ll be along tomorrow too
with the lads if that’s OK. Now I just need to take care of something really
urgent…” and he stepped up to a urinal.

Graeme joined him at the trough. “Me too. I’m ready to explode!”

The two of them pulled their cocks out and blasted out their streams
contentedly side by side, both sighing with relief.

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