The Janitor's Closet

Jason sighed and looked out the window. It wasn’t a sigh of boredom, the lecture was actually quite interesting though very long. He had been sitting in the lecture hall for two hours listening to his History teacher drone on about Ancient Egypt while he flipped through slides on an out dated projector. Most of the pictures had been taken by the teacher on one of his many trips to the Great Pyramids, and were stained with age. 

William, on the other hand, was incredibly bored. The tall, well built male with blue eyes and shaggy black hair slumped forward in his seat, resting his chin on the desk like a tired pup, lacking the mental energy to keep his body erect. He glanced over towards Jason. William often copied his notes as he never took any of his own. Jason and William had been childhood friends and William had grown close to the smaller man, though he’d never do anything to suggest it. While in school he often picked on Jason, deterring any possible rumors that he may be gay. Secretly he eyed Jason from behind. He was slender, with a baby face framed with long brown hair that he usually kept pulled back. It was always clean and neatly brushed. The corners of William’s mouth turned up just the slightest, wondering what it would be like to run his fingers through Jason’s soft hair. A slight squirm caught William’s attention. 

Jason shifted in his chair. Lunch was right before his History lecture and though he was a small boy, he usually consumed more food than most thought could fit in his tiny body. Not only that, but today he had been insatiably thirsty. With only fifteen minutes remaining in the class, he knew he would have no problem getting to the rest room once it let out. His need was growing slowly, only slightly uncomfortable. 

William hatched a plan. He could tell Jason was in need of the rest room. He flipped through his key ring as silently as he could until he found the one he was looking for. It was a copy of the janitor’s closet key. Mike (the janitor) usually didn’t come in to clean the school until after dark. The teacher shut off the projector and asked if there were any questions. Only one student raised their hand, but only to ask about the homework. William stood and moved over to Jason. 

“Hey Shrimp…” It was his favorite nick name to use in front of others… Not too malicious… but one that he knew would catch Jason’s attention… And it did. Jason stood and turned to face the larger man. 

“There’s something I need to show you, I need help figuring out what it is.” 

“Ok. Give me a few minutes though. I have to do something really fast and then I’m all yours.” Jason replied and moved around William in an attempt to get to the door. William grabbed his shoulder and held onto it with unnecessary force.


“Please Shrimp, it’ll only take a few seconds. You can wait a few seconds can’t you?” He flashed the smaller man an innocent smile, giving away the fact that he knew Jason was desperate. 

Jason sighed and nodded, not wanting to look weak. 

“Sure. What is it?” 

William led Jason out of the room and down the hall, down a flight of stairs and to the door of the janitors closet. None of the classes on this floor had been let out yet. William stuck the forged key into the lock and opened the door. 

“I hid it in here so no one could steal it.” He was only partially lying. He knew what he had hidden there not many other students would want to take it willingly. Jason eyed him, confused.

“How did you get that key?” He asked warily. 

“Don’t worry about that… Quick get in here so I can show you before anyone else sees!” William walked into the Janitors closet, which was actually a refurbished old class room, one they had used a long time ago when the school provided classes for the younger students. It was now used as storage for desks and chairs, a couple plastic skeletons, various cleaning supplies, and the Janitors desk and chair. As soon as Jason had entered the room William closed and locked the door. Jason gave him a worried look, furrowing his brow. 

“Just so no one tries to peek.” William said, trying to reassure Jason. He nodded and looked around.

“So, where’s this mysterious object you wanted to show me?” He asked. 

William went over to the pile of stacked desks and reached way back in the rows, pulling out a plastic package. He held it up with a smirk. 

“What… are these?” His grin grew wider. He knew the answer of course. Jason blinked.

“Those are adult diapers William… The package is clearly labeled in English and French… and I believe in Spanish as well…” He raised a brow. “Stop teasing me, i have to use the bathroom and get to my next class.” Jason turned towards the door which was quickly blocked by a small avalanche of chairs. William had pushed them over, blocking Jason’s exit. 

“Seriously William, I’m not going to play your little game. Why did you bring me in here to show me the schools supply of diapers… You know they only use those when one of the students get’s drunk.” It was true. The campus was not a dry campus. Frats all over the school held weekly drinking contests, and those brought to the schools infirmary under the influence were stripped of their pants and diapered. This was to prevent any embarrassment for the student when he sobered up, least he wet his pants and had to walk back to his frat house. 

William opened the package and pulled out a thick, fluffy white diaper. 

“Mnn… True, I do know what they are… and I know you have to go to the bathroom…. Remember when we were little? We used to play a game to see who could hold it the longest? You never were very good at holding it in.” He moved closer and dangled the diaper in front of Jason’s face. Jason pushed it away.

“We’re grown men now Will! That was just a silly little game when we were kids. It’s not appropriate now.” Despite his words, Jason’s face had flushed with color. He always lost that game as a kid and usually ended up wetting his pants. His mother had put him in pull ups after the first few times. 

“It’s either you wet your pants or this diaper.” William stated. It wasn’t a suggestion… It was an order. Jason looked up at him wide eyed. 

“And by the looks of it, neither of us are getting out of here anytime soon.” He nodded to the pile of chairs in front of the door. Jason let out a soft whimper. His need for the wash room had grown substantially, and he squirmed. 

“William!” He pouted. “You’re so cruel! How could you have done this to me! You knew from the beginning… You planned this!” William nodded and gently wrapped his arms around Jason’s shoulders, hugging him gently. Jason blinked and pushed at his chest. 

“Now what are you doing? Is it not enough to humiliate me with this…?” He pointed to his crotch, indicating his need for the loo. “Now you hug me as if I’m a child?…” 

William looked down into Jason’s hazel eyes, a strange warmness growing in his core. Jason looked so incredibly adorable, squirming with his need to pee, his face bright red even to the tips of his ears, eyes stinging with tears. He couldn’t help himself. Will bent and planted a small kiss on Jason’s forehead, blushing slightly. 

“You caught me…” He whispered, lips still pressed to his face. Jason stood still, frozen in place by the sudden gentleness and affection. 

“Will…” he blinked…”Do you… Like.. Me?” he asked, sheepishly peeking up into William’s deep blue eyes. Will blushed almost as hard as Jason and nodded, looking off to the side. 

“B… But don’t tell anyone. And I’m sorry if you think I’m weird or gross… I’ve liked you since we were kids… back then though you were more like a little brother to me.. but.. as we got older…” He sighed and lightly touched Jason’s red cheek. “well… I fell for you…” 

Jason couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He suddenly buried his blushing face into William’s chest, snuggling into him tightly. Now he understood why he was always picked on. He smiled and took the diaper. 

“Two can play at this game.” Jason said and swiftly undid William’s pants, letting his school trousers drop to the floor revealing underpants so unmanly, it evoked giggles from the smaller man. 

“You… You’re… wearing.. Hello kitty.. panties?!” Jason almost dropped the diaper, covering his mouth with one hand, in an effort to stifle his girlish laughter. William reached down and quickly tried to pull his pants back up, blushing all the way down his chest. 

“You weren’t supposed to see that!” He burst out. Jason swatted his hands away and unfolded the diaper. 

“Lay down… If I have to wear one, you’re going to wear one too.” 

William complied, completely embarrassed, betrayed by his tented panties. The events that were unfolding had gotten him a little bit more excited than he thought he’d be. Jason knelt between Will’s legs and pushed them back at the knee, making William’s rear end lift off the ground just enough for him to slide the diaper under his rear end. Without taking his panties off, Jason secured the diaper around him nice and snug. 

“There. Now me…” Jason lay down on the floor and undid his own pants. He was clad in light grey boxer briefs, the front of which had a tiny darker wet spot right were the tip of his cock evidently was. He too was slightly erect. 

William stood up and kicked his pants from his ankles, retrieving another diaper from the package. He knelt between Jason’s legs and looked down. Jason’s bladder was visibly full. Protruding from his belly like a small grapefruit. He gave Jason a small, evil smile and shook his head, setting the diaper down. He then sat next to the smaller man and gently pulled him up so that Jason was sitting on Will’s lap, facing him. He squirmed desperately. 

“Will please. I can’t hold on much longer!” Jason whimpered softly. William placed one of his hands on Jason’s hips, the other gently rubbing at the bulge in his boxer briefs. The action caused Jason to let a small moan slip from his lips, before he quickly covered his mouth with a hand. William’s hand moved up to gently rub Jason’s protruding bladder. 

“Nh.. D.. Don’t!” Jason begged, gasping softly. He could feel the pee creeping slowly to the tip of his member, wanting to be released badly. His hand moved to his member, and he squeezed it, trying to force the hot liquid to stay inside. William pushed lightly as he rubbed Jason’s bladder. 

“Come on hun. It’s bad to hold it in.” He rubbed and pushed gently. Small whimpering sounds issued from Jason’s mouth. The spot on his briefs glistened involuntarily. He had leaked despite his strong hold on his member. He knew he couldn’t hold on for much longer, but the feeling of being so desperate, and about to lose control was making him shiver with delight. William picked him up gently and pulled his pants back up, buttoning them into place after tucking his shirt in. Jason whined in protest. He didn’t have any other pants to wear. 

William tightened Jason’s belt hard. The sudden pressure on Jason’s bladder was too much. He couldn’t hold it any longer. He stood in front of his diapered friend, the front of his pants glistening. The wet patch grew and grew, spreading down both sides of his thighs and forming a puddle at his feet. Jason moaned at the feeling of letting go. Surprisingly, it felt incredibly good to do something so naughty in his pants in front of his friend. His member stiffened completely, cutting off the flow of pee. He had only released a quarter of what was pent up inside of him.

William pouted a little, knowing that couldn’t possibly have been all of it. 

“I’m … I’m too hard…” Jason muttered, blushing down at the bulge in the front of his pants. William reached up and rubbed a hand against Jason’s sopping crotch. 

“Force it out…” He ordered. Jason felt he should listen. He didn’t want William to be angry with him. He bent his knees slightly and pushed… a little tricked from the tip of his member, but nothing more. 

“I can’t…” Jason whimpered again. 

William sighed and undid Jason’s pants, letting them fall to the floor once again. A wet semi circle had formed on the part of Jason’s shirt that had been tucked into his school trousers. William then stood and stepped into his own pants, pulling them up over his diapered rear and fastening them tight. He sat again and reached out, pulling  Jason down to straddle his lap. He massaged and pushed at Jason’s bladder, inviting the hot liquid to spill forth. 

Jason, grunted softly, trying with all his might to wet himself. The action made something else happen. He could feel a movement in his bowels. Jason’s face was red from pushing, pee slowly leaking into his underwear, his hard member shiny with pee as it cascaded down his front and soaked into William’s pants. Suddenly he let out a small gasp as his tight little hole opened. A hard load touched the back of his underpants and he looked up at William, mouth opened in surprise. 

Jason couldn’t stop pushing. It was as if his body had switched to auto pilot. He pushed, forcing the load further into his pants. William felt the nub pushing against his legs and reached back to cup Jason’s pert behind. 

“You naught boy!” He gasped. He couldn’t believe his best friend was not only wetting himself, but also pooping in his tight pants. His diaper crinkled as his member grew to its full length. He rubbed Jason’s bladder as the boy pushed, forcing the mess into his shorts. 

Jason panted softly and finally buried his face on William’s chest… he relaxed fully. A massive load pushed into his pants, pulling them down slightly. He had to stand slightly to accommodate the hard poo. Once he had finished messing himself… he sat on the load on William’s lap… Not quite squishing it as it was so hard. He rocked , grinding his crotch against Will’s pants and sighed. A loud hissing noise issued from his groin. He was doing it. 

He sat there, moaning and grinding as his hot urine forced it’s way into his pants. A puddle formed between William’s legs and dripped down onto the floor, mixing with Jason’s previous puddle. He couldn’t help it anymore. He loved this feeling of naughtiness, a feeling of helplessness as he emptied his potty into his pants like a child. 

William shuddered in pleasure and wrapped his arms around the smaller man’s waist, holding him close as he voided his bowls and bladder. 

“God this feels so good.” Jason whispered between moans. He was nearing his climax, rubbing up against William like that.

William gently pushed Jason off his lap again and undid his pants. The front of his diaper dripped with Jason’s pee, the waterproofed outsides doing their job. His diaper was still dry and soft on the inside, but not for long. 

William spread his legs and leaned back on his hands. He closed his eyes and let out a small, happy sigh. The front of his diaper slowly yellowed. He melted back onto his elbows. The warmth of his pee swaddling his diapered crotch comfortably. 

Jason finished first. Collapsing to his knees  as his cock exploded with cum. The sticky white substance leaked through his briefs and slid down his cock onto the floor. He had never felt so good before in his life! Wave after wave of pleasure crashed over him, until finally, he fell to his side, body twitching in the aftermath. His voice was nothing but whimpers and moans.

William could no longer contain himself. Watching Jason orgasm so forcefully sent him over the edge. He creamed his piss filled diaper, panting and moaning. 

Suddenly there was a soft click. A key had been inserted into the door. Both boys sat up in alarm. Adrenaline over came any form of pleasure, and the two quickly hid themselves among the piles of desks and chairs. 

The key jiggled in the lock for a few seconds until they heard another click. The door opened. Light from the hallway spilled in, distorted by the shapes of upturned chairs, their legs sprawled in the air. 

Mike easily pushed them aside and grumbled. The Janitor entered the room, immediately spying the open package of diapers, discarded and wet pants, and the tell tale puddle on the floor. A smile spread across his face….


(( Hurr Hurr Hurr… Cliff hanger! )) <3

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  1. Really hot story,gotten me hard! Very well written, can’t wait for what comes next!

  2. Eee hee hee! I’m so glad you like it!

    I’ll try to get more written eventually! … I may even draw some pictures and put them in as well > w >..

    More to come! <3

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