The Human Toilet Project Chapter Three

Ladies Toilet for the Night.

I arrived at Club Diva at 9pm, and was met at the door by the club manager, Michelle. She had short blond hair and wore a sexy tight and very short red dress, which clung to her tightly, ending just below her gorgeous ass.
Hello, she said. So you are Russell, our ladies room toilet for tonight?
(I felt embarrassed for a moment, to acknowledge what I would be doing that evening, receiving all the piss and shit for the ladies in my small but eager mouth.)
Yes. I guess I’m ready to get started.
She led me back through the club. I noticed the sexy waitresses, also wearing red, tight-fitting, very short skirts. My heart was pumping in anticipation. Will they also be using my mouth for a toilet?
Will there be another ladies room available…..for the ladies?, I asked.
No, honey, you’re it! Those girls will be using you, and so will I. She looked at me with a small smirk on her face.
Hello, Russell! Are you anxious to get started? Diane Jenkins yelled to me from a hallway leading off the dancehall. I could see the door to the ladies room. Below the familiar ladies room graphic and the words LADIES, the door said Welcome to Russell’s mouth. His mouth will be your toilet for tonight. He is the subject of The Human Toilet Project, and will be the only ladies toilet available for this evening. Some of you have volunteered to use Russell, and some of you are here for the first time. Please try, as best you can, to use Russell for only a few minutes at a time, in order to give him time to swallow. Russell has willingly agreed to do this for us, and is being well paid, so don’t feel badly about using his mouth as your toilet.
Thank You! And Enjoy Yourselves!

Wow!, I thought, it sounds like a party, a party for my little old mouth. The box looked sort of like a coffin with a toilet seat covering the head. The box was open and I was asked by one of the attendants (all women by the way, reinforcing my thinking this was a feminist project I was involved in) to step out of my clothes and into the box where they would attach a catheter to my penis. I felt a slight twinge of embarrassment again as I took off my clothes and handed them to Shirley, an attendant. Dr. Jenkins was standing there, and Michelle was nearby too, all watching me take off my clothes. I was a freak, a circus act of some kind, a guinea pig, and everybody was curious about it. It hurt when they put in the catheter, although I enjoyed the fact that Shirley was putting it in.
Wow! That’s a really large pan beneath me! I remarked.
Well you’re going to need it, Russell. You will be able to relieve yourself directly into it, at any time you need to. You will be using it a lot tonight.
The thought of my shitting and pissing at the same time as the ladies excited me. I couldn’t wait to get started.
I eased my way into the coffin, excuse me, box, and rested my head on the cushion. The toilet seat was right above my head. Then Shirley snapped the funnel onto the edges of the toilet seat, and the end of it rested right in front of my mouth. She told me to open my mouth wide and, reluctantly, I did, knowing it would be a long time until I could close my mouth again. She slipped a soft rubber band around my mouth, which held my mouth very tightly to the mouth of the funnel. It didn’t hurt then, but it sure felt sore later.
There you are! You’re all set!
I felt discomfort in my penis. I always hated catheters, and already, I needed to pee, in nervous anticipation of what was about to begin.
Shirley told me they would be back to check on me in two hours, and Dr. Diane Jenkins wished me luck. It was all kept very light-hearted. Then Michelle, the hot looking manager of Club Diva, stepped in.
Well, Russell! I’ve been waiting for them to set you up, and I really have to go! I hope you don’t mind my being your first lady!
Of course, I couldn’t answer. I could only think OMG, I can’t believe this is happening. I’m not ready yet!
She was standing with her back to me, very close, and I could see her tugging up her dress, and revealing red lace panties and a lovely, lovely ass! Then suddenly, her naked
ass was right in my face, very very close. I could smell her ass, it was kind of musky, sweaty, but I liked it.
This is going to be Great! I thought. Up close and personal with Michelle’s ass. What a treat!
Suddenly my mouth was filled with a warm stinky liquid. Her pee didn’t taste good at all, and I had to start swallowing it right away. The odor filled my nostrils, and the taste was kind of sticky, and it just kept coming. I could see a solid stream of her piss streaming out of her pussy, filling my mouth over and over again. Although it wasn’t really pleasant, I could handle it, and knowing whose piss this was made all the difference. I had a front row seat to her ass and could see every tiny detail, every hair, every crease, every pimple. I loved it! Then I could see her anus puckering and thought, Oh boy here comes the test. Can I handle her shit too?
It came out in a burst, and before I could….DAMN! OH GOD! SHIT! OH MY GOD, OH NO I CAN’T OH GOD!
My whole world was SHIT. My head felt like it would explode from the smell and the taste seemed to burn holes in my skin. It was horrible, and it kept getting worse, her shit filled my mouth and throat, and I really needed to gag, but knew I couldn’t let that happen. Swallow I thought, it was so hard to breathe, and I was beginning to panic. Calm down, I thought, you will get through this, just swallow it, swallow it. It was really sticky and I had to use my tongue to dislodge it from the walls of my mouth and throat, until it fell down deep into me. The water from the fountain, which had just started flowing soon after my mouth was filled with her shit, helped a lot. I felt like I was drowning in her shit, totally unable to breathe, but I guess that straw helped. I had been so nervous before I hadn’t even noticed Shirly putting that straw in, but I am sure glad it’s there! It felt like I had my tongue in her shit forever. It just kept coming out and I could hear her groan. The shit made a sound of it’s own, a kind of crackling sound as it escaped from her ass, like some sort of Shit Monster with a mind of it’s own, engulfing me, smothering me. It felt so good when I could feel a turd fall from out of my throat and I could actually breathe a little before more shit filled me up. Finally I could see her anus close, and the nasty show was over. My mouth, and nose, and cheeks, and throat, hell! My brain was filled with shit at this point, and I slowly but surely tugged at the turds with my tongue, breaking them apart, letting them fall out of my throat and down the hatch! I can laugh at it now, but at the time, I was feverishly trying to keep from suffocating or gagging. I didn’t have time to think about the stench or the taste. I thought a lot about that later, in fact that stench and taste never really left me after that night. I have never really been able to get it out of my mouth or my mind. It was a weird combination of tastes and smells, mostly repulsive but also, weirdly erotic. Her shit tore me apart, it penetrated every pore of my skin and seeped deep into my body. I was sweating from working so hard to swallow her shit.
It had to have been a couple of pounds of shit, at least. I was now a total toilet. All I could taste was shit and piss, and it stayed that way for four more hours. But I was proud of myself. I did it! As repulsive as it was, I ate Michelle’s massive load of shit!
I watched as she wiped herself clean and felt the toilet paper felt scratchy when she shoved it in my mouth. I reached up with my tongue and pulled the shitty paper down.
Just then I started having a bowel movement of my own. Shit blasted out of my ass and into the pan beneath, just as another woman suddenly rushed into the ladies room and said, ‚ÄúOMG There you are! Hello, Russell! I hope you’re ready for this because I gotta piss! She was cute but the next I knew, there was a glimpse of some pink panties and there her ass was, her butt cheeks bouncing as she unleashed a torrent of piss. This piss tasted better, almost fruity and I had to hold my breath and slowly swallow what had now filled my whole mouth and throat. Thankfully it was a lot but it lasted only about 3 seconds. Then I was amused by her cute little anus moving back and forth. She farted and even her shit smell was different from Michelle’s shit smell. It was lighter, but still pretty repulsive, only this time I noticed myself getting a little more used to it. My urge to gag wasn’t quite as intense. She did finally manage to poop a little into my mouth. They were small little turds, kind of tough and hard. I had no trouble swallowing them. They tasted bitter, kind of like unsweetened chocolate. After she had finished and wiped her ass and all that, she turned around and looked at me, saying ‚ÄúDid ya eat them? Those little baby balls of shit? Were they tasty? She laughed and said Bye bye Russell, I will come back when I have more!
Before I could savor that charming little encounter, there was another ass, and another. One woman after another came in, pulled down her panties and pissed into my mouth. Sometimes they would shit as well, one time it was really wet and sticky, another time it was a long stringy turd. I lost track of who was who, it felt as though I had been there forever. I peed several times, and it felt weird to be peeing at the same time she was peeing.
Another woman popped in, and I braced myself for a mouthful of pee, but it was Shirley. Here you go, Russell! I am going to remove your band for a moment so I can feed you this yogurt. It contains the probiotics we think you need. You have been doing really well. We were concerned at first because your heart rate really jumped up there, but it calmed down quickly. I don’t think I need to empty your pan quite yet, but I will tell you what, Russell, you are really popular. There is quite a line out there, all of them waiting to use your mouth.
It was a relief to be able to talk again. How many are out there? I asked. Oh, I’d say at least thirty women, it’s a long line. Shit! I said. Exactly she replied. We both laughed. She fed me the delicious yogurt, which felt so cool and soothing to my throat. Before feeding me that Shirley sprayed some kind of pleasant tasting herbal drink into my mouth and throat, cleaning off the shit that had caked there, and allowing me to regain my sense of taste and smell. It was nice. I hated to see Shirley leave, only after I was all hooked up again, she didn’t leave right away. I need to use you, she said. I hope you don’t mind. But she knew I couldn’t respond. Shirley’s piss was just a slow trickle down my throat, not much taste at all. It was almost refreshing. She tried to shit as well, but only farted. That smelled really bad, but I didn’t really mind. It was Shirley. I liked her, and I enjoyed her cute little butt just an inch or so from my mouth.
I won’t bore you with all of the women that came after that. Some of it was God awful, turds that tasted like they came straight out of Hell, and piss that seemingly never ended. I managed to get through the whole night of being the ladies toilet at Club Diva. Some of it was actually fun, and some of it made me really horny. I am now an expert on asses. I have seen so many different asses, big, small, cute and gross. It didn’t matter. I loved them all. Even the shit and piss was interesting, even if it made me want to gag sometimes. It had gotten a lot easier than when Michelle first pissed in my mouth four hours ago.
When Shirley and Diane showed up at the end of the night, they said I did a good job and we would talk about my experience tomorrow. Tomorrow night will be yet another night as the ladies room toilet at Club Diva. They thought that after these women talked to their friends there would likely be an even larger turnout for me tomorrow night. I didn’t dread it, I looked forward to it. But I was worried that I might get sick from all this shit in my body. I would need to talk to them about that tomorrow.

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