The Hockey Locker Room

I don’t play hockey, but this is a story my friend witnessed while changing in the locker room after his hockey game at my high school.

Everything was going as normal in the locker room, when suddenly there was a cry of desperation from the tall, black-haired left wing.

“Man, I gotta piss,” He said.

“Wow, I do too,” Replied his shorter, blonde friend.

My friend, being a closet gay and wetting/pissing fan (just like me), saw this as his chance.

“I dare both of you to go piss in that trash can while we all watch,” he said pointing to the nearby trash can.

The two quickly glanced at each other and said, “You know we can’t refuse a dare!” My friend couldn’t believe his luck.

They went over to the trash can while all the team mates gathered around, and pulled down their hockey pants and lifted their fun parts out of their jocks, dick, balls, pubic hair and all. The tall left-wing was hung, about 5 inches, with thick black pubes, and his blonde friend was about 4 inches.

Then, the streams started. They both had an amazing look of relief on their faces as the sweet golden liquid poured out of their beautiful penises. My friend stared wide-eyed and desperately tried to conceal his raging boner (in order to maintain his facade of a straight man). He desperately wished he could take a picture. 

The stream lasted about 1 minute, then they shook, put their dicks away, and went back to normal business. No one else cared much, but my friend forever had that image ingrained in his mind, and mine as well once he told me.I just wish I could’ve been there! Maybe I’ll have to take up hockey 😉

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  1. When I was younger and used to do sports and party we called these pissing contests, i.e. who could go the furthest with their piss stream or whose stream could last the longest. It was amazing that straight guys happily got into this. Buddy time.

  2. j’ai fait du sport d’équipe pendant 2 fois 2 ans soit 4 ans, du football … Jamais je n’ai connu une telle situation qui m’aurait eu excitée à l’époque !!!
    Par contre, suite à nos rencontres de football, certains buvaient d’innombrables bières et pissaient parfois très près des consommateurs de la buvette. Là, j’ai pu voir quelques bites crachant leur liquide …

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