The Hitch-hiker (Fiction)

I had been working up in Darwin for the past few months and intended to drive back to Sydney which would take two to three days. After being on the road for over two hours, I pulled in to a small service station for a break and a cup of coffee. While I was enjoying the coffee, a young man came up to me and asked me if the car with New South Wales number plates was mine. I said that it was and he asked me if he could get a lift. He said that he was heading down to Sydney and that he was trying to hitch-hike.
He seemed to be a pleasant young man of about 22 or 23 and he joined me for a cup of coffee, sitting down at my table. We got to chatting about Darwin and the long trip down to Sydney. The more we chatted, the more I liked the fellow and I offered to let him come down with me in my car.
Back on the road again, we got to talking on many subjects, and at one point, I noticed that he often put his hands down to his genitals and I asked him if he needed to get out for a pee, but he informed me that he suffered from itchy balls. I could relate to that as I, too, suffered from the same itching. One topic lead to another until I learned that he also liked pooping and wetting his pants. We had something in common.
Much further down the road, I stopped for another break. This time, it was at a deserted rest area and we found a table to set up our food for some lunch. As it was hot, we were wearing only shorts and a T-shirt. I suggested that this might be a good spot for some pee fun if we took out shorts off and sat in our undies. I was busting for a pee and I just sat there on the bench and peed my pants. Young John became a bit aroused and I saw that he was sporting a huge erection. After his erection had gone down, he said he would also pee his pants and he stood there and let it run down his legs. After changing into dry undies, we set off again.
It was now getting late in the day and I was looking out for a motel as we drove through some small towns. I told John that I would pass ourselves off as uncle and nephew when we booked in for the night. It was not too long before a motel sign came in sight and I pulled up to the reception window. No questions were asked, as we were shown to our room. It turned out that there was only one double bed in the room which gave me thoughts of an interesting night. John seemed quite happy to share the bed and we chose the sides that we would use.
After getting a meal in the small restaurant, I suggested that we might get an early night (with other thoughts on my mind). It was still too early to turn in for the night and I had noticed that John was walking with a slight limp and I asked him if he was in any pain. He told me that he had played a game of soccer two days ago and that his muscles were still sore. “your in luck”, I lied, “I used to do a lot of sports massage a few years ago”. I suggested that I would be happy to give him some massage for his sore muscles. He said he would appreciate that and I got him to lay face down on the bed, naked. I did not have any oil with me, so I used soap and water. I started the massage on his lower legs, gradually working up to the top of his legs. I started, then, on his shoulders and worked my way down to his waist. The sensual movements of my hands must have turned him on because when I asked him to roll over on his back, he was, again, sporting a large erection. This time, I concentrated my efforts to his anal and genital area and after soaping my hands well, massaged his huge dick, putting my fingers down between his legs to massage between his balls and his anus and taking the opportunity of inserting my finger into his anus. He seemed to be liking this as there were groans of content. I must point out at this time that I also had a very visible erection. Having completed the massage, I started stroking his penis, expecting him to cum shortly. Being a young man, it did not take long before cum was squirting up over his chest. I was not finished yet and I asked him to lift his knees up and spread them apart. Then I pushed my finger as far as I could up his arse and asked him if he was able to push some poop out. Soon, I felt the tip of a firm log working its way down until a small quantity was out and then I smeared it up over his balls and penis.
I told John that I was close to pooping my pants and asked him if he wanted to watch the load filling my pants. It was my turn to lay on the bed with my knees up and I pushed a large load out until it tented my pants and then worked its way up to my balls. John took hold of the load and smeared it up over my penis.
After all this fun, we were both satisfied and we went into the bathroom to clean up before both of us got under the shower to wash each other down.
In bed, that night, we had some more fun, but I will leave that to your imagination.

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  1. my imagination is wild enough, but great story sweetie, I’d love to meet you on a highway somewhere and you pick me up and we can do unimaginable things to each other. One of my biggest turn-ons is to take a guy from behind and fuck him until he shits on my cock and all over my balls, and I explode in him and stay in him till I get soft.. Just thinking about it i’m getting turned on lol … keep the stories cumming !!!

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