the hiker

I was out driving my lorry up north after dropping a load of boxes I was heading back in a home direction , I had a nice truck with sleeping bunk and bit of a kitchen and a porta loo toilet and shower like you have in a touring van . Anyway as I driving down a road not mush about till I spotted a middle age woman walking as she saw the truck put up her thumb for a lift so gent as I am pulled over asked where she was gong , heading London she said god that’s a fair way, I said not going that far but I take you part the way . she said great and climbed up into the truck she was a med build lady nice boobs and a round ass tight in her jeans , she kissed me on cheek to thanked me , that was nice I thought , she said look can I use sleeping area to change I peed myself as had drank and no toilets around and on a open road had no choice . sure why not do it now before I drive off save you falling all over the place while driving .thanks she said and got in the back she didn’t draw curtains she said I am not shy but I need poo too , I said well is a porta loo there , she said well if you don’t mind i am a kinky girl I like messing myself , o god you do I said I felt my cock grow on hearing this as I enjoy doing same and wear a diaper some time . she said well if your ok with I going do it , I said ok and she cam up snogged me and as she did I heard her moan and strain to push out her load I grabbed her jeans round the arse and felt them swell as she filled them . the smell wasn’t too bad and I got nearly a full hard on .it was very erotic all this so I said excuse and closed the curtains on the cab windows and knew we be here a while before we carried on the journey , I got a plastic sheet from under the bed and put over the cab floor guessed it was going get messy then I slipped of my jeans and was standing with my cock standing out she went mmm nice cock . I said to her lie down I going pee over you she o please sock me cover my tits squirt over my face soak my jeans , for which I did was bit awkward being hard but manage to empty my bladder , we then helped her out of her wet pooed clothes when she was naked she rubbed her ass and with poo over it rubbed it over her own breasts and down between her thighs over her pussy making her moan . I said you like poo over you she went mmm yes are you going do some over me make me more horny . well what an a man do and as not had shit today ok where do want me to do . o all over want feel it warm over me so I did a big turd between her breasts and another over her pussy sent her wild and she masturbated till she gushed from her pussy driving me horny so slapped my cock into her mouth which she suck as she fingered her self more . it all got to much for me and shot my hot cum into her throat which she gulped down after she came again we thought best get cleaned up she used the shower while I cleaned up the lorry and opened the roof line to let smell out a bit , lucky she had clean clothes in a bag she had the old ones just screwed up to through away . once we got sorted we carried on with the journey till I dropped her of that was a wonderful experience I would love happen again end .

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