The Happy Accident

I had been out shopping on Oxford Street in London with an old school friend. We had had a drink and I was heading off home. I should have had a pee before leaving the pub because by the time I was half way to Marble Arch I was desperate. I don’t mind a wet spot or trickle stains on my trousers but I am too shy to soak myself in public and I had to hold on till the toilets at Marble Arch.

By the time I was in a stall at the toilet I was pissing as I dragged my cock out of the wet cave of my briefs. It was an amazing relief. As I pissed I farted and as my fart continued I filled my pants with a wonderful load of poo, firm but sticky enough to glue itself to my briefs. The front of my trousers boasted more than just a wet patch but at least the stain was mostly around my zip. I pressed my poo a bit so it neither bulged or sagged. I felt good and horny. I was going to have to walk the five miles home. My cock slipped in the wet front of my briefs and the poo felt good. In West Hampstead I had another pint of beer waiting to escape. I released a good ten second squirt. There was a mile to go now to my flat. This time the stain was very visible and as people walked towards me I saw them looking.

The great thing was though that I had stopped really caring whether they noticed or not and I finished my piss as I strolled along in the evening warmth of the remains of a hot summers day. I also had the thought of my mate coming to stay for the weekend in a couple of weeks time. I had told him I only had a single bed and he had smiled and said, “should be a nice weekend then”.

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