The Hapless Bartender part 2

Thus it was with a heavy heart that Wayne trudged to work on his second night, his mind already occupied by what he’d seen the night before and speculating if he was going to encounter the same levels of depravity tonight as well. He wondered what had happened to those men who had been displayed for all to see as they shamefully lost control and soiled themselves.

To the young lad’s disappointment, the night was very much the same and he set up the bar as all around him other club operatives got things ready. Sure enough, the time came and the five men were all dragged out, wearing clean diapers and similarly gagged and bound as they had been the night before. Wayne locked eyes briefly with the blonde man who’d provided the entertainment closest to him last night and saw the pain and fear in his eyes as he was hauled, thrashing, to the same cage and secured inside.

The evening continued in much the same vein as before; the crowds came in, people drank and danced, and the men in the cages again fought to maintain control of their bowels and bladders until filling their diapers with effluent for the baying crowd.

This evening however then took a surprising turn. An unconscious policeman was dragged into the club and past the bar to the side of the stage. Wayne’s eyes widened as the officer was then strapped into a chair up on the main stage and secured tightly to it with leather. Then, not five minutes later, another Policeman entered the bar and, as he walked into Wayne’s line of sight, he encountered the blonde man in the cage in his filthy diaper. The blonde captive went crazy in his cage – trying to attract the officer’s attention and Wayne watched in horror as the officer was smacked over the back of his head by a member of the crowd and dragged unceremoniously up on stage to join his colleague in bondage.

The next hours included some of the most disgusting and depraved events that Wayne had ever witnessed. The sounds of both of the officers as they pissed themselves, shit themselves, and then jismed in their pants were etched into Wayne’s mind and the sight of the big screens that focused on every bulge and emission made him want to run screaming from this hellhole. Worse – he could see the man in the cage nearest to him openly crying in despair as his only hope of escape was subjugated disgustingly.

Eventually, the night came to a close and the patrons filed out of the club. Wayne was occupied in cleaning down the bar but he kept an eye on proceedings and, when the caged prisoners were taken down and released, he discretely followed as they were led backstage. Keeping a relatively safe distance and with the lie about looking for more stock for the bar on his lips, he found himself in the underbelly of the club. Lengthy corridors stretched away from him and he followed in the direction that the men had been lugged until he came to the first of a number of doors that were clearly designed to be used as cells. They all had the sliding viewing flap and very secure locks. Risking a peek he slid one of the viewing panels aside and there, in all of his fetid glory, was his blonde guy. Still diapered in his own waste and still bound and gagged he lay on a small cot in a brick room with poor lighting and straw on the floor.

“Hey! Hey fella! Are you ok?”

Wayne hissed to the captive who seemed lost in an exhausted reverie. The man looked up and saw Wayne’s eyes through the gap – he immediately started trying to communicate but the only sounds he could make were unintelligible so it was useless. Seeing this buff, blonde guy so desperately helpless Wayne clenched his fists, squared his jaw, and made a decision,

“Hang in there guy – I’m not sure how but I’m going to get you out of here”

He slid the viewing panel closed and scoped out the lock on the dungeon door. It consisted of three sliding bolts spaced up the door and, to the handsome bartender’s relief, had nothing going on that required a key to unlock it. Wayne considered simply unlocking the door and trying to make a run for it with the blonde guy but he knew this would never work – there were too many goons upstairs and he doubted that the guy could move at speed; especially in that loaded diaper. He scouted the rest of the corridor and realised that, at the far end, he could see a fire exit. This must lead out of the building and, if he could move quickly enough and no one came this way, he might be able to get all of the captives out onto the street. His heart was beating like a trip hammer and adrenaline was pumping through his system as he surveyed the number of cells to make sure that he could count five of them for the five guys that had been in the cages. The corridor was wide and about 70 feet long and there were a lot of doors, many with locks.

Fearful that the longer he stayed down here the greater his chances of being caught Wayne leapt into action. Starting at the end of the corridor furthest from the exit Wayne moved from door to door sliding back all of the locks and yanking them open. He didn’t stop to see if anyone was in the cells as he moved relentlessly down the space. From behind him, he could hear the sound of some of the captives as they shuffled into the corridor and, knowing that stealth had gone out of the window, he shouted as loudly as he could,

“There’s an exit this way! Come on!”

Once he’d unlocked what he reckoned to be five or six of the cell doors Wayne took a moment to catch his breath and risked a look behind him. Sure enough, the five guys from the cages were all present and waddling awkwardly down the corridor behind him; groaning and moaning their eagerness to be free alongside their evident discomfort from their leather bondage and the sloshing diapers that hung low at their thighs.

The handsome bartender’s expression changed suddenly as he watched as a number of thugs from the club rounded the corner into the corridor about 30 feet away and started moving determinedly towards the group of men. Fresh fear hammered through the young lad and he screamed,

“Run guys! They’re coming! Run!!”

Turning, Wayne set off for the emergency exit as quickly as he could. From the muffled cries behind him, he knew that the captive men were doing their best to keep up with him and avoid their tormentors. With 20 feet to go Wayne idly found himself wondering why he’d done this instead of just going home at the end of his shift and calling the cops. Too late now though.

Wayne reached the fire exit door and slammed into it with all his might, grabbing the bar that lay horizontally across it that would allow them out into the night.

Unfortunately for the would-be hero, the door was wired.

The massive electric shock turned his muscular body into a spasming, jolting puppet and forced his hands to grip the immobile bar even tighter. The sensation was excruciating and he felt as if he was shaking himself to pieces as the current coursed through his system and every muscle contracted and contorted painfully. His teeth clenched involuntarily leaving him incapable of any speech beyond “guhguhguhguh!!!!” and every major muscle group tightened and throbbed as he danced on the spot helplessly.

The savage assault had other consequences and he was dimly aware that he was pissing in his pants involuntarily. He managed to turn his head enough to see that the operatives from the nightclub had reached the defenceless captives and were wrenching them away and back to their cells even as the guys tried in vain to resist their fates.

Two of the operatives reached Wayne’s quivering form; laughing among themselves at the fact that his hair was standing on end and remarking coarsely on his darkened pants where he’d wet himself. One of them reached into a backpack he was wearing and withdrew, to Wayne’s abject horror, a length of leather strapping with buckles and cuffs hanging from it. The other stepped to a panel in the wall beside the door and opened it to reveal switches and toggles. He flicked a couple of these and the electricity coursing through the young man’s muscles finally ceased. Wayne’s entire body went limp and the world went black as he slumped to the floor in an unconscious daze.

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