The Gay Bar

Last year, I was in London on a hot Summers day and I saw this coffee bar down in a cellar off the side street. Going into the bar, I saw that the lighting was quite dim and a few tables were occupied, mostly, by young men.
I sat down with my coffee at one of the tables and one of the young men came over in a cheerful manner and sat down next to me. He chatted in a friendly way until I felt his hand on my upper leg. I knew then, that this place must be a gay hangout.
His hand found its way to the leg of my shorts and, I must admit, that I felt quite horny at the thought of was his intention was. While his hand was groping towards my penis, he said, suddenly, that he had just pooed in his pants and I knew it was true, because I could smell it. He asked me if I had ever pooped my pants and I told him that I had. He asked if I had done it deliberately and I had to confess to him that I did do it quite frequently.
He said that he had a room at the back, if I would like to follow him. By that time, I was feeling very horny and I followed him to the small bedroom with an en-suite. When we were in the room, he came up face-to-face with me and slid his hand down the back of my pants until I could feel his finger on my anus. He invited me to put my hand down his pants and, as I did so, I felt the stickiness of his poo. He then asked me if I would poop my pants and I said that I would, if I could but suggested that I take my shorts off so that they would not get stained. I took my shorts off and he came back and put one hand down the front, fondling my penis and the other hand down the back, waiting for me to do a poo in my pants. Eventually, I was able to push a small load out and, at the same time, he pushed a bit more into his pants. We both stood there fondling each others penis and feeling the poo in our pants.
It was a very unexpected moment in my life and after some more fondling, I cleaned up in the en-suite, put my rinsed out pants into a plastic bag and put my shorts back on again before going up the steps to the sunlit street. 

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