The gassy party

Today I have a true story for you which took place a few years ago. I hope, you like it.

My friend Marvin was planning a party for his 25th birthday. When he invited me I saw my chance. Marvin himself was the prankster type of guy and I had quite an amount of sugar free gummy bears in my posession. When I told him about those little devils, he was smiling like a devil. “Well okay, but not for everyone, put them on one of the tables, and we’ll see”.

During the party I had to be careful to not always stare on the bowl of gummy bears. From time to time someone took a bear or two. After a while a guy named Tim was standing near the table and continously eating the gummy bears. “It’ll hit the right one” I told Marvin. “Who is it?” “It’s Tim”. “Hahaha great. Let’s see if he’ll explode before my birthday”. It was 10PM on Saturday. Marvin’s birthday was on sunday.

Tim was the ideal target for such an attack. 23 years old at the time, equipped with a nicely shaped butt which he used to put into tight jeans. We were friends for years and I kind of liked him because he was funny quite often and he helped you whenever he could without even asking. But he was also a little arrogant, behaved like he was the most handsome guy in town with an attitude as if nothing on this earth could harm him.

An hour later later he was flirting with a girl when he had an uneasy look on his face. I thought that’s it. He’ll go to the toilet now. But he did not. He quickly excused himself and headed outside. I followed him secretly. He was holding his belly and farting… and I really mean farting… like crazy. 3 to 4 farts which lastet 10 seconds each. He must have been quite under pressure. “Oh man!” he moaned. “Whats wrong?” I asked him. “Hey man, didn’t know you’re here. I’m fine. But something must have been wrong with that barbecue”. “Maybe you just need trip to the bathroom?” I suggested. “Not if I can avoid it” he answered.

We went in again. You could see from the way he was moving he was still passing gas from time to time and well, the reaction of other guest showed it as well. Eventually set down and held his tummy. I sat next to him and sked him what’s wrong. “I’m fine!” he said. “Really? You look a little stressed.” I answered with a caring voice. “It’s okay! But I feel like a hover craft”. We went outside again. Tim’s stomach was gurgling. He let out a juicy fart. “Ouch!” I laughed. “Be careful!”. “Fuuuuuck, I’ve got the shits!” he shouted. He ran into the house where he found the bathroom occupied.

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  1. He was on the loo often that evening. As this is a real story, as often in real life, there is no final accident or something. Sorry about that. Thought I’d share anyway.

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