The Game

The day that all the security guards and inmates were waiting for had finally come; a new security guard had just arrived for his first day. Right before he clocked in for his shift the security guards and the inmates gathered in the cafeteria to discuss their plans to play “The Game” with the rookie. They bribed the cook to serve the rookie greasey foods that would give him an extreme case of gas and they all agreed on burritos and enchiladas that would be poorly prepared and laced with a maximum strength laxatives. The next step was to take his thermos that was filled with fresh grape juice and switch it with purn juice spike with a little bit sorbitol

It was lunch time and their plan was about to be put into motion. As the rookie eat his lunch the security guards and inmates began to glee and become hard from the thought of what was about to go down. An hour after lunch had ended the rookie had been put on watch duty which was about 5 hours long; about 5 minutes in the rookie begins to feel gassy and lets out a small but loud and smelly fart thuuurppt!!! ┬áHe thought to himself “god damn… I knew I should have ate those burritos and enchiladas” as his farts became more frequent, his stomach began to gurgle. The inmates and the other security guards notice as the rookie smirked trying to contain himself in a dignified manner. After 15 minutes the rookie was unable to retain his composure; his farts were slipping out of him clouding the air like stink bombs making the other security guards laugh and mock the rookie inability to hold in his flatulence. The rookie’s stomach began to cramp causing him to excuse himself for a bathroom break.
As the rookie made his way down the empty hallway he was grabed by three inmates and taken to the large room filled with gym equipment and benches. The rookie pleaded “Let me go, I gotta shit” the inmates took him over to a bench and bent him over and tied him to the bench. The all gathered around as they watched him alien try to break free and gain relief from his now bloated, gassy, shit filled bowels. A big muscled guy plmade his way through the crowd. Here how this is going to go down; where going to play a game and your the new player. Here’s how it works. The food you ate for lunch today was lace with a strong laxative along with you drink that was replaced with prune juice and sorbitol. Every 5 minutes you will be tortured from one of us, if you can make it to the end we will let you go, but if you shit yourself before we’re done; you’ll be forced into a toddler diaper finnish with a chastity belt that will be locked until next week. I’m first up
The rookie cried as his was unaware of what was about to happen next. TO BE CONTINUED
Let me know what you guys would like to happen next?

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  1. Well, I’d love for him to shit himself of course, that’s what should happen next! LOL. But really, I can’t wait to hear more.

  2. one of the inmates wank him of and alos he has no opportunity to poop him self

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