The future of pulic bathrooms

In the future the public bathrooms are different. One day there is a female who is 30 or so. Her name is Sabrina. She had to go to the bathroom to pass what she knew would be an extremely painful and long process poop. She went to a public restroom. Unlike today, the bathrooms are laid out differently. On the right side of the room are bathroom stalls all in a row with gaps in between every 5 or 6 stalls. above each few series of stalls in medium letters clear to read are: no help needed, need some help, and need lots of help. On the left side of the room is a chair or stool opposite each stall across from the need some help and need lots of help. Sabrina knew which she needed and so went to one of the need lots of help stalls and started to push. There soon came another women who sat down on the stool outside of Sabrina’s stall and told her that her name was Amanda and that she would be assisting her with her poop this time and asked what she could do to help. Sabrina had pushed her turd out a few inches but it was stuck and was stretching her a good 3 inches wide. The pain of the poop was causing her to cry. Amanda heard this and asked if she wanted her to pull it out. Sabrina said yes and Amanda came into the stall and gently and carefully pulled out the stool the rest of the way out. Sabrina hugged and thanked Amanda. Amanda said your welcome and said that she was happy to help. The way the bathroom labeling works is if a person doesn’t need help pooping at all they go into the no help needed stalls. If a person needs only some help like say lots of encouragement and verbal or physical praise like rubbing of the stomach of it helps them feel better or needs or wants someone to spread their ass or lube them up to help the stool pass easier, they go into one of the need some help stalls. If a person like Sabrina who knows they have a stool that requires more severe help they go to the need lots of help stalls. The needs lots of help stalls are for those that probably need laxatives or enemas or someone to pull the turd out of them. Labels are so that a trained person in the field of helping people poop can quickly understand what the person needs to help them poop. The system also works in a way that the helping person doesn’t just go to the drastic actions first. They ask what’s happening if the person wants privacy and they can’t see what’s happening. They then may if they are struggling with just starting the poop, they may verbally praise the sounds the person makes so the person is ok with doing whatever they need to do in order to poop. Then after the poop is starting to come out and the person allows it they can lube or spread the ass for them as they push. I think you get the idea. Public bathrooms in the future are more helping and understanding then today. I hope you enjoyed this story. If you did please let me know.

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  1. It was very different, but what if you want the helper to rim your butthole when you’re done taking a good healthy shit ? Being sarcastic bud lol Great story cheers !!

  2. Great story. I wish things were the way you write. I would be a dedicated helper for both males and females.

    In the past I would have chosen the ‘need a lot of help’ stall often, waiting for a caring person to stand with me as I pushed hard

  3. I would have helped them with it and held it after it came out and put it into my underwear/diaper and let that warm poo be my heater

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